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  1. Having a bit of a brain freeze! We are doing Pacific Coastal Cruise b2b with Alaska cruise. We are in Astoria before San Francisco. Do we have to clear customs in both ports or just Astoria? Looking at an excursion that makes it tight if we have line up for customs clearance to San Francisco?
  2. Next will be a charge for "front of the line".
  3. I bought the package only because I cant get insurance travel insurance elsewhere due to medical history but I am covered by NCL's policy. One stipulation was that I could not have seen doctor or had any tests done 2 or 3 months Cant remember which it was) in advance of trip.
  4. We did this cruise last year mainly for being able to spend a couple days in New Orleans and to experience the sail away. We would definitely do this cruise again as we want to spend more time in New Orleans. For the most all of our cruises, we've done them over and over , so for us its about enjoying the ships especially when in ports while most of the ship is empty. A good hotel for New Orleans is Embassy Suites by Hilton New Orleans Convention Center. 315 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 it put you just up from the famous Bourbon St. Smaller hotel but nice and staff were great and easy to get around. It also has a great private breakfast area with full breakfast
  5. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. What is your cruise date? Ncl will notify you when to print them.
  7. I would book another hotel that has a good cancellation policy that will allow to cancel within a couple days. and just keep following up with NCL . Maybe see were you are on the wait list,
  8. Totally agree put the google search to work on Park West as well as any artist you have in mind'
  9. The auction is a total waste of time> unless you want a glass of varsol in a champagne glass. You can most often buy on line much cheaper. I would not doubt at all that the winner was a "planted" person. I cant see them giving away $1k let alone 30K and we've done a lot of art auctions both US and Canada and never seen that sort of value ever given away and shady houses have planted personel in the audence to bid an item up.
  10. Does anyone know if you can bring flowers on board In Vancouver for Alaska and Pacific Coastal cruise? The flowers would stay on board for the entire b2b cruise. I know for the penthouse suite's they usually put some little tiny arrangement on the table. I've called and asked concierge desk but they couldn't give an answer? We ere able to do it on our Hawaii cruises. Thanks in advance.
  11. You can only get transfer from airport to port and vice versa. Yow would have to book and stay at NCL recommended hotel where you will (should) get to check in for embarking at hotel and transfer to the port would be included,. At least that was our experience.
  12. We have done full transit twice and both times found the canal part boring as hell. All locks are pretty well the same anywhere. We do this cruise just because of the ports and length of cruise.
  13. A note of caution. When ordering ask the server to rinse out container as I have had funky looking and taste when ordering fresh squeezed OJ on a couple occasions.
  14. If we have eaten at Cagneys 60 times (2 per week) almost 40 cruises we have sent steaks back on most visits > We use to only go for the colossal shrimp cocktail but now that thats gone we only order fish dishes. Every time this subject comes I 've said that we always get a better steak at Le Bistro hands down.
  15. No and its not gonna happen. Soon they will have to deal with vapors.
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