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  1. It shouldn't be surprising that it was taken out in Dubai. The Emirates are Muslim.
  2. The priest I met on QM2 told me that the Masses for the Filipinos are extremely well attended, far more so than those for passengers.
  3. Is music played in EVERY public area? Hopefully it hasn't begun on decks.
  4. I think the writer meant to say "minister" when referring to a Protestant clergyman. On the Queen Mary crossings I've experienced there was always a Catholic priest who celebrated a daily Mass. I sat next to the priest at dinner on one crossing and he told me that he was invited by Cunard to travel free if he celebrated Mass. He did this routinely on cruise ships as he was long retired from parish work. The captain of the ship officiates at the Church of England style Morning Prayer Service. I have never heard of a Protestant minister leading a service nor have I been on board when a rabbi held a service but someone here said that rabbis are present for important holidays. On the Queen Elizabeth the Scandinavian captain officiated at the C of E style service and at a Remembrance Day service. I have my doubts that she is even Anglican but I don't know.
  5. Have they started playing music on the decks?
  6. I'm interested in knowing if there have been any changes to QM2 in the last year or two. One of my worries is that they will start playing music on the decks. That would drive me away. I hope they can maintain the traditions, reasonable dress code and other standards that made Cunard famous.
  7. What about on the ship itself? Will it be frigid on the decks? I don't mind cold weather. I just don't want to have to take a really heavy overcoat if not necessary.
  8. Not sure how the weather will be in southern England in mid November. WIll I need a heavy coat? Will I need one to walk around the deck on the ship or will a sweater and a lighter coat and scarf / hat do? Thanks
  9. Thanks. Will post on Cunard thread. There MAY be a bathroom? Really? It sounds like a primitive terminal facility!
  10. I've heard conflicting stories about embarking in Brooklyn. One Cunard agent said there are only a couple rows of seats and advised me not to arrive too early; another agent was more encouraging. What's the truth? I'm familiar with Southampton (excellent terminal) but have never sailed out of Brooklyn. It sounds as though it's not too inviting a terminal. I'm in the Britannia dining room (November crossing) so won't be in the first group to board. Also can I carry my bags on as I have done in Southampton? I've also disembarked early at Southampton (on a cruise originating in Southampton) carrying my own bags. I assume nothing's changed. Final question, I'd like to buy my train ticket (non refundable) from Southampton in advance. I know that weather can affect on time arrival but does the ship generally arrive on time? Buying last minute tickets is a LOT more expensive. I am not going to London and dislike buses anyway,
  11. What experience have people had with Cunard's 800 number customer service (USA)? I've encountered a number of problems: long delays getting through, a lack of adequate knowledge by some reps and even impatient (to put it mildly) employees with an 'attitude'.
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