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  1. We did it abut a week and a half ago. It was great. My 11 year old did it and loved it, my 8 year old unfortunately couldn't make it down the ladder to the sea floor (he's always had problems with his ears popping on airplanes, etc.). But the crew helps you stop every few steps down to equalize the pressure and they go over hand signals that let you communicate well with them. Once at the bottom it was amazing, there were so many fish and they swam right around us. We have a waterproof camera and took a ton of pictures, and they sell a USB drive that has both stock photos and photos of your group taken at various points by a diver who was at the bottom with us. I think it was around $30 (cash) or $35 (credit card). They give you shoes to wear, or any closed-toe water shoe is OK, I think.
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