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  1. Our condo overlooks the Pendry Sagamore and would fit your criteria. Lots of good restaurants within walking distance, although their own restaurant, Rec Pier Chop House, is very good. Ubers in the area are plentiful to get you to the port. The hotel is not cheap, however!
  2. We too love the aft suites! Probably our favorite rooms on Mariner. The decks are large and lovely. We too would only book them on 8 or 9, and with no tub.
  3. I think I’ve read before that it is the former location of the beauty salon.
  4. I also think the Indian e-visas only work (when they start using them again; they have been suspended due to Covid)if you enter India via an airport, not a cruise ship. Again, I hope I’m wrong.
  5. I just looked at our 2023 WC invoice and we will need a visa from the following counties: Australia Vietnam Ghana India Mozambique Like Jimmcdaniel, we have international travel planned through the middle of October, 2022. The last time I looked, I thought we might need to submit our passports for the Mozambique visa, but I’m hoping not.
  6. We were in a Navigator suite on the 2017 WC, and yes we heard pool noise; early morning as they cleaned the deck and moved chairs.
  7. SummerInKefalonia, Many thanks for posting! We now have an option on the 1/15/2024 cruise on the Cloud to Antarctica! We had been looking/waiting for awhile. So excited!
  8. I believe the 2022 and 2023 WC’s sold out without creating segments.
  9. I just posted this on another thread, but our experience on 2 American Cruise Line cruises a few years ago was not much better. Unless things have changed, the same crew will do the following: serve all 3 meals AND clean your rooms. In our opinion they are overworked and underpaid. We have moved on…
  10. We sailed on American Cruise Lines a couple of times a few years ago. Unless things have changed, your same crew will do everything…serve you breakfast, clean your room, then serve you lunch, then dinner! In our opinion they are overworked and underpaid. Our room was sufficient, as was the food, but nothing out of the ordinary. We have moved on…
  11. Try JJill Wearever collection. It’s lighter than the Travelsmith.
  12. I think so. We were on the 2017 WC and loved every minute of it. Before that, we had only taken 2 cruises of about 10 days each. There is lots to do on sea days, and of course excursions in the ports were wonderful, for the most part, too. We enjoyed it so much we sailed on a segment of the 2018 WC and are signed up to sail on the WC in 2023.
  13. We were on the Regent WC in 2017, and loved it! We are now booked on the 2023 WC. BTW, Regent released their 2024 WC today, Miami to Miami. It is almost identical to our 2017 cruise, which was magical!
  14. Or bring your favorite peanut butter with you.
  15. From everything I’m reading and hearing, airports will be understaffed this summer and beyond (can’t hire them back fast enough), so I would plan on longer lines everywhere, even if you have things like TSA PreCheck, Clear, or First Class check-in capabilities. Delta and American are asking senior staff to volunteer to help move things along at airports this summer, according to The Points Guy…
  16. The luggage service on the Regent 2017 WC was a huge help! You can also pay to add additional pieces to the 2-50 lb. pp pieces they ship (included in the fare). Sue
  17. We stayed at the Marriott in Copenhagen in August, 2018 prior to our Explorer cruise. We thought it was just fine, and as you said, close to Tivoli. We walked everywhere! It’s also fairly close to the train station; there are direct trains from the airport.
  18. SnoBirdCruiser, In the past, shows have been at 9:30. There have been a couple of exceptions; every once in awhile they will bring on a local performer, and many times that performance will take place before the dining venues open. The other exception to the 9:30 show is the night of the Crew Capers show. That too is before dinner, and if I remember correctly, is usually the next to the last night before disembarkation.
  19. 🤫. Got it! Thanks for the tips. We’ve been on Navigator several times. We “knew” about Galileo’s (most fun there was a very long sail away from BoraBora on the WC17), but the other ideas are equally brilliant!
  20. I thought Seven Seas Society membership was awarded upon completion of the first voyage. I’m not sure first time sailors are invited. If you are invited, you’ll find an invitation in your room once on board.
  21. Spa appointments: call Serene Spa & Wellness at 1-877-718-4244 beginning 60 days before your cruise.
  22. Certain higher level rooms receive invitations to dine with a senior officer as a perk. If this is your case, you will most likely be contacted once you are on board. There is a way to let Regent know about dietary restrictions. 90 days prior to sailing email rsscops@rssc.com to let them know. Depending upon your situation, someone will contact you once on board about sitting down to talk. I am lactose intolerant, and this usually involves getting a copy of all menus the day before, and needing to select and drop off my choices at one of the breakfast venues the next morning. You can make spa appointments in advance, but the exact address escapes me right now. See below. Finally, there is a lot of information in the FAQ’s (including the answers to many of your questions) found all the way on the bottom of the landing/opening page at rssc.com. We were all newbies once! Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions, and enjoy your cruise!
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