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  1. You're acting like an old person. You're letting anecdotal stories color your view on something that many people, even at your age, enjoy very much. Just had to call you out. That being said, the bigger ships will just offer more options of everything. It's not the worst thing in the world that you have the option in life to enjoy a cruise on one of them. Enjoy. 🙂
  2. Make a friend that is CAS. Order 10 bottles of water from the server, and tip $5. Bring water to the room. You get water for cheap, and server is happy bc people don't tip on cruise ships as much as they should. Enjoy.
  3. Is this a thing? Rather than taking organized tours, are there options to rent a scooter or a quad as transportation through the island/town? I'm specifically going to Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini. If so, would this be a preferred way to see these destinations? For reference, I'm a seasoned cruiser/traveler. Taking my mom, who has been on 18 cruises with me, and I'm pretty adventurous. Last year, rented a sporty jeep in Ko Samui, and was able to drive stick on the opposite side of the road. Admittedly, my trip is in November, and I don't know much about these ports to have reference, but just thought that I would ask. Thanks!
  4. lol, you'll be fine. If you really want, you can put alcohol in a mouthwash bottle. No one is going to open your luggage for energy shots. They are the same size as most cosmetic bottles.
  5. Walk outside and there will be a bunch of cab drivers. Or, take an Uber. Have them drop you off at Plaka, which is the restaurant area. It blends into the Monastiraki, which is the market area. The akropoli/Parthenon is right there too.
  6. So funny....I was picking between those two also, except I ended up booking the 11 day Greek Isles option, which includes Athens. I wanted to do the Baltic one, but the restrictions for being able to stay in STP overnight were too expensive. But my needs are different from yours. I can probably see Greece, Italy, and France pretty easily, and the Baltic region is less likely, so whichever one is less "accessible" to you might be the one that you want to choose.
  7. It's no different than anything else, except that the travel to sites can be further from the port, so a lot of time is eaten up by travel. I guess this also leads to higher excursion prices. Like Rome is 90 min from Civi. Florence is the same from Livorno. Positano requires a drive up Naples. When you are in the Caribbean, whatever you want is always 10 min away.
  8. So I think you have lot of time to do stuff. I got a private transfer to the Trevi Fountain, took pics and threw in a coin backwards, then cab to Vatican Square, saw the address, got a selfie when the Pope-mobile drove by, then direct walk through Vatican Museum, followed behind a tour group and got into the Sistine chapel, then quick pics inside St. Peters. Then walked to the train. Had pasta at tourist trap, and made it back to the ship by 5.
  9. I know that this is an easy question that someone knows.... Last time I went to Civ on NCL, I had a private transfer get us from the port to the Vatican. Of course, it picked us up right at the ship. On the way home, we too the train from Rome to Civ. We just started walking, until we were deep in the port and didn't know how to get back to the ship. We thought that there would be a shuttle inside that rounded all the docks, but I guess not. I went into an office, and no one spoke English. Mom and I ended up walking all the way back to the ship, and Mom got really mad at me lol. So the question is.....when you get off the train at the Civ station, how do you get back to the ship? is there a shuttle or something? TIA
  10. Yea, take a taxi to the acropoli. Walk outside to the street and grab a taxi out there. I think I got there for 15 or 20E, and the driver was able to go through alleys and stuff, and drop us off by the Plaka, where we got coffee first. The entrance that the taxi drops you off at is also not the tour bus one, which makes it quicker. You can take an Uber back....that is if they still have it. i went 3 years ago.
  11. I had this tradition of keeping the towel animals intact and building a zoo by the end of the cruise.
  12. lol, this is hilarious. I don't know that there is a bad cabin on 12 when in the Greek Islands. You probably have a balcony.
  13. If it were a deck 3 cabin, that might suck, just bc it's far away from everything else.
  14. OMG FINALLY! I do this too, primarily bc I'm Filipino and I know how much the employees make. I've gotten in too many arguments with people that think that not having to tip means that tipping doesn't have purpose. I've been on NCL ships a couple of times where I didn't have a beverage package and a bartender would make drinks for us, just because i was throwing around singles and fives
  15. I'm obv exaggerating bc it feels like 2%, compared to the other lines that can get crazy. I think that the max # of people I've ever stood behind at CAS was 4. 😄
  16. It'll all make sense when you check in. You will see a separate line for CAS, and it's the best line, bc only like 2% of the ship is CAS. You'll definitely get free drinks in the casino. Stock up on waters, and make sure that you tip the bartenders and waitresses. I think that sometimes people take all-inclusive too far and don't tip. I bring 100 dollar bills with me and sprinkle around. You don't have to do that, but I just like tipping random dollars Play like you usually play on land. You may or may not get offers from NCL, but if you continue to play on land the same way, you'll probably get the same offers at the same frequency.
  17. So, I've been on 25 cruises, all NCL. Have had UDP probably on 30% of them, and then the free Platinum tickets. I think that I've only not used 3, at most, across all those cruises. Then again, I guess I have taken what they've given me. Also, on bigger ships, sometimes Le Bistro has patio seating that is first-come, and I've used that a lot. Maybe I've just been lucky.
  18. Do people really book dinner 4 months out? I dont know what I want to eat on whatever night until I get on the ship and figure out what the special at the buffet is.
  19. KS is an Asian beach island. You've been to the beach before, right? Massage and cocounts. BKK is Asian Manhattan x1000. You can get around the beach on your own. If someone will give you a concierge view of BKK, I'd take that
  20. Yea, it's very indigenous and cultural. NCL had a bus that took you to the market. I took the 2nd bus, and when I got off, there were passengers that we rushing to get back on the bus to go back to the ship. That being said, you get dropped off in a very busy market. English proficiency is very low, and the locals are obviously very poor. Mind you, I'm Filipino by descent, and even I was taken aback. There is a clean coffe shop/bakers, and even there, it was hard to order coffee. That being said, it's totally safe. The hustle isn't hard. It's not like Cozumel, where every 2 minutes, some guy is trying to hard sell you an excursion. Yes, there are guys that try this, but when you say no, they bow and walk away. The people are friendly and are happy that you are there. You can bargain with them, and if you don't buy anything they will smile and wish you well. There are a number of beggars, and what's interesting is that the locals are quick to share what little they have. It's not like America, where able-bodied people choose to beg. Many of these people live without running water and sleep on dirt floors. I suggest that you take a break from the luxurious part of cruising spend some time here. Once you get to the market, you can map out the beach. They have some inexpensive massage places there that look clean. Take a local tuk tuk (not the ones that look touristy), and give the guy a dollar or 3. USD is actually their preferred currency. You know how you used to have an image that everything in Asia costs like a dollar or two? Well, this is place is one where you can still experience that.
  21. Google kiwi taxi. I did extensive research and they were the cheapest prebook. You could also download the grab app and see if that works, and just have someone pick you up on demand. With regard to returning, our driver didn't interact with the guys at the gate, so I'd say that the access restrictions are just for the arrival day. I suspect that they only care about the monopoly when you get there.
  22. Platinum discount was something that ended yesterday. NCL had been doing a phone blitz all of january. Yes, the trade in value would have been better, but they wouldn't let me redeem it with the cruise consultant, and said that I needed to use it with CAS. In any case, I still have it as a free cruise to the caribbean, if I want, and that's worth more than the delta between the 550 discount and the diamond discount.
  23. Look up a couple of responses. They called the whole fare an admin fee. Apparently that's the discounted fare plus non com.
  24. I agree. I figure that I'll be able to do one of those offer things.
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