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    Age and solo crusing

    Thanks for sharing! I am of a minority (african-american) as well, and that is something to that I feel could adding to my insecurity of traveling alone. When I cruised with Norwegian, there wasn't any embarkation parts that I remember. I've always said to myself if I dine, Im dinning buffet for breakfast lunch/dinner. :') lol Enjoy your next solo trip!
  2. travelchick989

    Age and solo crusing

    Yes I would pay double occupancy was well! And I've some how always have meet other people even though I was with other people. I'm just tired of waiting, and every time I ask my friends there's just no response really lol.
  3. travelchick989

    Age and solo crusing

    Hey everyone, I just got back from a great cruise and perhaps Im already having withdrawal lol but I would love to book another. I'm 27 years old (yet I look maybe 18-22) and I just dont have a lot of people who would be down for cruising with me. I feel like if I was older I would look older for one, and have more confidence. I'm just curious what is the age range of those of you that travel solo? And if you traveled solo do you feel awkwardly alone? I like to have fun and its always nice when you have a good circle of people that you know. I've never done a solo cruise before but I've been pondering about it! Maybe for my 30th I will have more courage! ;p