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  1. I made the final payment a few weeks ago and last Sunday booked excursions for our April 4 Tulip time. They make it SO easy. And we, as well, are happy about the less formal atmosphere...as we live in jeans. 😃
  2. Okay. No problem. I’m overthinking situation. Taking a taxi directly to hotel works. Thanks. It reminded me that we have an up to $250 transfer to and from dock from TA. 😃. Lol.
  3. Thank you s35flyer and gnome12. I needed to know if I could book the bus onboard. That is good information. We have spent considerable time in Amsterdam over the years and have always taken the train to the airport. We just thought this sounded smoother.
  4. We are on the April 4 Tulip Time ...aka Beer enthusiasts cruise out of Amsterdam. Flying into Brussels for three days ahead and then train to Amsterdam the day before. After the cruise we are heading to the Hilton Schiphol ahead of flight the following day. My question is airport transport. We didn’t book flights through Avalon so can we sign up for the airport bus ...don’t mind paying...when the cruise ends? We usually get the train to the airport in Amsterdam, but the bus sounds a lot easier.
  5. Thank you so much. I will probably be there before 9 am. Very excited and also happy to finally see Ghent. Maybe I’ll spend the time looking around and drinking coffee all morning and “unfortunately “ miss the afternoon boat trip to a brewery. 😁
  6. We are doing the April 4, 2020 Tulip Time on the Panorama (I think). It’s really one of the special cruises as the focus is on .....beer. Hubs is a beer blogger. I drink Chardonnay or Pino Grigio. But oh well. I’ll live. My main focus is seeing the Jan Van Eyke altarpiece in Ghent . Nope.not religious, but over the years since I received my masters in art history, I’ve seen every painting or drawing or sculpture etc that I ever studied or wrote a paper on....EXCEPT that one. We’ve traveled a lot in the Low Countries and I never got there. The keukenhof gardens will be just icing on the cake. First river cruise. Maybe not the last. 😻
  7. Has anyone on the All Things Avalon thread taken the Amsterdam to Amsterdam beer themed tulip time cruise? Actually, since several different beer themed cruises are offered on different routes, I’d be interested in the experience. I’m NOT a beer fan, but my husband contributes to a beer blog and it’s a big thing for him. I ask specifically about the tulip time cruise because Belgium/Holland beers are his main interest; but I’d like to know in general how such a focused cruise worked out for others. 😁. We’ve spent a lot of time in the Flemish countries so know the territory. He loves both countries. (I prefer Italy..lol).
  8. On the Grand about two weeks ago our waiters were pushing the “shrimpcargot”. Shrimp in the little escargot dishes with the melted butter. I say pushing because we didn’t want another course. (A couple of years ago the escargot’s butter gave me a serious burn). This offered dish was not in-lieu of another starter. They were giving it to everyone. The waiters kept saying that the chef was being creative as the escargot didn’t arrive.
  9. Agree. Usually a nice place to unwind, but the guitarist who was constantly there was 1) irritating because his speakers were too loud and 2) his repertoire seemed all over the place with amateurish renditions of John Denver, Credence Clearwater or Johnny Cash. Not a fan.
  10. While others on our cruise shared our disappointment, I recall one woman in the elevator exclaiming with great joy how wonderful it was to get another sea day. My husband made me get off at the next floor in case I’d react badly. Lol.
  11. We had booked a tour of Skara Brae and Scapa Flow. Sigh...one of main reasons we booked the British Isle Cruise knowing we’d never get to that part of the world by ourselves. Ship (Caribbean Princess) couldn’t dock that day because there were no available tugs. Very disappointing. Hope you make it.
  12. I will acknowledge the fact that cans of Diet Coke are not available on the PBP. So...has anyone a guess that the bartender will fill my insulated thermos bottle with my fav beverage?
  13. On our British Isles cruise, someone on our roll call organized a tour that went to Stirling Castle, Doune Castle (where Monty Python’s Holy Grail was filmed) and a tour of Glengoyne Distillery. The tour company was Stravagin Duntocher Road, Clydebank. Scotland, G813NQ. We had a great time with Ian and were returned to the ship in time.
  14. Thanks guys. And yes it is easier to schlep bottles back especially because we aren’t flying this time. Also he knows there are restrictions on shipping alcohol some places if you are not a business. And..,wasting precious port time wrapping and finding a shipping business. 🤔 Glad and to know we can drop bags and park. Hope the reverse works the same way. Fingers crossed.
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