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  1. I'm interested if the Travel Insurance Co would count re-booking with FCC as making a booking within this period therefore excluded from and CV disruption or be classed as an existing booking that is transferred. I have emailed them but no response as yet (understandably) but wondering if anyone else has asked that question and had a reply.
  2. According to the last email P&O said it would still stand.
  3. perhaps we designate the IoW as a quarantine centre, I can think of worse places to spend 14 days
  4. I hope that's a whisky OR ginger ale and not a mix! We spend much less, but our boys are happy drinking water or occasionally we take some squash to make up in their water bottles. My wife has the costa coffee twice a day and we tend to have pre-dinner drinks, wine with the meal and, if it's a hot day, a couple of beers at lunch. So far we've never got above £40 per day. We even have to raid the shop on the last day to use up the rest of our OBC the lat couple of cruises!!
  5. They seem to have lots of lift banks so hopefully not an issue. Plus the stairs do help get rid of those extra pounds. On AidaNova they seem to have glass doors.
  6. but if the lift went straight for the 'priority' selected floor that would discourage others. I never said it was a foolproof scheme just yet, only an idea
  7. This thread has prompted me to look at our annual cover for the family and it reminded us of a treatment we've had in the year. Declaring it has increased our costs by £3!!! but at lease we can rest easy for our cruise in May. Odd that the couple in question declined P&O's help in returning to the UK.
  8. they could have a priority key card for those who actually need to use a lift and it will get them a lift faster and straight to their deck.
  9. I would like the ability to book freedom dining times and it would be good to have 'waiting times' for restaurants displayed around the ship so you can choose your dining venue that most suits your need.
  10. with a 1yr old I'd go for the bigger cabin every time (not been on Britania so if there is a specific issue with that deck I cannot comment)
  11. looks like the prom deck is being used for storage, hope they move the stuff before we cruise otherwise it'll block my view!!
  12. The idea of waiting for the announcement before leaving the cabin is so that people know the emergency route from their cabin to the muster station, which often uses crew staircases. When you had to take your life jacket people would be coming from their cabin anyway. Now that lifejackets are not required there is less incentive to start from your cabin and it is less representative of a genuine emergency when passengers would be asked to either go to their cabins in the first instance or to go and collect warm clothing, hats, medication etc. But I can see the huge benefit in reducing the crush at the end.
  13. I use the money tree to pay for my cruise! I like to give my cabin steward a hand written card too.........
  14. I know how you feel, my Apple Watch makes me look impatient!
  15. You have just the one chauffeur? What if the wife wants to get her hair done whilst you are out? I could never compromise like that, it's a step too far.
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