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  1. Most of our favorites have already been mentioned (Gelatto, sushi, Sweet & Salty Chef's Table, Mexican Chef's Table, Pool Grill burger), but I can add a few. When sailing to Le Havre, there was a bean cassoulet with pork in the World Cafe that was fabulous. One day there was a Mexican themed buffet lunch set up in the Wintergarden(?) that was great fun and great food. The bread basket in Manfredi's could be a meal in itself for me.


    Did someone mention Mamsen waffles?


    How about the Chocolate Buffet?



    Unfortunately, some of these food items/events are surprises, not regularly scheduled. Rest assured, even if what you are hoping to find doesn't appear, something fabulous will take it's place.

  2. 2 hours ago, KiwiClaire said:

    We had this on Viking Venus last week.  It wasn't great.  The amuse bouche was fine, and the tiny little crab cake starter was very good, and the pudding was good, but the main course halibut was overcooked and uninteresting. The ginger and vodka granita was interesting but too gingery for my husband. I think you either love Chefs Table or are 'meh' about it. I'm definitely 'meh'.   The food in Manfredi's and The Restaurant is phenomenal, and CT just doesn't match up. 

    It is true that some people may not like the fixed menu style of Chef's Table (we do!), but it is also possible that you might like some menus but not others. I think we have eaten at the Chef's Table five times. One we didn't care for, two we liked, one we loved, and one was perhaps the best meal I have ever eaten. We really love the whole experience. It is different from our usual choices at home, but that is why we travel!

  3. On 6/4/2021 at 4:09 PM, Selion said:

    At least this number one defense from Viking fans didn't appear until the 10th reply.


    Please do not equate acceptance with understanding.  We wouldn't have booked a Viking cruise if we did not accept the terms.  What we don't understand is why Viking wants full payment over a year prior to embarkation.


    So far I have yet to see a reasonable explanation on the why part.

    This is just a guess at an explanation on my part. Viking is relatively new to ocean cruising, and has been extremely popular. They have pushed a rapid expansion to tap in to the demand for their product. I suspect that they are using our money to build new ships. Works for me, but then ever since our first cruise, we have always had another one booked. That allows us to secure 6 month final payment on new bookings.

  4. 2 hours ago, Jchivers said:

    OK, this is weird.  I was originally booked on  Mediterranean Odyssey in late July, with stops in Barcelona, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Messina and Naples....cancelled.  So then I booked Italian Sojourn in August, with stops in Civitavecchia and Naples....cancelled.  Now Viking has a cruise that hits all the same ports in the same time frame as the cancelled cruises.



    Things are so complicated in these early stages! All of these new Mediterranean itineraries begin and end in Valetta, so I assume that the government in Malta must have been easier to work with in getting things up and running. I hope it works well, as I would love to get to Malta with Viking sometime after our two cruises in 2022.

  5. 2 hours ago, Dukefan said:

    I should add that our tour cost more than their standard two-day tour but it was still less than the Viking two-day tour.   Part of the reason was because there were only six of us.  The other part was because we wanted box lunches for both days.  We couldn't see wasting our valuable time in St. Petersburg doing sit down lunches in cafes when we could eat in our mini-bus between sites.  Their box lunches ended up being great.

    I understand the wish to see every bit that you can in St. Petersburg, and would have happily spent hours more in the Hermitage than we did on our Alla tour. The Monday visit sounds ideal. 


    We very much enjoyed the restaurant lunches we had on our three day tour with Alla. All three were nice restaurants with very good food, and gave us a welcome chance to relax for a while. Having the three day visit on the Russia and the Baltic Seas cruise allowed us that luxury, without causing us to miss any of the places we wanted to visit.

  6. 2 hours ago, Peregrina651 said:

    World Cafe will no longer be buffet service; it will be casual dress,  sit-down service, no reservations needed.


    This is the first time I have seen these details. Of course, I do understand, but would surely miss the old World Cafe. Any idea how this will work? Does it just become another restaurant with fully plated dinners? No more "May I have some of this and some of that?" as an option? No more sushi?!?!?!

  7. Now that we are fully vaccinated I wish we were joining you lucky folks on one of these Welcome Back cruises. However, instead I have scheduled hip replacement surgery for June so that I will be able to enjoy our two scheduled cruises for 2022!


    I hope this new cooperation with Malta for restarting cruises will result in that country's regular inclusion in Viking's cruise itineraries. That has been on my wish list for quite a while.

  8. 12 hours ago, rbslos18 said:

    Great product + pent up demand = Price Increases

    So true. Couple that with a legitimate need to replenish lost revenue and this should surprise no one. Glad we have two booked for 2022, and the funds from three cancellations to pay for them! 

  9. Even though we are not booked for cruises until 2022, I am still thrilled that Viking is working to resume modified cruising to select areas again. It's funny, I remember my initial thoughts a year ago that I wouldn't like to cruise if I had to wear a mask etc. Spending all this time unable to visit the places I love has certainly changed that opinion! I will wear a mask, spit in a test tube, and go ashore in my Viking bubble (in addition to my covid vaccine) just to have the chance to resume sailing again. I will do my part to reduce the risk to fellow shipmates and residents of the places I visit if I can just get back on board!

  10. 52 minutes ago, Jim Avery said:

    We are always amazed how many prior plans are changed on the fly.  Un anticipated changes have produced some of the most memorable days on our WCs.  We plan and anticipate for sure but then are most eager to "go with the flow' once out there..🍸😎

    If you aren't prepared to deal with things that change when you travel, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. For me, planning is so I know what the possibilities are. However, surprises can make the best memories of all.

  11. 5 hours ago, Heidi13 said:


    Same here. I started the day we booked the next cruise, which was 25 months before boarding. What's worse is at least half the ports are a repeat from 2020.😀

    Repeat ports require extra research, so you can find something different to do.

    Plus, with your World Cruise, you have so many visits to plan, it must take two years!

  12. 13 hours ago, Peregrina651 said:


    I think we all are. 😉


    I can't believe how much time I have spent researching the ports for our two cruises that are a year and eighteen months away. Yes, I think we are all antsy!

  13. We have also taken the Trade Routes cruise, and in spite of some very challenging weather (which added another sea day when we could not dock in Falmouth) we really loved that cruise. On a fifteen day cruise, I want a couple of sea days, and two would be perfect. We were prepared for three, as there is  plenty to do on the ship, but the extra missed port was a disappointment.


    I loved the variety of places we visited. Bruges was on our bucket list and it did not disappoint. We took Viking's Bruges On Your Own excursion and found the city really easy to navigate. From Le Havre we skipped the day in Paris as we have been there before, and expected to be there again last year ( grr Covid ). Instead we went to Honfleur, a nearby fishing village which was very charming. 


    I'd love to go back to Porto, as it rained the whole time we were there and it did dampen our enthusiasm for what seems a great city. Malaga was a complete surprise to us, and one of my favorite stops of the cruise. In that port, we passed on the chance to go to Granada to see the Alhambra since we had seen it before, but that remains in my top five places visited of all our travels. (Though to be honest, I do have about twelve places in my top five. Not fair for a former math teacher turned bookkeeper, but my list, my rules.) And of course you finish in Barcelona.


    Just writing about this trip makes me want to go again! On the other hand, I think Homelands is likely one of Viking's most popular itineraries. I don't think you can go wrong.

  14. 2 hours ago, MSEm said:

    Viking does not have any big "Shows" for entertainment.  Viking offers 1 or more lectures each day. Lecture subjects are on local culture and history. On our New Zealand/Australia cruise one of the lecturers was an Astronomer from Tasmania.


    We love the program of the resident historian and the lecturers, and attend many of them. For those new to Viking, they do have a small troupe of entertainers who appear around the ship, in Star Theater, and in Torshaven (the small nightclub). We have found these musicians, singers, and dancers quite talented, and there is a real range of offerings from classical to rock. We have only ever sailed with Viking, but I do gather that the offerings on the large cruise ships are certainly more elaborate. 


    We never felt a lack of something to do onboard ship, including the time spend with a glass of wine  and conversation with new friends!

  15. You are so right that this is a personal preference, but for us it also changes from place to place.  We did a private group tour for our three days in Saint Petersburg, but for the most part, we stick to Viking's excursions. We sometimes use the included tours as long as there is a walking component, and sometimes optional ones. We have never been on a bus with more than 30 people, and we like the convenience of Viking taking care of everything. We like having a guide, but often stay after a tour and return on the Viking shuttle to get time on our own. In Brugge we did a "Brugge on your Own" tour because it gave us the longest time in a city on our bucket list. It was a good day, but I did rather miss having a guide. 


    We always schedule our trips around April or September, which helps avoid the worst crowds and the hottest weather. Once, we were the first ship of the season and the only ship of the day for Santorini. Not everything was open yet, but we met shop owners touching up the paint and got to really chat with the server in the place we had lunch. That was on a Viking included excursion, with a guided portion followed by time on our own. Perfection!


    The longer we have been away from traveling, the more I expect I will enjoy whatever form our next experience takes. Next on the schedule ( after three missed trips thanks to covid) is Barcelona to Venice in April 2022. I can't wait!

  16. 2 hours ago, Janet&David said:

    If you are on the Silver Spirits drink package or pay a one-off $25 supplement per person you get the wine pairings – otherwise I think you just get the standard house wine.

    Even if you don't have the drinks package or pay the supplemental fee for that meal in Chef's Table, you still get five different wines, paired to each course. It is different from the daily selection served in the other dining venues, just not the premiere wines served for the upgrade.

  17. 5 hours ago, soundcruiser said:

    We booked a back-to-back for September 2022 and won't sail unless our current concerns are addressed.  I'm rooting for Viking to do the prudent thing so we can all enjoy sailing on our favorite line!

    We also have two cruises booked for 2022, both replacements for cruises canceled during this past year. The thing that makes this so complicated is that, in our cases, we are trying to look ahead to something that won't take place for fifteen months. If you think of it, fifteen months ago, most of us had never heard of a coronavirus! Who knows where we will be by then? Will we all be getting booster shots for the vaccine? Will variants of the disease be disrupting our lives all over again?


    At this point, I think that I would be reluctant to cruise unless all passengers and crew are vaccinated but a lot can change between now and then. Perhaps by then there will be a reliable treatment for Covid-19, which would be extremely helpful.  I am glad we don't have any final payments due until October. I certainly hope by then I will be most happy to pay up for a chance to sail with Viking again.

  18. 34 minutes ago, Gojagators said:

    Viking, Are you listening??   I'm ready to once again "Travel the world again in comfort" with you if you take the last step to minimize the chance of a travel interruption.   

    Oddly, this is something I had not really considered. Of course we will be vaccinated (finally get our first shots on our March 22 anniversary!), so we will have the protection from serious risk of illness from covid . I hadn't thought about the disruption to a cruise if unvaccinated people are included in the mix. So count me in with the group who will only travel if Viking requires vaccines. We are scheduled for two cruises in 2022, so they have some time to get this right!

  19. 1 hour ago, Cienfuegos said:

    How will they convince these folks to have a tube shoved up their nose every 24 hours?

    Just on a side note, the Viking video I saw on the testing program indicated that it is a saliva based test, not a nasal swab. That should be less objectionable.

  20. 2 minutes ago, Porcupine 52 said:

    Just a FYI..yes I have a concern about bankruptcy or a merger....

    I am one of Viking's biggest fans, so I have lots of emotional support invested in their survival. However, anyone who doesn't at least acknowledge the risk that a cruise line may not survive the financial stress of the shutdown is not being realistic.

    I have deposits on two cruises with Viking for 2022, but have tried to avoid paying final balances by moving scheduled cruises forward. I hope to continue to do this until ships are sailing again. We are lucky that we have booked both cruises when we had one already under deposit, so we only have to make that final payment  six months before sailing. I am willing to risk deposit money on Viking's future, but would like a better picture of the future before paying a final payment. 

  21. 3 hours ago, Peregrina651 said:


    I loved them both but Roman ruins are easier to come by, so go for the Etruscan ruins.


    Before you go, get your hands on the "Great Courses" audio about the Etruscans. I found it Audible a few years ago.


    XFLM3wJ5qebI'm trying to share a link to my Tarquinia album. No idea if it took or not. Won't know until I hit submit.

    Update: It took, twice. that link won't work. Let me try this https://link.shutterfly.com/XFLM3wJ5qeb


    Sounds like an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the photos. Eutruscan tombs and an Italian hill town. Can't go wrong!

  22. 11 hours ago, Peregrina651 said:

     We ended up changing our plans and toured both Ostia and Tarquina with Viking.  Glad we did Tarquina with Viking because the necropolis is outside of town a bit and I am not sure how we would have gotten from the bus station to the necropolis and then back into town to see the archeology museum. Much less hassle, more relaxing letting Viking handle the logistics. Once we got into town, we ditched the guide and wander the museum and surrounding area on our own.

    I would really love to see Civita di Bagnoregio or Hardrian's Villa, and it is hard to pass on Rome (a personal favorite) even for just a day, but all involve long travel time. This is a 15 day trip with no sea days, so I think it best to plan some shorter excursions.

    Our schedule has a long day in Civitavecchia ( 7 AM to 11 PM, I think), but not an overnight. If you had to choose only one of Ostia and Tarquinia, did you have a favorite? I am hoping by 2022 we may be able to have some freedom to wander on our own! 



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