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  1. The only thing I have been able to find is that construction has started, that was back in January, I really don't expect to hear much for at least another year.
  2. Looking at the website, all I can say is wow, I am impressed. The whole tone seems very similar to the new areas on the Queen Elizabeth, greys and browns, but very clean looking. The price point is also interesting, I was fully expecting something more eye watering than I am currently seeing.
  3. It's not the shading of the pile or them being dirty, anytime you have a solid area you run the risk of what is called "carpet pooling", it happens to about 1% of solid color carpet, there is no known reason for it to happen, or any cure, to those of us in the hotel business it is a major pain in the butt. We just laid new carpet in one of our casinos, the walkways are a solid red, in a couple of spots you can see the pooling, it looks horrible and those parts will get ripped out and fingers crossed the new new carpet will not have the pooling.
  4. Just a bit of useless trivia, but it's the same name as Virgin Atlantic's first aircraft.
  5. Thank you for that, I will be using that at work.
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