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  1. Well, I can state that the passengers seemed to follow the stated dress code for Amphora. I believe we ended up only eating in the restaurant twice! We had Candles twice, the deck bbq, the motu event, and ate at Bloody Mary’s. It was an incredible trip! milepig - the Pearl Beach is still very nice, but the service was slow at times (restaurant)
  2. We watched the Wind Spirit coming into the port of Papeete this morning (thanks jet lag!) from our balcony at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort. Boarding begins at one pm today and I will be happy to report back in one week as to my Fashion Findings.
  3. I have seen drone footage (you-tube) from folks who went on Windstar Cruises. Somehow they were able to sneak it onboard??
  4. Yep, it’s easy with sundresses and sandals and they don’t take up much room in the suitcase. My husband goes for the Tommy Bahama type button up shirt with khakis and his casual shoes.
  5. I dress “nicely” for dinner, not because I want to “impress other people” (yikes ), but because going on vacation with my husband is like having a week (or more) of date nights all in a row and I want to look nice for him. Thank goodness we ladies only have to bring sundresses and not ball gowns! We are Go for PPT in two days!!!
  6. Sounds wonderful! We will be in your cabin #205 in 13 more days... I can’t wait
  7. We were sailing the Leewards (on Star Clippers) Christmas week and there was quite a bit of wind/choppy water/swells. It was the roughest water I have been on, but it was a great experience too!
  8. Well then, you must have been on the same cruise as me! :D
  9. You just roll with it! I always take a packable rain jacket just in case. I know this type of cruising isn't for everyone, but we like it BECAUSE it is not standard, Big Boat cruising. It's a sailing ship! And yeah, we do spend a lot of time on deck... at the Tropical Bar, mojitos in hand. :D
  10. Let us know how that Sun Deck cabin compares to Main Deck. We have not been inside one of those and were curious about the layout and the proximity to the back pool. Bon Voyage!
  11. We had a category 1 on the Main Deck on Star Flyer last time. It was great and I loved the "big" bathroom with a tub compared to the tiny showers in the other rooms. I would say Go For It! *also, we are booked again in Cat 1, Main Deck
  12. What everyone said above! It is a very casual experience on Star Clippers. Daytime is very informal and at night there are no shorts in the dining room. That being stated, MOST of the passengers still are more dressy-casual, with men in collared shirts and women in dresses. Captain's night is a touch more elegant, but not "tux & gown" dressy. ;)
  13. Hopefully they have a place to hold your luggage at the port. In Monaco they tagged our bags and put them in the holding area in the back and we were free to go sight-see until it was time to start the embarkation process.
  14. I don't know the specifics for her embarkation point, but there has always been some sort of refreshments (provided by Star Clippers) at the port during the check-in process. I have embarked in French Polynesia (Papeete), Costa Rica, and now in Monaco, and they have provided water bottles and fruit at the minimum. Once onboard there is water available at/near the Tropical Bar and a coffee/tea station available 24/7. In the dining room they will bring you water, coffee and tea upon request. At breakfast there are also several juices to choose from. She should have no problems, really! :)
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