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  1. Adding onto mahdnc's comments, I was on the same cruise. We took ships excursions and because of the dreadful sea conditions (the weather was delightful BTW) we waited in the theatre for well over an hour from our expected boarding time of the tender to when we actually got on one, then it needed to fill and then go over to Yorkey's Knob. We had booked the Skyrail to Karunda and then train return. Because of the delays we had a total of 30 minutes in Karunda which was not ideal. However my in-laws loved the train trip and the following day the tendering process into Cairns was far less stressful and we bussed around seeing the sights. We are going to do the same trip this January with only one day in Cairns this time, but plan on just doing things as we feel like it as we don't have two 85 year olds with us.
  2. What are you looking for? I have some from January and March but things change all the time depending on itinerary.
  3. This was our favourite cabin we have had as well. We had it for a B2B in March on Solstice. Totally agree with the wind situation.
  4. No, we didn't go to Eden at all. Eden isn't the biggest area and it's biggest claim to fame is that it was one of the big whaling areas. Some Killer Whales used to herd the humpbacks and assist the hunters. There is a museum about the history. The area is very pretty but I'm not sure what sort of excursion options you will get.
  5. Tell me about it. Both of them. I coped with the left one not being operated on, but somehow a teacher needs to be able to use the arm that they write with to use the board. My students thought it was terribly funny watching me trying to write while having to stand on chairs and move it along. Having the operation to release it was totally necessary.
  6. Other thoughts about reviews is that possibly Australians and Kiwis who are often known to be easy going, don't often submit reviews so the ones that are negative are not from us. I agree with some of the above posters that I have read some of the reviews for cruises I have been on and have been scratching my head wondering was that really the same cruise I was on, and some of the complaints I read seem to be so amazingly petty i.e. we had to ask our room steward to bring us our complimentary wine (shock horror) - well if you don't ask him, how does he know you want it that day. I have also heard some very rude people on the ship berating the stewards for not preparing their room early enough in the evening (as in by 6.30!). Some people just love to complain.
  7. I have done both of these cruises in the last couple of years if you want to ask about ports. The Auckland to Auckland one was this last March and we really enjoyed Samoa and the final port in Tonga. The others not so much, but we have been to Fiji several times and stopping at the cities is not the best way to see it. The South Pacific cruise is great if you want to do a lot of beachy things and snorkel etc. Ask away.
  8. Direct cut and paste from the original thread several weeks ago. This also had the photo that is in this thread which must have been taken when they returned of the stairs as it is daylight and not at at 2AM "My wife slipped and fell down the tender stairs at 2AM, heading out to catch the sunrise in Maui. The crew asked if she was alright, which she said that she thought so. They then asked everyone else to freeze, while they wiped up the moisture on the steps with a couple towels. A family that joined us on the tender were extremely sympathetic, and gave us their room #, offering to be witnesses. Heading out towards the excursion, the pain increased. We eventually ended up at urgent care, and found out she had a couple of abrasions, bruises, sprained back, and various pulled muscles. Nothing that won't heal over the next week or so, but we wanted to be sure. We eventually made an incident report that night, and guest service was completely indifferent. She typed the information down, and asked, "Is that it?" Awkward silence, we said yes it was. She then immediately called the next guest over, without so much as a goodbye. I assume that we are the ones negligent, and/or this type of situation is covered in their contract. However, there is excessive rust on the side of the ship (wish I had taken a photo), and the paint is starting to wear away and develop pores on the steps. It would be nice if they would keep it dry, or put anti skid strips down. At the very least, we shouldn't be made to feel as if we're an inconvenience for informing the crew as to what happened." As you can see, it is stated she told the crew that she believed she was alright and the incident report to guest services was not made until many, many hours later and not to the ships medical services at all.
  9. When I first read this story in this thread I thought I had deja-vu, but now that I have found the original story a few weeks ago I feel a lot better. Stateroom_Sailor was on a thread complaining about the food. He had multiple posts and then as an almost sidepost right on the final page added the story of his wife falling. In that one he stated that the crew stated that everyone needed to freeze, they then cleaned and dried the steps and people continued. His wife said she was ok and it was not until sometime later she realised she was hurt. The crew were not to know and as the OP here went on her excursion and didn't go to the medical centre on her return what are they going to do? What does surprise me is that the injury in both threads is not the main concern, but the food standard was. To me it would be the other way around.
  10. The production shows are Broken Strings, Rock City, Amade, and Euphoria. You may get Intimate Broadway and a show by one of the performers. Other than that all shows vary from sailing to sailing. We were on the Solstice for 3 cruises so far this year and they had Gilly and the Girl, Jeam Beam and the Lighthouse Duo as 3 of the house bands. They were all quite good but I don't know if they will still be on board when you are.
  11. We were B2B on the Solstice in March. I thought they were going to offer us a lunch in the MDR but possibly because there were almost 200 of us they decided not to. B2B sometimes have to find lunch elsewhere as well. We did the Mast Grill that day, mainly because most people don't know about it when they first come on board.
  12. Ssshhh! Don't tell anyone but you can. Just take it to Cellar Master's and ask to swap it for a red or white. Our Concierge on the Solstice in January told us to do this when we told him that we didn't drink the sparkling but I did drink Rose.
  13. Ha, this is how long ago we went to Australia Zoo. My boys are now aged 20, 22 and 29.
  14. If we weren't visiting family, I would have chosen Australia Zoo as well. We went there many years ago, I think when Steve Irwin's movie had first come out as he was on a promotional tour. David, can you tell me was your photo of the Galapagos tortoise Harriette or was it another? When we went we took lots of photos of Harriette and I still use her to talk about in my Year 10 Biology class as she was the longest living Galapagos Tortoise that was documented for her whole life. (Charles Darwin collected her and then gave her to the Governor of Queensland where she lived in Botanic Gardens before moving in with the Irwins) The students find it fascinating. Marilyn, I'm glad you can do Gold Class. It is worth it. We are in the process of organising another cruise. We are looking at doing this one again in January and then next January we hopefully will be with David again on a cruise to the South Pacific Islands. (That one is a definite for us - this January one is still in the process of being booked because our Future Cruise Certificates we bought last year have been lost)
  15. Hi Marilyn, Perhaps I can help you with this (or not). We have done the Skyrail both as a Celebrity tour and by ourselves. On the trip that David and myself went on our tendering was not the best. We didn't have a very good trip at all. As you would know those on Ship's tours get on first. The tenders that are used come from Cairns and take I think 250+ passengers at a time, but they don't leave until they are full so even if you get on first you are left waiting for a while. I am trying to remember how long a trip it was, I think around 15 minutes, but we were waiting both days for far longer on the tenders to leave. The drive to Skyrail is also a little distance. Are you booked in a concierge or above cabin or are you Elite or above so you get priority boarding for the tender? That may speed things up a bit. Also when do you leave on day 2. On day 1 on this trip, which is when we went, we didn't get to the Skyrail station until about 12.45 because of the weather and tendering situation. Our Celebrity booked tour was meet at 10.30 in the theatre. We got there at 10.15 and left the ship at midday. The train left at 3 so we only had about half an hour at Karunda and with 2 of us on walking sticks it meant that we didn't see Karunda at all. The train was the highlight of our trip though. I purposely booked the most expensive trip which was Gold Class, lounge chairs rather than wooden benches and afternoon tea included. My in-laws loved it. First visit which was several years before on Celebrity Century we were able to dock right in Cairns, we caught the courtesy bus to the Skyrail station spent the day at Karunda and had a lovely time. It is wonderful what a difference not tendering makes. Susanne
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