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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your foot. Been following you from beginning of your accident. Hope you get relief soon Bonnie
  2. Hi Kim, How is your foot doing as I have been following you when you had your accident. Thanks Bonnie
  3. Can you please share the main dining room menus for the week if you get a chance. Sailing on Panorama in April and want to schedule some speciality dining for some nights. Thanks Bonnie
  4. I enjoy your reviews especially this one as my daughter and I will be on Magic for B2B cruises next May
  5. Good Morning Have you started your new blog yet for the Sunrise? Thanks Bonnie
  6. I'm so sorry that you are going thru this. I know how you feel as I had to have surgery on my jaw in 2017. I had to have total jaw joint replacement for TMJ and after 5 days from the first surgery I was in so much pain that the doctor told me to increase pain meds, the next day I started leaking fluid from site and I went back to hospital and I had sepsis in jaw so back onto surgery to clean out the site, luckily that caught it in time that we didn't have to take metal out but I was in hospital for 9 days for IV antibiotics. Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts Bonnie
  7. Looking forward to this review and bring on all of the food and drinks porn!!!
  8. Have a great trip and enjoying your review so far and looking forward to reading all of it when you get back Thanks Bonnie
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