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    Coffee in the port shops

    I totally thought it was a Starbucks when I first saw it :')
  2. crzycick

    Deck One VS Deck Two

    On our Breeze cruise a couple of weeks ago our families booked the cabins behind the forward elevators. The thought was that there are two ways to exit the elevator area, forward and aft. In most cases people would head forward if their room was forward and they’d head aft if their room was aft. Rarely did people have to walk past our rooms. And there were no rooms across from us so it ended up being relatively quiet in this area.
  3. This happened to my father in law last week on Carnival, a chip of porcelain in his side dish. He discreetly let the waiter know who shared with the woman at the host desk. My FIL wasn’t hurt and just wanted to give a heads up but they were really impressed with how everyone handled it. Guest services called a couple of times to be sure he didn’t need medical attention and they even sent a plate of chocolate covered strawberries as an apology. He never considered asking for anything or taking legal action. It was an accident and handled appropriately.
  4. crzycick

    Coffee in the port shops

    I didn’t catch the name, prices, or know if it’s good, but we were there a week ago and saw a coffee shop that looked great. It smelled really good. It was in a building in the center, maybe closer to the taxi area.
  5. crzycick

    Why should I tip if pre paid gratuities?

    Our room crew last week was adequate. Forgot things like some initial cleaning from previous passengers and we didn’t get the ice we requested until I asked again on the 5th day. But we had a few incredibly disgusting diapers that the bags we brought couldn’t contain the smell and on a rough sea night I vomited in 2 trash cans—I found out the hard way that the bathroom trash can leaks and would be a pain to clean. They got an extra tip for that! Our wait staff in the dining room was pretty good but they were especially excellent and understanding of our autistic son. Their attempts to interact with him often didn’t turn out as they planned but they didn’t give up trying connect with him and eventually they did. It can be stressful taking him in public especially for such a long dinner and we appreciated their efforts. They also got an extra tip.
  6. We were zone 12 (of 26ish?) and expedited with passports and we didn't get to our car until 3:30 this afternoon.
  7. crzycick

    Carnival Magic Closets

    Cabins do have great storage but I love the grab and go organization from shoe holders too. I even use one in my own bathroom for things like my hair brush, hair dryer, flat iron, sprays, deodorant, etc. I find one is enough for a cruise for us and I haven’t been on the Magic but I think there’s like 3 or 4 closets. Plus the 2 bathrooms in the deluxe room. We board the Breeze today and we brought magnet hooks, I’m *hoping* they’re strong enough to put the organizer on the wall
  8. Not entirely true ;) We don’t have credit cards so we’ll be depositing cash with guest services to fund our ship account.
  9. crzycick

    Average Amount of Spending Cash

    Using cash does make it more difficult, but that’s part of the point ;)
  10. That sounds like the answer to both of our issues, not enough hands for the luggage if my husband has to carry our son off and for him to not have to hold our nearly 70 lb kid for a long time waiting in line.
  11. Are porters typically easy to come by or hard to get? We also have some other travelers in our group who would greatly benefit from the assistance.
  12. You took your own luggage off and were one of the last zones? I haven’t cruised in 6+ years so that’s new to me. When we cruised we were always one of the first ones off. One year we already took a taxi back to our hotel, got loaded in our car, and we were on the highway before our friends got off the ship :')
  13. Information on Carnival’s website says to book this tour once on the ship. I just read a review from the Breeze where a man tried to to do that when boarding and he was told it was sold out because you’re supposed to book it online. Someone in our group is very excited for this tour so I’m trying to find out what he needs to do.
  14. crzycick

    How much to expect with debit card hold amount?

    We’re in the middle of building a house and closing should be soon after we return. We don’t want anything to mess with our bank account for the loan and we don’t do credit cards so we’ll be doing a cash deposit.
  15. We leave Sunday and I just realized that special needs didn’t mention disembarkation and neither did the packet of information they sent me. Because we’ll have to wake our son up earlier than he’s used to disembark plus the general being upset above leaving the ship, we suspect my husband will have to carry him off with possible meltdowns. I won’t be able to handle the luggage alone so self disembarkation with our luggage is out, plus the more sleep he can get the better for everyone’s sanity, us and everyone around us. We’re midship on deck 2 and I don’t know what that means for zones. To reduce the likelihood of standing in line for an hour+ with a tantruming 4 year old should we go with our zone or try to go at the end? Is there a key to making this run smoother? Are any of the lines for customs better for passports? We’ve never cruised with our child and in the past we took our luggage off ourselves bright and early and had no lines. Can we get a porter or a cart to assist with luggage if my son is busy with our son?