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  1. I'm sure this was incorrect information on the X agent I was speaking to, but maybe not... We had a 10 day Aruba, Curacao, Bonnaire cruise on the Equinox on May 13, 2020 that was cancelled. I called about the lift and shift because there is a May 14, 2021 9 night cruise (just left off Key West). The agent looked at what cruises were being offered for a L and S and she came back with a 14 night Iceland/Irish coast cruise. What the heck? I am going to call later and see if a different agent has a different answer.
  2. I am wondering if any of the crew are coming down with CoVid-19. I'm sure some of them will get it based on the statistics. I wonder if we will hear about these cases and if they will have to transport those with severe cases to a hospital?
  3. We will be on this cruise with you and yes I did look at the title and think "what? did I miss something??!!" Looking forward to reading your pre-cruise posts and to a great cruise in May!
  4. We rented a car because we wanted flexibility of what we saw on the way to/from Grand Case. I think the contact at Rainbow Cafe said it would be around $40 for a taxi there. It would be very easy to get a return taxi from Rainbow Cafe. It was a wonderful establishment! You'll have a great time on the Edge!!
  5. The last time we were on the Summit was November 2018 and we had a great waiter who played the guitar and serenaded us! I can't remember his name but I'm pretty sure it started with an M. If anyone knows who I'm talking about I'd love to get his name and see if he is still on a Celebrity ship.
  6. You are correct. Anyone who wants to see the show should ask when it is as it is only offered maybe 3 times during a 7 night cruise.
  7. I had one of the Celebrity beach bags. When we were on the beach, I just left it near a rock or tree. A lot of people were doing that. Definitely wear water shoes/sandals. You are walking along rocks and sandy trails. You will have a blast!
  8. Our flight from FLL was at 3 and we arrived at the airport around noon. It worked out perfectly for us!
  9. I did not see anything like that in there. They performed on the wooden floor as far as I remember.
  10. Thanks! I think you'll really enjoy it! We enjoyed the extra entertainment options like the Eden show and then there was a trapeze show in the Club several nights - we never went, but it was nice to have options for the evenings.
  11. If there were more regular balconies on the Edge for the same price, I would have chosen a real balcony. But since that wasn't an option, we were fine with the IV. There's just the extra step of pushing the button to roll down the upper part of the window. Once that was down, it was very similar to a traditional balcony. It was nice having the extra space in the room especially since we had some gloomy weather. We could sit in the "balcony" chairs with the window up and still get the view of a balcony without the wind or rain outside. We had an ocean view years ago on a Carnival ship and this was definitely better than that.
  12. The Cruise Director was Giuseppe. First contract on the Edge. He came from the Reflection I think. He was great! One of our favorites.
  13. Yes, the second show in the theater is 9:30. We thought the Edge handled the high waves beautifully. My husband can get a little motion sickness from time to time, but he wore the seabands and was fine.
  14. Day 8 – Fort Lauderdale Our meeting place was in the Club at 8:15. We ate breakfast in the Cosmopolitan MDR and then went to check in. We were called around 8:30 and debarkation was a breeze. Our luggage was waiting for us so we grabbed it and headed for the exit! With the facial recognition we just walked up and they verified it was us and we walked out of the terminal because we didn’t have anything to declare. We were escorted to our tour bus where the driver separated our luggage by airport and left shortly thereafter. Our tour guide, Bonnie, was wonderful. She gave us lots of history of the area while we were driving. We went to Sawgrass Recrational Park for our airboar ride. In addition we saw some gators who had been rescued and also another area with rescued animals such as panthers, snakes, a porcupine, etc. We heard from guides in both areas. Next, we boarded our airboats – much bigger than we expected. They fit around 40 people each. The captain was hoping to find us an alligator to see. We didn’t realize this was the goal of the trip lol. We lived in Houston for 30 years and have seen a few gators just walking in our neighborhood! We were lucky and saw 2 of them while we were out. The trip before us didn’t find any. After the airboat ride, we were driven to our final stop. I can't remember the name of it, we think it was something with Long Key in the name. There was a museum which showed what happened when they drained the swamps to the Native Americans and wildlife. There was also a nature trail you could walk to see some beautiful old oak trees and other local plants. We were driven to FLL and had enough time to grab lunch at the airport before we caught our flight home. It was a great week on the Edge. Beautiful ship, top notch staff from the Captain on down. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer.
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