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  1. 3redheads

    Golf cart company that DOESN'T have awful reviews?

    Thanks for the information!
  2. We want to rent a golf cart when we visit, but I find nothing but awful reviews and haven't found a review of a good company. Can anyone recommend a company that doesn't have loads of bad reviews and bad experiences?
  3. 3redheads

    venice boarding

    What time does boarding start? TIA
  4. 3redheads

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Well, the app said "ecard" but it appears I am getting a physical card. The only reason I bought the $500 right now was so I could get the ecard. Bummer, but I still saved $50.
  5. 3redheads

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    I just purchased a $500 ecard. How soon do you get the link for the card? It specifically said "ecard" in the description, but does not mention it in my order or email.
  6. Thank you for the review. We haven't been to Belize in years and wanted to try something different and I think this is it!
  7. 3redheads

    US Govt warning about Playa De Carmen

    We have the chichen Itza excursion booked in May and they haven't cancelled it. Wonder what will happen.
  8. 3redheads

    Bus Crash In Mexico Involving Equinox Passengers

    I live in No Va, in a suburb of Washington DC and a local woman and her 11 year old son and the grandmother from Florida were killed in the crash. The article attributes speed to the accident. Information and video here: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Va-Man-Injured-Family-Missing-After-Mexico-Bus-Crash-465457523.html Prayers to all the families and victims. This is a horrible tragedy which could have been avoided. The cruise lines need to cut ties with the tour companies that are deemed unsafe and they need to take passenger complaints seriously and act on them.
  9. 3redheads

    Bus Crash In Mexico Involving Equinox Passengers

    Sam, Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I hope they discover the cause of the crash so that steps can be taken so that these types of injuries and fatalities can hopefully, be avoided. If it was speeding, then cut the ties to the tour companies who receive complaints. If the passengers could have survived had they been wearing seat belts, make sure the tour companies provide vehicles with seat belts. Such a sad tragedy for all of the victims and their families.
  10. Does anyone have any idea what this short drydock will entail? I thought it just went through a drydock in 2016, but it was only the suites. The only info I found was this thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2553682
  11. Good to see this thread still going. I highly doubt we will receive an upsell since we booked through C O S T C O travel, but one can hope. Thanks for all of the responses! Would love a suite, but cannot justify the cost on a 12 day cruise where we only have one sea day.
  12. 3redheads

    Rhodes Greece

    You can walk from the port to the old city. There are lots of shops and the Palace of the Grand Master. We did a Segway tour, which we LOVED! It was one of our favorite excursions. It was through Greece Segway Tours. Hopefully, my two attachments will show up. The one with the wall shows about how close you are to the city. The second one shows your view as you walk to the city.
  13. Yes, I should have mentioned that.
  14. I've always booked private excursions arranged by people in our roll calls. *knock on wood* I've never had a bad experience. I've also made lifelong friends with some of the people I've met in roll calls and with whom I've gone on excursions with. Often, we try to see if we're cruising on the same ship at a later date. There are people you click with in the roll call and people you don't click with, just like in real life.
  15. Was just going to post this. Thanks! Since I posted this in August, our Roll Call has picked up a little, but it is still a little less than a year until our sailing.