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  1. After due consideration and much agony, we’ve cancelled our second Avalon cruise (rebooked from last April) I just didn’t want to rebook again...the sail date in early April was just becoming more stressful as these weeks progress We can’t quarantine for 14 days in France (would have loved to, of course) The USA is having problems and the EU also looks problematic Anyway, I’m going to stop reading cruise critic (also cancelled a Princess cruise of the British Isles following this one some months ago) I’m depressed 😳
  2. Seine river Paris to Normandy with extra days in London...April 2021 This is a rebooking from our cancelled Holland cruise I’m just very scared that Europe won’t let Americans in I know it’s seven months away...but the news doesn’t seem to be getting any better We’ve booked our airfare with miles and so far those are sticking Of course, it’s really just a small inconvenience for us when others are losing homes in the west coast fires 😥
  3. I was devastated..had everything in place, but sometimes the unexpected good things happen I used our FCC to book a Paris to Normandy with extra nights in London for 2021 Since we’d already booked a British Isles Princess Cruise for April 2021 I really didn’t want to fly to Europe twice in the spring Therefore, the Avalon River Cruise will end in London one day before we go to Southampton I was happy with the cruise pricing offered by Avalon Of course, anything can happen, as we all know too well, during a year I feel sad for travel agents right now My TA said she’s probably two
  4. A shout out to Avalon Last week when I saw the cancel 3 days before for only loss of deposit we decided to cut our losses Then, after my TA cancelled for me I saw the new announcement of everything returned if I book new cruise Avalon reinstated my booking and then cancelled under the new terms So...long story short...we’ve had a princess cruise booked for April 2021 I was able to find a replacement Avalon cruise (Seine not tulip time) which ends three days before the Ireland Scotland Princess cruise. Plus the add-on transport and London hotel pkg is just icing on the cake Omg
  5. All my payments over the years have been to my TA This booking on Princess has no cruise deposit, however I will lose my insurance booked through the TA as well as her agency fee S’ok Things are evolving rapidly and while I’m getting the full river cruise payment in the form of a FCC plus the insurance is being rolled over I just haven’t decided on replacement yet It’s unlikely I’ll be able to talk daughter and boyfriend out of current mindset Same with husband I’ve got time to see what happens I did hint this morning to TA about cancellation Thanks, everyone for your i
  6. I know this sounds silly, but I booked two cabins under the no deposit Best Sale Ever event in February I booked through a TA . I’ve also had booked a river cruise that was cancelled. Tomorrow I’m calling TA to take advantage of rebooking under the new terms Of river cruise company Since she also booked our Princess Cruise...I need to cancel because daughter and boyfriend absolutely do not ever want to be stuck on a cruise ship and 2) husband says never again . Le Sigh Since the TA is probably overwhelmed by cancellations and this truly cuts into her income...would there be any ha
  7. I guess that settles the question for us United airlines cancelled our ORD to BRU leg and rerouted us to Newark with less than an hour layover Not acceptable....but we were exploring options So..called our TA about this and cancelled before and after hotels (I did have a nonrefundable and nonflex Thalys train booking to Amsterdam that was....cancelled but we were offered a chance to rebook) So be it I asked our TA to rebook, if possible, on a late October Moselle cruise Stay healthy and wash,your hands, everyone
  8. Understood....but crowd panic is a real thing We were in Belgium during the Icelandic volcano eruption For reasons, I cannot remember, people were panicked into getting either out of Europe or into Spain where the flight paths were different On the Thalys train from cologne to Brussels, our reserved seats meant nothing People were standing in the aisles It was awful
  9. We are on the April 4 Tulip Time (beer cruise) and leaving March 30 for Brussels I’m not a nervous type (except for missing flights) However, this part of the Avalon Waterways Facebook post got my attention AVALON WATERWAYS TRAVEL POLICY FOR UPCOMING & FUTURE TRAVEL (AS OF MARCH 4, 2020 • Also Avalon Waterways is temporarily waiving cancellation penalties** until 3 days prior to any Europe departure. Seriously...three days prior? Should I be worried that many passengers may cancel? My husband and I are in the “naughty” group...early 70s but extremely healthy and fit (no underly
  10. Thank you so much, Daisi....that’s great information I knew the Cruise Director was separate from the prepaid...and it great to know that the envelopes will be available for other staff over and above the standard gratuities This is our first river cruise 🙌😃
  11. Lol we just went through our stash of euros Smallest is €10 I’m sure we will break some into euro coins in Brussels...just don’t have any in the travel drawer right now
  12. Ok We’ve already paid the gratuities ....husband was just asking about extra to bartenders or room service He usually gives extra to waiters and room stewards at the end of cruise..the larger denominations will do then And, yes thanks for the heads up about guides
  13. My husband just asked if small tips onboard are paid in euros He usually starts collecting small US bills for tips on ocean cruises (American) but realized our supply of small euro denominations is lacking I’m sure we can collect some during our 3 days in Brussels beforehand or maybe somewhere on the ship we can change bigger bills? 🤷‍♀️ Any suggestions?
  14. We did the British Isles two years ago (jumped ship in Le Havre for a week in Paris) and loved it Although we’d been to most of the ports except Guernsey and Kirkwall, it was fun doing it by ship However, we missed Kirkwall because of a lack of tugboats (they said) and I’ve heard Guernsey can be probable However, loved it a lot and found an 8 nighter that basically stays in the Irish Sea so booked that Have a great time
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