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  1. One other thought I had - does Celebrity offer airport transfers? I'm assuming not, since it's never shown in my cruise planner and was never offered at time of booking. We generally don't take transfers offered by the cruise line as it's usually pricier than a cab, but if it's to our advantage, I would consider.
  2. This is very good to know and now I can be prepared. I'm used to cruising with Disney where it seems nobody wants to leave the ship! As for Barcelona airport, yes, very disorganized and a bit of a gong show. The first time I flew out of that airport it was a nightmare!! The baggage belt was broken and so bags were stacked on the conveyor belt 5 high and nobody cared! Almost missed our flight and of course our bags never made the flight. The second time we were prepared for the worst case scenario but everything was fine and no problems at all, so who knows what it will be like this time! Fingers crossed!
  3. Thank you Northern Aurora! Very helpful info!
  4. I will be cruising with Celebrity for the first time this summer and we have upgraded to the premium beverage package. We are primarily wine drinkers but the odd fancy cocktail is fun, especially when it's included in the package. I also find it is nearly impossible to find many wines under $9 on any cruise. I also like that specialty coffees and bottled water are included. I do have a few questions though, as I have never had a beverage package on a cruise before (typically cruise with Disney and they don't have packages like this and usually just bring wine onboard at every port!). Some questions might seem a bit dumb, but really, this is all new to me. 1. Is there a limit to how many drinks per day (alcoholic or non alcoholic)? 2. When ordering drinks of any kind do you need to advise what package you have or is this just determined when you put it on your account? 3. Just to be clear this package includes soft drinks/juice/smoothies/bottled water/beer/wine/cocktails (all up to $13?) anytime anywhere? 4. Anything else I should know?? Thank you!!
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