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  1. Getting off and on the ship is no big deal. It's like going to Mexico. Theres no delay for immigration. If the doors open at 7, then you can meet your transfer at 705, or as fast as you can walk to the bottom of the gangway.
  2. yoolykeme

    Electric plugs

    When I went this year, my hotel had American -style outlets, so assuming that you stay at a nice enough place, you should be good.
  3. Cabo is one port that I've been to where the hawkers weren't too irritating, and their prices weren't too elevated. I would be very comfortable with walking the pier and seeing which excursions were available, and picking from one of them. You could check the cruise line website for ideas, and then just pick a vendor when you get to port. Personally, I'd suggest parasailing from the boat 😉
  4. Assuming that you're American and have USA Tmobile, you'll be fine. Whenever you get to a new country, you get a text message saying what the rates are. See the picture. It's funny. Most people that aren't American give out their phone number using the + system, as if they are used to it. If there is anything that I would worry about, it's battery life. Your phone works harder when roaming. I'd invest in a power bank, since random electrical outlets aren't as prevalent in Asian countries.
  5. 011 and + are the exact same thing. + is universal. You can even put a +1 in front of your American area code and it will work when calling in America. When People give your their phone numbers to use WhatsApp or viber, the standard is to use +countrycode. Your American phone number = +1 area code, phone number. 1 is your country code. You probably just never learned that. Conversely, everyone else's phone number is: + their country code, phone number. + works when calling in your country, when calling out of the country, when calling from any country to any country, with any mobile phone. You only need 01, 011 on analog and touch tone phones. If you just learn that all phones in the world can be called using the + system, and learn which numbers go after, you'll have a universal understanding.
  6. Easy way to do it: If you are going to use your USA phone to call either from the USA or in Indonesia, dial +62 and then the rest of the number If you are in Indonesia and want to call the USA, dial +1 (which happens to be the country code of the USA) and then the area code and the phone number. If you dialed +1 in America, it would work also. Many countries have a 0 as the first number. When calling those numbers, just drop the 0 and dial +62 (or whatever country code) and then the rest of the number
  7. All Mexican pharmacies have the same thing. CM is more expensive than most ports. I would suggest buying in a different Mexican port
  8. V Hotel Lavender is very inexpensive, is right on top of a metro station, and has a food court right next door, where you can get traditional Singaporean breakfast for $2. They also give you a free mobile phone to use. I stayed there pre-cruise, and it was pretty cool. Cruise port is an easy taxi or Grab ride away. More like a 3-star USA property, but fits the bill.
  9. It should be for the entire vehicle, but again, you can bargain, depending on the situation. When you first get out of the port, you don't have to agree with the first driver that you encounter. Keep walking and more will find you. What I did was go to the Oxxo (their version on 7-11), buy some water and waited for more drivers to come along. Also, things change at the end of the day. Drivers might be willing to take less for a makeshift tour on your way back to the ship.
  10. My experience was that from the cruise ship, it costs $5 to get to get to another point of interest, like the cathedral/market area, or the Golden Zone. They will also try to get you to hire them for an hour or so for $20+, and they will take you to various points of interest.
  11. Do you want a private cruise closed off to your group, or want to join other people? There are multiple price points for this, from $35pp - $200pp I took Swan Cruises with my mom for like $70, and there were only 5 other people on the boat. You should know that these junk cruises are mostly marketed to visitors in Hanoi who get picked up at their hotels, have a guide, and then get taken back to the hotel. What this means is that you have to be smart about getting to the harbor from the ship, finding the appropriate office, and getting back to the hotel. Getting to the harbor was easy enough. There were cabs and Grab cars available. When you get to the harbor, there are multiple offices for all the different companies. Problem is that no one speaks english, and you have to kinda work to fine the right office and the right group. There are multiple junks departing at any given time. Even when you find the right office, the person there might not speak english, and really, you will have the wait until the tour group from Hanoi gets in, and they will call you and then you join them. Once you find them, it'll be fine. Now, if your cruise ends at night, know that the harbor will be empty. The tour group will get in their van and go back to the city, and you are there alone. For some reason, no one was driving Grab at 7pm, and I had to wait for a cab for 30 mins to come around. I don't mean to scare you, bc it isn't scary. Just some logistical stuff to take into consideration
  12. I did it in Mazatlan for $35 off the beach. It can be had for cheaper in Cabo, where you do it off the boat. I didn't try that, but that seems more fun. You'll have touts all over you when you walk off the ship advertising, so no worry, they will find you.
  13. yoolykeme

    Phu My port

    Yes they did, but it wasn't for very long (I think that it's like 10 hours in port, but the ship excursion was only 5 hours). Plus, when you get to HCMC, you're going to have to find a way to get to the different destinations that you want to visit. Of course, you can use Grab or taxis, but I found that having a private driver helped navigate the intangibles, like driving up directly into the entrances of the museums and into the ticketing lines, and being able to park inside the attractions for free and being ready to go when we were ready.
  14. yoolykeme

    Phu My port

    Went there on NCL in March. Yes, there was a shuttle to the gate. HCMC is about an hour away, so you'll want to pre-book a tour. I used VN Rent a car. They have private tours. I bought one that took me around HCMC for 6 hours.
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