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  1. FLL airport is closed. We are flying in on Friday AM. I hope it's opened back up by then. United will let us rebook, but there isn't anything left to rebook. Ugh. Everything should have gone through by then and I can't imagine it won't be back open by then. Hope everyone stays safe. I wish Dorian would just go out to sea.
  2. Hurricane Dorian Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL052019 1245 pm EDT Sun Sep 01 2019 Very, very scary. I hope most evacuated. ...CATASTROPHIC CATEGORY 5 DORIAN MAKES LANDFALL ON ELBOW CAY IN THE ABACOS... Data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft and satellite data indicate that Dorian has made landfall at 1240 pm EDT (1640 UTC) in Elbow Cay, Abacos. The winds have increased to 185 mph (295 km/h) with the minimum central pressure falling to 911 mb (26.90 inches). This is a life-threatening situation. Residents there should take immediate shelter. Do not venture into the eye if it passes over your location. Hazards: - Wind Gusts over 220 mph
  3. Thank you @PelicanBill for all of your useful information. I wonder how often a cruise is completely cancelled due to a hurricane? The cruise lines are good at altering itineraries and lengthening/shortening cruises, but to outright cancel?
  4. We are flying in to Fort Lauderdale next Friday and sailing out of Miami next Saturday, the 7th. I have no idea what to expect!
  5. Interesting video on here: https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/ by Levi. Many scenarios.
  6. You are absolutely correct. I should have said they *may* change course. Thank you for the correction.
  7. They will change course. The only concern would be if flights are affected.
  8. No need to be embarrassed. I don't know either. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. We will be driving a golf cart. I did Google and I saw this map, but wasn't sure if it had the resorts mentioned in this thread. Thank you for posting.
  10. Does anyone know where we can find a map of the island since we will be driving? I googled and couldn't find one. It would be great if I could find one with the resorts/beaches listed. Any suggestions? TIA
  11. When we cruised Vista in Sept 2016, Cookie was not a cruise director, more of an assistant type. He was all over the place. I was very surprised to hear he is now a Cruise Director. We enjoyed Vista, but the balcony door slamming was non-stop!! I agree that Bonsai Sushi is fabulous. We ate there several times. In fact, we never stepped foot in the MDR. We are trying Horizon in two months. We'll see how similar and different it is. Thanks for you post.
  12. John Heald posted this: So just wanted to keep you informed. At the moment the ship ( Vista ) has lost some of the power from the midship to the forward section of the vessel This means we have no lighting and the elevators and air-conditioning systems are at the moment not working but we have confirmed nobody is inside the elevators The Punchliner comedy club is in full flow as we have power at the aft quarter of the ship. The Ship has navigation control and so itโ€™s totally safe. The engineers are working very hard to restore full power and of course the captain, Matt and myself are making constant announcements to keep everybody informed and the mood around the ship is one of understanding Iโ€™m going to keep you all informed of course and around the ship all the crew are in public areas keeping everyone informed and helping guests More soon. Thanks
  13. I don't think we should bash anyone who might not get off the ship or is concerned about stopping in La Romana. We can only present the facts and statistics. Yes, it is highly unlikely anyone will perish, but I'm quite sure the people at the resorts who died didn't think it would be them. The fact is we don't know what is causing the deaths. There are theories, but that's all they are now. We stop in La Romana in September and I've gone back and forth on whether or not to get off the ship. We have decided to go on our excursion with Seavis and will have a good time.
  14. We will not eat or drink their items. Not even sure if we will still go.
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