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  1. Was RoyalUp’d today for our cruise on Oasis sailing In two days-Sunday, Feb 23. Started out in a Grand Suite for 4 of us a few doors down from the rest of our family that are staying in a 2 bedroom Grand Suite. Bid the minimum on several cabins and won with $950 for a Crown Loft! We’re thrilled as we stayed in one for honeymoon and the kids have always begged to stay in one! Sorry, fam! See ya in the lounge, haha!
  2. What a mess! I feel for the folks who had to cancel and can now sail though I’m sure the number that hold a passport but haven’t been there in two weeks in minimal.
  3. I asked if multiple passengers would get an offer to bid and she said no but we know that information can vary depending on who you ask. I was also curious how it would work if the other party in my group of six (in a two bedroom grand suite) received an offer but I wasn't given a clear answer on that.
  4. My husband was the second passenger listed and was the one that received the offer. My email has always been the primary on all of our cruises so I was surprised it went to him.
  5. I called because we received a RoyalUp email for our upcoming cruise. There are six of us (4 adults, 2 children) in a two bedroom grand suite. When I clicked through the link to bid, it said our current cabin was just a regular grand suite and gave me options to bid on rooms that only hold 4. The rep said the system wouldn't accept my bids for rooms that only hold 4 but I can't understand why it would even show the options then, another RC IT blunder I suppose. She also said it would automatically move the second reservation, no need to call and confirm. I bid on a two bedroom Aqua suite because the price was fair.
  6. Same here, for the same sailing date. Submitted offers that are still listed as pending. Booking was done through our TA.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I’ll surprise my husband with the package when we get on board. 150 CP is our favorite specialty restaurant, I can’t wait to be back!
  8. Following along! We board on Sunday for our first Sky Class cruise. We normally get the dining package but are debating it due to having CK access. Your pictures are pushing me towards it again!
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