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  1. labonnevie, Sorry I’m late in responding. We canceled on March 6. On April 14 we received a guest cancellation statement through our TA . It stated what we had paid in total for the cruise which was x, then the cruise fare fee, which was y.That was the amount that we used as FCC for another cruise. When I subtracted the cruise fare fee from the amount we paid for the cruise, I was left with a balance still owed to us. That amount included $834 in shore excursions and a class for the 2 of us in the Culinary Kitchen. The rest I assume to be port fees and taxes. We did get back either in the form of a refund or FCC everything we were owed.
  2. Just got the full refund on our credit card for our taxes, fees etc. for our April 16, 2020 cruise on Splendor!
  3. Scheduled cruise date: April 16, 2020 on Splendor Canceled by us : March 5, 2020 Received today on our credit card: full reimbursement of taxes, port fees, extra money for excursions and Culinary Kitchen classes. Woo-hoo!
  4. So we were on the April 1 and April 16 sailings on Splendor. We took FCC’s for both cruises. We have already received credit back on our CC for the April 1 cruise for port fees, taxes, additional $ for excursions and the Culinary Kitchen classes. We are awaiting the similar credit for the April 16 cruise. In talking with our TA today, he said Regent just authorized the credit for the April 16 cruise, but we haven’t seen it yet. Be patient, it’s coming!
  5. This really is a small world, all of you Central New Yorkers! I grew up in DeWitt (suburb of Syracuse) , but moved to Watertown for my senior year of high school after my Dad's job/ promotion took our family there. I have very happy memories of my years there. My husband and I re-located to Baltimore (city) 7 years ago, again for a job change, after almost 30 years in New Jersey. He retired in 2015 at age 60, because he could. We are very lucky! We then started cruising WAY more often, on Regent, after asking several family members and friends from all over the country who they sailed with. We miss Regent; the officers and crew, the "new" friends we've made as we've sailed, and just about everything we've experienced on each ship. We hope to sail again when things are safe! Baltimore (city) has been hit pretty hard with the virus; still no open barbershops or hair/nail salons. Outside dining for restaurants that already have permits that allow it opened last night at 5. Restaurants that do not currently have outside dining permits will be allowed to apply beginning Monday. We have tried to support our local restaurants that offer take-out only about once or twice a week. Curbside pick-up for retail is allowed, but that's it. We are not complaining! Better to be safe and slow! Our weather here is spectacular this weekend! I hope everyone here can get out and enjoy it! Sue
  6. BTW, we cancelled the cruise I referred to in post #326. Pcardad, thanks for the info! I'm sure many will appreciate it!
  7. I just posted on the refund Roll Call that we received overnight a refund of all taxes, port fees and Culinary Kitchen fee for our April 1 Splendor cruise from Miami to NY. We had previously received FCC for this cruise, which we have already applied to a future cruise. We are still waiting for the same refund of taxes, port fees, additional excursion fees and Culinary Kitchen fees for our April 16 Splendor NY to Venice cruise. Just be patient! It's coming!
  8. Good news! We received a credit on our credit card late last night for all of our port fees, taxes, and Culinary Kitchen fees for our April 1 cruise on Splendor from Miami to NY. We cancelled this cruise on March 11, ahead of Regent cancelling the cruise. We had previously been given a FCC for this cruise, which we already applied to a future cruise. We are still waiting for the “fees” credit on our also booked April 16 Splendor cruise from NY to Venice. Sue
  9. So the family cottage in upstate NY is actually on an island in the St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, so not too far from you, Sheltieluv! Although we now live in Baltimore, I grew up near Syracuse and my husband is from Rochester. We met at St. Lawrence a long time ago! We love going to Kingston for the day and taking the Wolfe Island ferry back. Happy memories with our kids, who are now in their 30’s and married.
  10. We still have reservations in September on Explorer for 3 segments, but I’m not overly optimistic that will happen. We are still in “stay at home” mode here in Baltimore (in the city), so not much happening in our neighborhood other than take-out from some restaurants. We also have a condo in Vermont, but any out of state visitors coming in have to self-quarantine for 14 days before venturing out. My husband’s family has a cottage in upstate NY, an 8 hour drive away. Maybe? Staying home may be the best option! Stay safe!
  11. We flew Emirates Business class in 2017 from Dulles to Dubai and then again in 2018 from Dulles to Capetown, connecting through Dubai. Each flight was fantastic in the best airplane seating I’ve ever had. In addition, we live in Baltimore, and Emirates arranged for a car service to pick us up here and drive us to Dulles (included in the price). Each trip was the beginning of a Regent cruise, but we made the air arrangements ourselves. Highly recommend!
  12. Sail dates: April 1-16 , 2020 Splendor April 16-May 12,2020 Splendor Cancelled: By us March 11 for 4/1 sailing March 5 for 4/16 sailing Used FCC to re-book for 9-12/20 to 10/17/20 on Explorer. I think we were a little too optimistic! Taxes/excursions/Culinary Kitchen fees for Splendor not yet received (May 11). 60 days for 4/1 cruise and 67 days for 4/16 cruise Thanks for taking this on!
  13. Any chance you want to add on those of us who are owed the “extras”- taxes, additional money for excursions, Culinary Kitchen, etc. We canceled 2 segments on Splendor and have received and applied our FCC to future cruises for both segments. We have heard nothing about our additional charges for each of these segments. These were the 4/1 and 4/16 sailings. I totally understand if you don’t want this additional assignment! Thanks for what you are doing! (Another) Sue
  14. Our last segment on the WC2017, which was a crossing of the Atlantic back to Miami, with so many sea days ended up becoming a lot of “farewell” dinners among the world cruisers. We still enjoyed interacting and dining with passengers who were only on for that segment, but I felt we were in the minority. We still keep in close touch with many that we sailed with on that cruise, including segmenters. The next year we were on a segment of the WC (but not the final segment), from Cape Town to Rio. We loved it! As others have said, it’s all about how you approach the sailing and the itinerary.
  15. We prefer the Horizon View suites on Mariner. Be sure to look at the floor plans. You don’t want to be directly under La Veranda or above a lounge or restaurant. We did the WC2017. I would also suggest an earlier segment.
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