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  1. Ask at the Atrium when you board. Not sure how a 4 nighter works? Enjoy your cruise:)
  2. Sept., '09 is good for you:-) Yes, the certificates may be applied to the outstanding balance...now! And, you may still check for early price drop:-) A little "sticky" but fight for it:-)
  3. You do not have to "shut" and latch them...the doors can be "latched" in the open or closed position;)
  4. From what we have observed...NCL staff is very honest. Good Luck..I'm sure it will work out for you.
  5. WOW! Great warning for SUV drivers. What a shame..perhaps the sign should be more obvious!
  6. Did CVC file for bankruptcy? If so, a whole other issue and the return on your money is a very LOW percent:-( and takes a loooong time. Always better to pay your cruise line direct! You are, at least, protected if your cruise line is stable. Paying a middle man means that you know that the middle man is stable and will pay your funds to the line and not keep your funds. With this economy...you need to "protect" your funds/payments! Good Luck!
  7. My "vacation" rules...no cooking, cleaning or laundry...no matter how long the vacation:D
  8. Anything that I do with NCL or anyone else...I always request an email confirmation that I can print out. Especially a booking. The past few cruises, we have also experienced problems accessing our reservation but, eventually, it does show up. When it does, seize the moment and complete your information and then PRINT IT OUT. Good luck, I'm sure it will work out fine:)
  9. Oh, "Rutgers Man"...your team has been "scaring" me/us this year. Up here, the pubs all have the Rutgers game nights...not quite like last year:( My "Giants" are doing well and NOTHING like a Giants Superbowl on a ship...what a hoot last season:D
  10. Can't help with the kids club but I thoroughly enjoy seeing the kids parade around the ship:-) The casino...UGH...we have done well in the Dawn Casino, The Jewel, when it first sailed....was VERY lucky for me every evening...the Gem was NOT lucky for anyone during our 12 day sailing - everyone was complaining. That was February '08 so, hopefully, it has gotten better;) We do not eat at buffets but the Grand Pacific is fine for breakfast if you have the time to be seated and waited on. Cagney's is wonderful for breakfast. Room service is another option:-) I haven't had the pizza but my sister advised that you must get the pizza fresh from the oven (not standing on the counter) and it is great. Not sure what season you are cruising but extra ice cream stations have been set-up during the warmer months and hard ice cream is always available at the pool/bar area. The passengers who "dress up" on formal/not so formal night are, usually, those who are having family portraits done. You will be comfortable no matter what you are wearing. You will see every formal/informal attire every evening. TV...not sure of the different channels on each ship/sailing but NCL does provide sports TV in the casino, when available. Ask on the ship, the personnel will tell you what TV is available and where. When I leave home, I remind myself to enjoy EVERY moment of my cruise...as the minutes/days go by so fast. Happy Cruising:)
  11. I agree, we write personal notes to our butler, concierge, cabin stewards and any waiters, bartenders, etc., including a cash gift. We also write to headquarters when we return from a cruise, mentioning the names of all who made our cruise so special.
  12. Smoother ride, I agree, lower decks and mid-ship. Best views...upper deck, fwd., IMHO. I'd rather be sick in an upper, Fwd., cabin/suite than have a smooth ride lower/center;)
  13. I disagree..you know that I have always "called you out" on your "search engine" advice and impatience with questions. Currently active cruisers CAN provide the BEST information! I never respond "do a search" many do not have the time for a "search". Hence the reason that they come to CC. Happy Holidays :-)
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