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  1. Since I'm not sailing until 2022 I have until the end of December to ask for my deposit back. I hope that by then health conditions will not require masks and social distancing however I am not counting on it. Three sittings in Britannia means rushing diners through their meals. Not for me. If everyone has to be distanced a meter from the next person (how is this possible?) there can be little conversation - a lot of Cunarders are hard-of-hearing to begin with. If I have to wear a mask all day long I'd rather another type of holiday that affords me more freedom.
  2. An agent told me the same. Personally I don't want to sail if we are still in this crisis. A rushed dinner, masks etc will make the trip unpleasant.
  3. I understand that Cunard are considering three dinner sittings. That would mean a rushed meal, especially for those of us who take our time to eat. I understand the safety issue and the need for social distancing but I wonder if once such a plan is implemented it will stay in place after the Covid crisis is over.
  4. Just checked trans-Atlantic fares late 2021 and April 2022. Dramatic increases. Though I am a Cunard enthusiast, I can't justify the new prices, especially in such an uncertain environment. We have no idea how this virus is going to play out. A vaccine may be only 50% or less effective and it may not even be safe (consider what happened in the US in 1976). I read the other day that for those 70+ 20% efficacy is likely. I don't want to spend a lot to have to wear a mask all day and be socially distanced from everyone. If that's what's needed to be safe I'd rather do something else.
  5. Some people may be willing to pay 25% more to wear masks and sit alone or with their travel companion in a dining room and possibly be rushed through dinner because they need three sittings in order to observe social distancing; others will prefer to wait it out until a real normal returns, not a "new normal' which is a euphemism for an unpleasant way of life. And then there is the risk of a shipboard infection, a quarantine and a repetition of what happened to the Diamond Princess and other ships. Time will tell how much people are willing to put up with.
  6. It amazes me how unrealistic people can be. Do they think this virus is just going to vanish? And even if ships sail, are passengers going to enjoy wearing masks all day long and 'social distancing'? I originally posted about Cunard and I'm only interested in transatlantic voyages. What I most like on Queen Mary 2 is the traditional style, dinners at a set hour with the same table mates, the lectures, classical concerts and the general quiet of the ship. How can Cunard continue with group tables under these conditions? How are they going to attract quality speakers willing to sail? Abo
  7. I think most people here know deep down that cruising is over for some time. They just don't want to admit it. Even the cruise lines are in denial. There has never been a vaccine for a Corona Virus and even if there is one within a year or so, I personally am not eager to be one of the first to try it. It will have been rushed into production and risky.
  8. Well I'm not paying those prices, especially if there are three dinner sittings. That means the staff will be exhausted by the third when I want to dine and they'll rush us. And then there are the masks and risk of quarantine. Not worth it. I think travel in general is going to be very limited and not much fun for a long time.
  9. The problem is that table mates might show up at different times.
  10. Glad to hear that but I saw a big increase in trans-Atlantic fares. The Cunard rep confirmed that.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. Not having dined in the grills I didn't know this. it seems less social to me. I'd rather the camaraderie of the same group every night.
  12. As I recall the rep said sittings MIGHT be at 5:30, 7 and 8:30. I think it would all be rushed. I travel alone, so a table for two is out of the question. As I said, nothing is definite. I don't think they know yet what they are going to do. Who knows much of anything these days? The whole world is upside down. I quite agree about dumbing down standards but that had been gradually happening on Cunard pre-Covid-19. Fortunately they've kept enough tradition to retain those of us who want something closer to ocean liner as opposed to cruise ship style travel. One of the questions on the
  13. Britannia. The rep said they were considering starting at 5:30 PM. I always take the late sitting but if they establish three sittings the staff will be very tired by the third and service will be less efficient and rushed.
  14. What's Freedom dining? To me the major event of the day is dinner and seeing the same table companions every day. If they take that away I won't go. Cunard is really an American company owned by Carnival but fortunately they give Cunard some autonomy.
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