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  1. That is an interesting situation. There was some announcement on the radio here in NZ about NCL cruising here in NZ in late 2022 but I missed the first part of it. Would love to find out what is happening.
  2. I would never book an hotel through a cruise line as the charges are per person and far above what you can get by booking direct or through an online agent.
  3. July not available too. I wonder if there has to be a major reorganization of Princess ships in case the new ships do not arrive and so Princess is holding off taking any more bookings.
  4. @hallux Using The page detailing NCL's flight booking program/service actually has this information right on it - https://www.ncl.com/airservicestandards I got LOOKS LIKE THIS PAGE TOOK A PERMANENT HOLIDAY.
  5. Personally a smaller ship with fewer people every time.
  6. @onlyslightlymad cultural gulf between the NI and SI than we acknowledge. Especially for the JAFAs
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American cruising friends. Mike & Pauline
  8. @Hlitner On travelling. I was a teacher in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk England) before we migrated to NZ. People there used to have to make arrangements weeks in advance to take the train journey to Norwich, an hour away. There were people who we knew who had never been to London. On a visit back to the UK in the 00's we visited the eldest member of my ancestral family. He was 85 and still lived in the house he was born in, the only one he ever had.
  9. @Hlitner I concur with your first paragraph completely. The TranzAlpine rail journey is one not to be missed. Milford also. There are so many great wine regions in New Zealand you could easily spend a fortnight going from one to another!!! The second paragraph is interesting but quite true. New Zealanders find internal travel costs are very high both on the Interisland Ferries and on planes. It is often cheaper to fly from Auckland to Sydney or the Islands than from Auckland to Queenstown. For most people the sun is more of a draw than is snow.
  10. @mcrcruiser If you would like some comments about visiting NZ I would be happy to oblige, drop me a line to my email, below, and I will do it. I have done it for a number of people. BUT and it is a BIG BUT don't try to see NZ in less that 3 weeks, 4 would be better. Queenstown is beautiful but it is a real tourist town so relatively expensive, yes spend a couple of days there but there is a lot more to NZ than just Queenstown. Mike
  11. @Hlitner When we migrated from the UK in 1969 we were what were called "£10 Poms". That is what we each paid for a flight from the UK to NZ. All we had to do was I had to stay teaching for 3 years. Even better was the cost of a 8ft x 6ft x 6ft wooden packing case with all our furniture in it; £25!!!! We also got "B....y Pom" or "Pommie B.....d" as terms of endearment.
  12. @mcrcruiser I don't know about a "FEE" but there are requirements. There is a point scale, usual requirement is as a skilled migrant and there is a list of skills allowed. The other way is with a large sum that you will invest and then remain in NZ. I got here as a teacher. My parents came later as I was an only child, on compassionate grounds, with many requirements regarding accommodation and finances. I had a friend who was a pharmacist who was able to come BUT, as he was NOT an only child, it was included in his acceptance that NO relative would get a "fr
  13. @Hlitner Hank I agree with all you say. The usual legal requirements with no thought of how they are to be carried out. We don't have a smart phone and are already concerned that we won't be able to travel without buying one unless the countries trying that way give us one!!! HaHa. Mike
  14. @Hlitner I think NZ's Prime Minister has left little doubt that NZ will likely be the last country on earth to reopen to tourism and cruises. They are in a somewhat unique position in that their remote islands are relatively easy to secure and they have done a fabulous job mitigating COVID. The only cases we have had for a long time now have been either returning New Zealanders or incoming Russian/Ukrainian seamen. Any "Community" cases have been connected with either of those groups. Everyone has to do Managed Isolation for two weeks at their own costs. So when will NZ reopen
  15. @Sailaway John Good luck. We want to be able to leave the country for Europe in July but, at this point, are very dubious it will happen. There has been no comments recently about opening from our side even for "bubbles"
  16. Unfortunately I cannot find anything for Klaipeda or Riga in 2023.
  17. Whichever way you transit get on a ship that goes through the OLD locks; far more interesting than the new locks.
  18. @janice2348 That would have been because you didn't have any Shorex "perk". Without the "perk" that was the case but many many people did have the "perk" (it has been so common a "perk" for so long) and so didn't have to pay "up front".
  19. @BirdTravels They made this change several years ago (not months ago). We were on the ill-fated cruise from Dubai to Cape Town in March 2020 and certainly didn't have to pay "up front" for shore excursions we booked beforehand. I have an NCL Shorex Confirmation email dated 23rd Feb 2020 that finishes with:- "All shore excursions will be charged to your onboard account at the current rate of exchange." I would agree that NCL followed Princess in doing this but it was a lot later; Princess did it 3 or 4 years ago,
  20. I am in New Zealand and would love to hold some shares. I would be grateful if someone could tell me how I can buy them. It is NOT possible to buy overseas shares as a member of the public in NZ through a bank or a share broker. I have bank accounts in Canada in CAD and USD and an address (daughter's) in Vancouver I can use BUT I don't have a USA Social Security number nor anything similar in Canada. Mike
  21. @mpk The change occurred about 4-6 months ago. When you pay they quote the price that has any Shore Excursion $50 credit (perk) and any Latitude Rewards discount applied. One reason for doing it was that their systems weren't able to accurately remove the benefits and many many people took up lots of Shorex Desk and/or Guest Services time. You can, of course, still wait to book on board and pay either in cash at the end or put it on your Credit Card,
  22. Thank you to all those who responded. It looks as if we will have to spend the two days in Vienna. In a couple of ways a pity as we have never been to Slovakia at all and I was hoping to get some Slovakian €uro coins as I am an avid €uro coin collector!! Thanks again. Mike
  23. We miss Bratislava on our river cruise. How easy is it to get from Vienna to Bratislava for one of the two days we are in Vienna? Is it worth it? Mike This is a correction to the one I started!!!!!
  24. @hallux Not any more you have to pay up front but they take off any Latitudes discount and the $50 Shorex perk.
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