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  1. We are cruising to Tasmania and Melbourne in March on Queen Elizabeth and wondering what to do in Burnie? Ar hire seems to be from Wynyard airport..... would love to drive ourselves around for the day. Anyone done this? cheers belinda
  2. BINDY31


    The other option you have is to have breakfast with your daughters family, lunch when on a sea day and have dinner separately. You could always have a little after dinner dessert and coffee in Cafe al Bacio. You will still have plenty of dining options with the family but just not dinner.
  3. It’s a great cruise.... we used tourmaui.com for both days in Maui... first day, road to Hana. Second day we did their upcountry tour... we went to the Iao needle, up to the top of Haleakala, had a lovely day. They use small 12 seater buses and even provide lunch. both days on the big Island we used Marylous big island tours, but as mentioned they are not operating at the moment. On Kauai we used ?Roberts for a trip to Waimea Canyon and river cruise and the fern grotto. Second day we had a scenic flight over the island. Cheers belinda
  4. We were on that cruise as well. What I found funny was someone writing on Facebook during the cruise and saying the food was crap, no bars open, no entertainment etc etc. I certainly couldn’t figure out what ship they were on, but it couldn’t have been the same one as me.....lol cheers Belinda
  5. We are from ?Australia and will embark on our 4th Solstice cruise in October. We have only had one bad experience onboard that was 2 years ago when we decided the timing was too good to miss, there was a mini 2 night cruise for hubby’s birthday so we booked. Never again!! Ship was full of people taking advantage of f the drink package, most Australian lines don’t offer the packages unless sailing for 7 nights or more. There were people literally falling down drunk, so no more quick getaways for us. Never had a problem with the food, either in MDR, Blu or the specialty restaurants. Service has always been impeccable. Is she getting a little tired? Perhaps, but she is still in great shape. I just hope that when she gets her big makeover in 2021 that they put in more comfortable seats in the theatre....lol.. still my favourite
  6. BINDY31

    Hawaii in January

    We were therefor 2 weeks in Jan this year. One week on the cruise. Weather on Oahu for our 5 days prior to the cruise was great. Warm days, cooler evenings. Lots of sun. On the cruise we had calm seas, a little rocky on the final night. We had rain come in on our final day in Kauai, mist and low cloud meant the Napali Coast wasn’t as spectacular as on a sunny day......but the rain did bring hundreds of waterfalls. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. I would not hesitate to visit again at the same time,
  7. Many of the A1 cabins are below the pool deck. We always book A2 Aft cabins as they have other cabins directly above. We enjoy this position, although a high deck movement is minimal. Solstice is be far the most stable ship we have sailed on. The aft cabins are also nice and quiet. Although our next cruise we managed to snag on of the 5 aft view cabins, which are A1. We shall see how we enjoy this position. Blu is lovely to dine in, although the MDR on Solstice is fabulous as well.
  8. Solstice wastendering to wharf at Dawes Point, Arcadia was tendering to Man o war steps near the opera house
  9. You are bound to have a great time. She is an amazing ship, full of fabulous staff. as for the Pride of America, I have only heard good things, thanks for confirming that it’s a great cruise. Really looking forward to our trip..cheers.
  10. We have just booked our 4th cruise on Solstice....we love this ship!!! We have done 2 cruises in ?Aqua so far and really enjoy it. Our last cruise wasn’t, and it was just as magnificent. Blu is a lovely dining venue, open for breakfast and lunch. Great views out of the big windows and as the others have said, it’s just more intimate. The food everywhere on board is magnificent including the buffet. Yes the the menu changes every night in Blue, but the breakfast menu doesn’t but there is plenty to choose from. you get complimentary use of the Persian Gardens, which has heated tile beds, saunas, steam room. And also the relaxation lounge, which has the same views that the captain has from the bridge. your cabin comes with plush terry robes, slippers, the use of binoculars and an umbrella. Your bathroom will have an anti fog mirror, which you don’t even notice you have until you don’t have it!!!!....lol as for daily activities, Celebrity is a little quieter than some lines, but there is trivia most days and quite often something on around the pool. We have always found the nightly entertainment quite good. The production shows are really well executed. enjoy your cruise.Solstice around NZ is amazing!!! Belinda
  11. Cruise planner always shows the same picture...😀 both f those cabins should have bed by the bathroom, which is our preference. the way you tell us...on the deck plan some cabins have a black square...this denotes a convertible sofa bed for a third berth. This is always next to the balcony. Every second cabin has this set up whether it is just a sofa...or convertible for a third person. Hope this helps cheers belinda
  12. Which cruise are you on in January? we are sailing on the 19th. so far have booked road to Hana in Maui, 2 day trips for Hilo and Kona and a sightseeing flight in Kauai. cheers Belinda
  13. Yes I was hoping for some different itineraries, such a shame to see more of the same. I thought it would be way more exciting with the 2 ships here. Let’s hope that they listen ..
  14. BINDY31

    Questions for Kauai

    Thank you for the insight. We are looking forward to the flight. Cheers Belinda
  15. BINDY31

    Questions for Kauai

    We have booked the Cessna tour as well for ourJanuary cruise...
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