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  1. Thank you, but those aren't the item I am looking for. It was on a beer/wine themed cruise and they did have beer on tap. I suspect this ale was something that isn't normally on the ship. Oh well, I've looked for it for several years. I do appreciate your suggestions. Joyous
  2. I don't drink beer ,, but awhile back we had a pale ale that had "monkey" in its name with our lunch. It was really good. Cannot find an ale with that name and wonder if any of you maybe had it and do remember. Joyous
  3. Thank goodness for you! Needed a lighter touch.....joyous
  4. Christmas shop!!! Great idea that we did plus the crew fund.
  5. Thank you both so much. I do wear what makes me happy!!
  6. Thanks. I was hoping for more replies. On other cruise lines I usually take a long skirt or palazzo pants of chiffon and a beaded or lace top and sparkly or fabric /satin sandals. Just dont want to over do it for this one.
  7. Could you please suggest/comment on ladies' formal wear ? This is a 7 night cruise, round trip Athens. Joyous
  8. If it is still offered a chopper ride out onto Mendenhall Glacier maybe. Have done the railroad many times and whale sighting out of Juneau was wonderful. I'll try to remember the outfit we used. It was excellent. Got really good photos and guides could identify the whales from their chart onboard. Joyous
  9. I am so saddened to hear this. Pete, if he were still here, would be also. We sailed with him in 1992 on Harmony when he and Terry were "dating" and felt like we watched them fall in love. He was a special man. Enjoyed their daughter also , and wish them all peace and comfort. Have so many pictures of "it's me again" in my albums. Remember when he idled the Symphony to pick up fresh salmon from the farms on our Aust./NZ cruise. Hotel director said you'd never believe how much per pound that salmon cost. Still remember Terry singing on the covered hot tub and watching the Captain look so lovingly at her. All good memories. joyous
  10. Thanks, Tony. Loved looking at y our pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Great s u nset! joy ous
  11. Thank you so much. It did work. Special treat........ Mark i s in one of the pictures. Love his smile and miss seeing him. I appreciate your r eply with a link. I will check out Youtube joyous
  12. I would like to find some pictures or video that were made by Crystal cruisers and not promos that the cruise line made available. Like to see actual , real pictures. Thanks, Joy ous
  13. Vangie, Crystal will have a minimum insurance requirement which is what we signed up for on the first NWP , which we didn't get to take. We have , in the past, always had MedJetAssist as well. You might want to check into that also. Joyous
  14. Did I miss the list for Esprit? Would like to know if anyone that has been onboard or is onboard can tell me. Joyous
  15. Thanks for the update Stickman. We were never onboard when they had rye, but I notice now there is no Knob Creek bourbon but there is R ye Knob Creek. Guess if I get to g o again I can finally have a Manhattan!! joyous
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