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  1. I think our worst weather day we have had in several cruises to NZ was at Tauranga. We decided to have a walk around and then the skies opened. Talk about wet sheep. They were there on the hills and I was one as well. Almost every other day has been lovely and sunny. We have been very lucky. On the same cruise it was quite windy and the ocean a bit wild (although it wasn't really that noticable I thought) as we left Wellington and the pilot had to stay on board with us until we docked at Tauranga 2 days later. The pilot said he was happy that he wasn't the one on the car carrier tha
  2. Which reminds me that now that our mutual January cruise has been cancelled I need to cancel our booking there. I transferred the booking from our first cancelled cruise in March to Jan and now need to cancel altogether. I quite like the Holiday Inn Old Sydney/Rydges because of the close proximity to the OPT for dropping off luggage in the morning. Last time we were there it was the Holiday Inn on the evening we arrived and the next morning it had swapped to Rydges.
  3. I'm really looking forward to the rest of your review. I love New Zealand.
  4. Same here, but I do have asthma and have had for years. My husband is constantly laughing and telling me to ssh! as I get out my inhaler when people start looking at me.
  5. I truly hope you get to experience Milford Sound. While the others are great, it is by far the best of the three.
  6. You will see the whole of the Milford Sound as you get on at the land end of Milford Sound and then cruise out as it is the last day in NZ. What you do miss is the other Sounds. However Milford is by far the prettiest and you will get to see that if you do the overland tour. The other 4 sounds (they only name 2, but you go in one and out another) sometimes have dolphins and seals but in 4 times going through I have not yet seen the dolphins and have seen the seals once.
  7. I just disembarked today and I can ensure you that every single night we got the daily newsletter on our bed for the next night. As for the casino, not that we put much through the machines and we only used slots, we put US cash into these.
  8. Along the top next to the amount of OBC you have is Order History. Click on that.
  9. I've just looked at both cruises I have booked. The one due to go in a few days has had it there for a little while, the one that is due in a year and I haven't even looked at yet as to what we are going to do is totally blank. Perhaps it only comes up in the last few weeks.
  10. Look at your order history. That is where I found ours.
  11. As an example for someone today who asked the same question, this is a screen shot of a webcam of Sydney Harbour today. This is cloud cover and not smoke, although there was smoke yesterday because of fog as well not letting it rise. As someone on the media said today, while we aren't used to the pollution, many other cities in the world has worse air than we have had every day of the week.
  12. I am really hoping to see you on that cruise. It will be nice to do a cruise together again (AND actually meet each other). Glad you are home safely and that you looked after the ship for me for when I get on in 9 days (not that I'm counting or anything) Susanne
  13. We did ours last time in Blu. There were a couple turned away then as well. Made my husband feel better about the fact that he had put on pants as he normally wears shorts 24/7 except for when we are cruising. Long trousers go on for dinner, then he is up in the room and swapping back into shorts for the rest of the evening.
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