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  1. I just received the email as well for my late October cruise. Final payment due July. I will probably cancel and book again if the cruise industry has proven themselves. A credit isn’t worth anything if they go bankrupt. No one can be confident about the near future of cruising right now.
  2. Cancel and rebook if the situation is clear. I would bet the novice cruiser will not be lining up right away when this is over. You will probably have the pick of the ship and probably a last minute deal IF the cruise still goes. At least then you will have piece of mind.
  3. We are waiting. October is close but so far away. We shall see.
  4. Well, it depends. NCL does not give dividends. CCL does. To me, this means NCL promotes capital gains. I was at $53 per share and sold at $58. Yeah. Then I bought at $47 and holding. Bummer. I would buy now. That is me. I have used the $100 OBC several times. That is a bonus. Good luck to us all.
  5. We are going on the Florida / Bahamas this year. Just browsing the excursions for Port Canaveral, and not much is online. We have been on this itinerary many times and normally not enough time to go to Disney. This time we have 14 hours. The “transfer to Disney” is not an option online to view - neither for my sailing nor on the general information. It has been an option they show in the past. Anyone been on the Disney transfer lately? Has NCL reduced their options as they are offering excursion credits? thanks
  6. I go to Moderno for the salad bar. The meat is a bonus. The price, like all Ncl, has exploded. I remember when it was $15 pp. Now it is ridiculous in price. We go as a change of pace when we have a SDS. GOOD not great.
  7. I hope you wrote reviews. Maybe they will not see you again but reviews will keep others away from poor tours.
  8. We did this each cruise. We bought the Anniversary package. I think they were the same. It was $79 for a nice basic package. No massage. The price exploded a couple years ago. To me now, it’s not worth it. As always; Value is what you see in it.
  9. The Dawn is my favorite ship. If you look into my signature, we have been on more than 20 cruises and have been on the Dawn a handful of them. I chose the Dawn for my 50th a couple of years ago. Why? It is perfect in size for us. Has the core restaurants like le Bistro. We are morning people. Me more so than DW. The night life is great for us. We saw the best Russian aerialists ever. It doesn’t have an ice bar. Who cares. It doesn’t have extra night life areas. Who cares. Love Los Lobos! I would do a long cruise on her any time and would love it. If
  10. Dawn Breakaway Pearl / Gem / Jewel Spirit Majesty
  11. I prefer the Dawn. DW prefers Breakaway. Both have advantages. We are on vacation so both PERFECT.
  12. Hi, we have the $50 per port perk. We arrive on a Friday @3:00 pm, overnight stay and depart at 3:00 pm Saturday from Bermuda. Would this be a $50 shore credit for one port or $100 for two days in a port? thanks
  13. Last time on the Dawn we stayed onboard. Pool and hanging out. Wonderful.
  14. Teppanyaki. When we have to choose, we skip Teppanyaki. Too much like being at home.
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