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  1. Dawn is my favorite ship. We we on her on my 50th birthday over Christmas a couple of years ago. We have sailed her since. For me it is the perfect size. I hope to sail her again.
  2. Book it. Then cancel if you must. We NEVER do this but have 2 cruises booked. We will cancel one. Hopefully not both. Fun looking with no risk.
  3. I just booked two. Not sure which one we will choose but the deal on both was good. We are sooooooo far out. We have to cancel one. Never done that before. Thanks to the op. Had no intention to book but now have some anticipation.
  4. Don’t miss Los Lobos if you like Mexican food. Even if you don’t have a dining package, reasonably priced. Loved the quac. We ate there twice!
  5. My favorite ship. Los Lobos is worth the fare all itself. If if you like the medium size ships and no kids, check it out.
  6. A couple more things to add: Bamboo restaurant was, as always, very good. Glad NCL retracted this restaurant from the pay for dining list a couple of years ago. Wish they would have the sushi bar open for lunch. As said before, the Mondavi wine area is significantly under utilized. They may have more success there if they had some live music. Disappointed they took out the chapel. Was on the Dawn during Christmas of 2016 and spent some time there. Now on deck 12, they put either a suite or a conference room (can’t rememer exactly where it was). No more chapel. Buffet has a very poor layout. Lot of traffic jams and the variety of edicate around the coffee causes big log jams to get by. The size of the ship gives a lot of options at GSC. They retrofitted the island for the big ships. If you go to the second beach, you have shade, a bar and a nice beach. That’s all for now.
  7. We just finished the Bahamas cruise today. I fully agree with the previous post. Dawn is my favorite ship. This is my fourth time on her. I can add: LOVE Los Lobos. As a suggestion, A la cart is very reasonable there. DW and I had dinner for $27 total before tip. Chips & salsa, table made guacamole and an entree for each. Laronz (or Lawrence) May be the best server we have ever had. Our commedian was Jim Colliton. He was great. Not enough loungers around the pool. The staff starts to put chairs down at 8. If you are not there, you will not get a seat by the pool. I have a hilarious photo of people standing on the spot where the chairs will be placed. For the record, we deferred to an elderly woman from Scranton who was very aggressive (and rude). Hate the layout of the buffet. Only had one breakfast there. Hope to sail Dawn again someday. Bye for now.
  8. I have to believe the experienced captain knows what can happen - including negative media coverage. He would not make a decision to remove a passenger lightly. I have to believe the passenger’s story was filtered. Good for NCL.
  9. I guess everyone has their standards and a right to their opinions. I’m glad I’m not the OP. Of all the things I can be miserable about, it will not start with my vacation. What at was that saying in the 80s: don’t worry, be happy.
  10. Keep looking. My sailing in 5 days went down. I called and went from OV to a balcony for no extra charge. I did this literally 10 minutes ago. Note the balcony was less than what I paid for the OV but they did it. A call costs you nothing.
  11. I have taken it just for the ride. I may do so again in a week or so on our next trip. I drive every day. I only get that close to turquoise colored waters once in a while.
  12. Great review! When did you reserve the clamshell? We tried online before our upcoming cruise but we never saw them available. Thank you
  13. I bet the laundry folks aren’t complaining. They went from zero to something. Like anything else, THE INDUSTRY shifted. For those of us who remember the envelopes, it may be tough to manage that change. DW still insists to hand an envelope. In time there most likely will be a shift to those who never were handed empty envelopes to fill and no cash tips will become the norm. We did not make the rules or guidelines. The cruise lines did. In time the rules will change again. Until then I am blessed enough to cruise and carry a fist of cash on the cruise to distribute as my DW directs.
  14. ...go to O’Sheehans. If I see a bartender with a drink of the day, I will take that pit stop first.
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