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  1. Viking always leaves the site open for every cruise even if it’s sold out. If it still grayed out I’m sure it’s cancelled. We are supposed to Ben on France’s Finest River Sept 7. We will see.
  2. We were on the Dec 18 cruise with the missed container and missed Devil Island. If you had read the entire thread you would know that.
  3. No, this isn’t an adventure movie. If you want to do that, I recommend Acapulco. We took a tour there of the real jungle where Rambo was filmed. The estuary to the river is huge and long, over 100 miles so you won’t see anything for some time. There are cities along the way you can see from the ship. We tendered in Paratins and Belem. I did not get off at Belem because it was such a hit and humid day and people were passing out on the dock. Most interesting for us was Santarem. We did the piranha fishing and had a ball, they take you in a smaller boat through the areas the ship can
  4. Look on that other social site. Phil Buzby has pictures. They completed about 2 weeks ago.
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