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  1. While I understand we have no control of the weather it would be nice if RC could confirm our route just so I know what type of clothes to pack! 😁 Right now I have a little bit of everything in my suitcase. In in all honesty we will have a great time wherever we go!!
  2. I’m to much of a nervous nelly to fly in the day of the cruise but the experience we had just flying to San Juan in June would make me definitely fly in a day early. We were headed to San Juan non-stop from Boston, we had an 8:00am flight. Once we boarded the plane they announced that they had to reboot the computer systems (In my mind better done while on the ground than in the air). By the time that was done it was 8:45, we finally take off. About an hour into the flight they announce we have a medical emergency on board, the flight crew kept us updated over the next hour and a half, but at this point we feel the plane turning. A few minutes later they tell us we are diverting to Bermuda to get the passenger and family to the hospital. We land in Bermuda, they get the passenger and family on their way to the hospital, now we are going to refuel, then there is a paperwork issue, total time on the ground in Bermuda better than 2 hours ( keep in mind I am not complaining the JetBlue folks did a great job, including crew members who just happened to be traveling on this flight, the team work was awesome to see). Long story short we did not arrive in San Juan until almost 4:00pm and then because we “stopped” in a foreign country we had to go through customs, even though we were not allowed off the plane! Moral of the story is you just never know what can happen, we expected to be in San Juan at 11:45am but didn’t arrive until 4:00 Sent from my iPad using Forums
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