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  1. The website still says a $500 max plus the $50 bonus. Still a good deal. Especially if you hit on the first $50 promo chips. 🙂
  2. I have the exact same issue. Never been able to change and one was expired. Nothing changed on my res or CC.
  3. Tom get's called to the hospital only to find out his business partner Bob has died. Tom is wrought with grief and takes a seat on a bench. The Doctor comes over to console him saying "Tom, I know you're upset and this is very difficult. Your partner is dead. I think it's best if you headed home and got some rest. You have some busy days ahead." Tom said okay and went home. The next day the Doctor is walking by Bob's old room and sees Tom sitting on the same bench. "Tom," he says, "please, your partner is dead and you have to take care of yourself. I'm sure there are many things you have to do. With that, Tom heads home. The very next day the Doc see's Tom at the same bench. He walks over and takes a seat with him. He starts "Tom, this isn't heathy. You have much to take care of and you can't be here everyday. Bob, your partner is dead. Please you have to move on." Tom interrupts him and says, "Doctor, I'm really fine. I just love hearing you say "Your partner is dead'." Da Dum Dum
  4. I hate having to ask this, I really do BUT: I read that the name on the shot record has to match the cruise records. Is it true to the point that a missing middle name on the shot record will get me in the naughty golf cart back to the pier? We're on the Apex Nov. 4th. Thanks and I'll go away now, Jeff
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