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  1. Here comes an unhappy update. We talked to MSC again. The agent said they would be able to have a supervisor call us "very shortly" and asked for our contact information. We explained that we are in Sweden but they said it would not be an issue and got our phone number inluding country code. (NOTE: the supervisor we later talked to said they couldn't contact us because they can't call international numbers....) Nobody called for 45 minutes so we called back and after a lengthy hold time got a supervisor on the line. Now we received yet another explanation as to why we were moved. Apparently inventory decided that due to the "life vest situation" they needed to shuffle people around. And, due to the very same "life vest situation" they were also unable to change our cabins at this point. We pointed out that e.g. swapping three people in a three person cabin for three other people in another three person cabin ought logically not to affect the distribution of life vests, but they seemed unable or unwilling to accept this. (Notably, a different agent had said the change was because we had two people in a room that could hold four). We also learned that MSC policy is that they do not need to inform passengers if they do decide to change their cabin numbers. This was such an surprise that we asked several times to confirm it, and according to the supervisor that is indeed the case. So we were moved from two adjacent rooms (which when booked were chosen specifically so we could stay together as a family) to two completely different rooms on separate decks without them letting anyone in our group know. This is of course extremely disappointing as the adjoining cabins were the sole reason we chose to book this cruise initially (something MSC was made aware of). The booking agent who handled the initial booking apparently no longer works for the company and also did not do the booking correctly as the web logins were unavailable as well. MSC were unwilling and unable to provide any comments as to why (or in what way) the initial booking was done incorrectly or how bookings should be done to avoid separating families (he said our booking in fact did indicate we were a family group, contradictory to other agents). We pointed out to them that at this point MSC has managed to split up a family with small children and forcing an elderly lady carrying an oxygen tank to wander across half the ship to see parts of said family. This does not seem to have any bearing on their decisionmaking. We also informed them that we would accept a cabin downgrade as long as we can get cabins closer together and that unless they are willing to work with us on this we have no choice but to ask neighboring cabins if they would consider changing rooms, explaining the reason why. They said this was acceptable. They are now putting in another ticket to "inventory" to see if they can do something but we do not have very high hopes at this point. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed. We've been on multiple cruises with Norwegian before and with A-Rosa and feel their customer service is light years beyond MSC, who only seem to care about how many tickets they can sell.
  2. My parents booked it like this on the advice of the rep (whose judgment in hindsight is questionable): Room 1: mother and father Room 2: Husband and two older kids Room 3: Me and toddler I don't know why it was done that way (personally I'd have preferred a different constellation) but I figured we could adjust it aboard if we wanted, but it means that the supervision issue is not one we can argue in this case.
  3. Oh we have called a bunch and will continue to do so, but it is helpful to get others' perspective on the situation to get some ideas, e.g. accepting a downgrade.
  4. Oh no, the cabins they moved us to are definitely no upgrade. They are the same class but clearly smaller with smaller balconies (we had big ones on the back of the ship...) and of course not connected like I believe the original ones were. (Not that we really care about the size, it's the adjacency we care about.) Feels a little bait and switchy in fact but more likely the family was just not indicated correctly, which was regardless an error on MSC's part.
  5. Oof, okay, we might have to do that if worst comes to worst. One of the cabins is extra large with a large balcony so maybe someone will want to move to that one.
  6. So we have had several more rounds with customer service and they have not offered any solutions. We have reiterated that we are willing to be downgraded etc. if at least the family with young kids can be near each other and we are waiting for them to reconsider that. The dining arrangements were properly linked but we are also having problems with our web logins to get our boarding passes due to the original booking agent (who messed things up so much) not working there, which sounds odd to me. We haven't gotten an answer about why we were not notified about the cabin changes. Thanks for the help, will update if there's anything to update!
  7. No, evidently they should have been booked under I guess one booking number and as a super family cabin, but they were not, they were all booked as individual cabins/bookings (and it was my parents who booked it and have not cruised, and they didn't send me the details, just the room numbers). Hence when MSC needed to shift some rooms around, I guess there was nothing in the system preventing then from separating us. The screw-up, then, was by the rep doing the booking, and nobody noticed the room numbers had changed (something I personally would have checked when I paid the bill, but this trip is a treat by my parents) until I did the online check-in, and now it is perhaps too late. But MSC said "corporate" will see if they can move us closer together again.
  8. Hmm, our bookings look linked from what I can tell. The various booking numbers are all listed for each. MSC said the problem was that we weren't booked as a "super family"--how is that different, do you know? It's so frustrating because we would have taken any kind of room as long as they were close, so we ended up getting three balcony suites as we were told that was the only option at that time to be close, and instead here we are all spread throughout the ship with overkill rooms for us, all because the booking agent made mistakes. I hope MSC will fix this so we can have the family trip intended.
  9. It was booked through the US but I did try the customer service in Sweden, however they said they couldn't even see my booking so were no help. I hadn't thought about the dining implications. What a headache! Yes, while we like balconies we would be okay with a lower class if it's necessary to be close to each other. I guess I will call US customer service again when they open and clarify that. But would they give us a refund in that case?
  10. Hi! I am an experienced cruiser but will be traveling for the first time with MSC with a trip planned for the Meraviglia, leaving 11 August from Copenhagen, and have just discovered a major issue with our booking that I need help understanding and resolving. In January, my mother booked tickets for herself and her husband plus my family of five (kids 2, 7, 12). She booked three balcony suites very close to one another (two of which were directly adjacent to one another, for my family of five). Obviously my young family wanted to be together and my parents wanted to be close to us, especially as my mother needs to use oxygen if she has to walk much. Sometime between January and now MSC changed our cabins with no notification. My mom's is the same but my young family has been split very widely around the ship, we are talking several floors away and on complete different ends and sides. It is such a big ship that apparently now I am going on vacation with the two-year-old and my husband is having a separate vacation with the older kids and my parents are having yet another separate trip and we will just try to meet up sometimes? It seems the new cabin numbers were on documents sent later but unfortunately we didn't notice the change until just now and there was no explicit notification. And of course now the ship is fully booked and MSC says the originally booking, done by calling them, was done incorrectly and somehow didn't indicate we were traveling as a family and our cabins were thus able to be shifted individually. MSC said they will talk to corporate and look into it but there is not much room to maneuver. Any ideas what we can do to get moved together/closer or resolve this? (We never cared about having balcony suites in particular, my mom was only told by the agent that getting the those particular rooms was the only way at the time of booking to for our group to be close together.) Thanks!
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