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  1. I called the other day and we will get FCC for what we paid and $100 onboard credit. The rep, who was extremely nice, could not answer if I could apply the credit to my April cruise, she thought so but said I’d have to wait until July when the FCC is available. If not, I’m not risking canceling April to rebook and lose deal I got for that cruise. We will just request full refund and lose the OBC.
  2. Not true. My son received the the varicella vaccine (chicken pox) and got a mild case. He also gets the flu vaccine yearly and ends up with the flu. He is immuno-comprised. We understand that immunizations are not 100% effective BUT they keep him from getting severely ill and keeps him from being hospitalized (except one time). Two days after his 16th birthday, we drove 3 hours to get the Covid vaccine before it opened to all those inhis age group as he was considered at risk and qualified. It was what he decided as he understands the seriousness of protecting himself and others.
  3. 👆🏻See above post... I got ahead of myself!
  4. Thank you! Do you know if we could apply that to cruise booked for April (which I just did yesterday) or would I have to cancel that and rebook?
  5. I just read Armonia cruises are canceled through 10/24. I’m booked for the 10/4 sailing. Will my deposit be fully refunded or can I apply that to my April ‘22 sailing. If I apply it, do they compensate at all for canceling or is that only on paid in full cruises?
  6. I miss the drink coupons and wine packages. We still have a booklet.
  7. You are very brave! But seriously, I do hope MSC starts out with vaccinated cruises.
  8. Downey wrinkle works wonders. I pack extra hangers and spray away.
  9. Disney as well
  10. We were a group of ten last year with linked reservations (three families) and were given two tables side by side. We had kids at one table, adults at the other. Mid-week, we were placed at a table for ten. I think I liked the two table set up better 😂🤣!
  11. I’ve taken my own blow dryer without issue. I actually ended up using the ship’s on Seaside (as I gave mine to friend’s teenage daughter to use as she forgot hers)-and it did a good job. Divina was a definite no.
  12. If you decide to book, also register for the meet and greet. MSC is one of the best we’ve attended. They take it very seriously and listen to what you have to say. They appreciate the feedback.
  13. Have you tried calling? Their website can sometimes be hard to navigate. I was just on as we were considering switching our 4 day cruise to a 7 day cruise and the prices on some we looked at were less or about the same as last month.
  14. We’ve cruised on Disney, Norwegian, Carnival (never again) and MSC. I will say MSC had the least amount of children onboard. I don’t remember feeling like the ship was overrun with them like on Disney (which is to be expected) and Carnival. We cruise during February winter break with our boys. Our last cruise we had friends with their kids join us. They would never have booked MSC if we didn’t encourage them. Both said they would book again. MSC has great prices/deals, status match, ships are beautiful and clean, a diverse group of travelers and friendly, helpful crew (our experience
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