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  1. Oh, thanks for that information. We have scheduled two different back to back cruises for 2022, and know there is a turn around day in Rome that doesn't show any excursions. I have started researching some on our own options, but it's good to know there may be Viking excursions.
  2. I am happy for you and the folks in your neck of the woods, but at 68 I am still spending some portion of every day searching all of my links to mass vaccination sites, pharmacies, hospitals and so on in search of our first shots. Could you send some of that surplus back east?
  3. I also recognize that Viking ( and other cruise lines of course) , will be seriously in need of trying to make up for lost revenue from the the shut down during the pandemic. I am not saying that as a criticism, but as a financial reality. They have used the 25% bonus to try to hold on to money that was in hand, but that was an additional, unbudgeted expense. I would be surprised if discounts are going to be readily available in the early days. I look forward to cruising with them again soon. We have two cruises booked for 2022, and hope that we will still be able to find trips i
  4. Sorry you have missed this chance for your first Viking experience. May you enjoy it as much as we do! We just canceled a river cruise for September and replaced it with the 15 day Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn (Barcelona to Venice) in April 2022 to go with our already scheduled Ancient Adriatic Treasures (Venice to Istanbul) in October 2022. We will overlap your trip between the two. By the time we finish, hopefully as scheduled, we will have covered much of the Mediterranean. Our first Viking cruise was Empires of the Mediterranean, so perhaps you can guess my favorite area to cru
  5. Loved the salmon in Edinburgh. Wish I was there right now!
  6. Maybe a bit off topic, but your question is useful to me. Just yesterday I changed our September river cruise to an April 2022 ocean cruise. It's a combination of two shorter cruises, and Rome is the changeover port, so there are no Viking tours. Fortunately, we have been to Rome twice before, so I started to look for something closer. Ostia and Tarquinia are both on my list to investigate, and also Tivoli and Civita di Bagnoregio. We will be in port from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, so plenty of time to see something new. At least researching this gives me something fun to do in between checking all
  7. Molymoo, I am happy to hear that your experience was simple. We have a final payment due this week for a river cruise in September, but are planning on transferring that deposit to an ocean cruise in April of 2022. This will be our third missed cruise, and we sincerely hope that Viking will be able to hang on through to the other side. We will have two 15 day cruises booked for 2022. Not having those to look forward to is too sad to contemplate!
  8. I didn't mean to imply it was a significant issue. More like we wanted to dine at 7:00 but couldn't get a reservation until 8:15, or we would have gone to Manfredi's three times on our 15 day cruise but could only get two reservations, or our second visit to the Chef's Table was for a menu different from the one we most wanted. These are just examples, and not things that happened all on the same cruise. Minor, minor issues for us. As far as excursions, it is the same type of thing: might need to take the afternoon excursion instead of the morning one, or was shut out initially unt
  9. We are "budget luxury" travelers, and the Veranda cabins suit our budget and the Viking experience provides all the luxury we need. We would rather take the least expensive cabin and put the difference towards the next cruise. With no advance reservations in the specialty restaurants and as the last to book excursions, we have not always been able to secure exactly the tour/dining slots we wanted. Honestly, though, disappointments have been very few in that regard. We love that every cabin has a veranda, the included wine at lunch and dinner is usually all we want, and an occasiona
  10. Some snow and ice are headed our way. I think I'll wander up to the Explorer's Lounge over by the firewall with a fur throw, the new Louise Penny novel, and an Irish coffee.
  11. We moved a cruise over to a different cruise in the future with Viking during the pandemic, and yet they kept the same booking number. I don't know all the ins and outs of how they do this, but I would have thought that changing itineraries would require a cancel and rebook, and yet apparently not. Since you are keeping the same itinerary, I won't even try to explain. Let's hope you can get what you want, and we can all enjoy cruising again some day.
  12. There is always the fine print. Your brochure may be for new bookings, and your transfer over to another date may not meet that criteria. Just a guess. I do foresee a possible increase in prices as the cruise lines try to recoup some of the lost revenue. Or perhaps price reductions as they try to encourage reluctant travelers. Life is pretty complicated right now!
  13. Viking's included excursions are generally offered several times a day. Some of those have been very good/excellent and just about all of them are satisfactory. We have chosen afternoon time slots in ports that might not be high priority on our list, so we get to have an easy morning and still get at least an introduction to the port. The risk is that sometimes the ports you don't know really surprise you, and you wish you had more time! In many ports, Viking offers free shuttle service to a central location, so you can make your own schedule if you like touring on your own.
  14. I have been happy to see posting on the Viking thread pick up lately. Things were sort of quiet here for a while. However, Deec, your post did make me jump up and run to check the cabin for our next scheduled ocean cruise. Phew, we are safe! (And sadly, I use the terms jump and run more as figures of speech these days.) Can't wait to be back on board one day.
  15. That idea about positive thinking only works up to a point. I am 67. I think I am 42. My arthritic hip has its own idea. I also want to cover as much territory as we can as soon as we can!
  16. We also love to have time on our own in ports, usually after an excursion. However, the inability to do that would not prevent me from cruising when the option is available. Too much time has been lost during this pandemic, and I am anxious to get going again! When we were in St. Petersburg, we were on a private tour (Alla Tours), but even then we were not allowed to go off on our own. That didn't prevent us from considering that one of our favorite ports of all time. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but perhaps Viking will have smaller groups for their tours if
  17. I am quite impressed by the measures that Viking has taken. I will likely still wait for the vaccine for the two of us, but I can foresee a time when my desire to travel outweighs my wish for that experience to be exactly the same as it used to be. At 67, I still hope for a few more good years ahead, but there's still so much to see that I can't wait forever! 😉
  18. Since I was old enough to walk to the library by myself, I don't think I have ever been without a book on my nightstand. Right now there are four. Instead of running out to buy toilet paper, the first place I went when the original lockdown was announced was our local library! Mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, with an occasional dose of fantasy are my genres of choice. I also have a jigsaw puzzle going at all times, and have learned to play mahjong with a group of friends online. Still, traveling is my favorite thing to do. Especially when I can spare some time
  19. Clay (and Friends), I have to agree about how much I have missed Cruise Critic. I guess I didn't realize how much of my spare time was spent looking for future cruises, researching our our next cruise, and just generally browsing here. At this point I think maybe I even miss the recurring dress code threads. (Well, maybe not....) We still have one river ( Lyon & Provence 9/7/2020) and one ocean cruise (Athens to Venice 10/8/2021). However, the river cruise I have already researched quite a bit, and the other one still feels too far away to consider. Add in the doubts about
  20. Sadly, I share your concern about investing too much in cruises right now. We took a cash refund on our earliest cancellation, and after that have juggled things so that we haven't had to make a final payment yet. That comes the end of February, and for my own mental health, I have to believe things will be more clear by that time.
  21. If you anticipate liking Viking as much as so many Viking cruisers do, you now have a second option. If you are willing to put a deposit on a second cruise while you have another one on the books, you can get a six month from sailing final payment date for the second cruise. You do have to ask for it at booking, as the default setting on their software goes to the earlier date. It is a gamble, but if I knew at our first booking what I know now, I would do it. We always keep an upcoming trip and a spare on the books. It's just that right now, they are farther in the future than I wo
  22. Interesting. Just last week we changed our scheduled booking of Ancient Mediterranean Treasures ( Athens to Istanbul ) on April 25, 2021 for a few reasons, including the pandemic. We rebooked the Ancient Adriatic Treasures ( Venice to Istanbul ) for October 8, 2022. As you said, our old sailing is now missing from the website, as is the new one. Both our new cruise, and the river cruise we have booked for October of 2021, are currently inaccessible on My Viking Journey. I assume their are site changes underway, but I expect both of my cruises to reappear before long. At least I truly hope the
  23. Where did you get the cup? Are they available for sale on the ships somewhere? If we ever get to go again I want one! I really do hesitate to complain, as all those I hold dear are healthy and secure, but there is certainly much in the world that takes a toll emotionally. In addition, we just moved our April 2021 trip to October 2022. We have our next trip scheduled for October 2021. I usually enjoy researching and looking forward to our vacations, but they seem too far away to focus on right now.
  24. I knew I recognized Dr. Hungerford's name, and now I remember why! I am sure his reputation is well deserved, but I am very comfortable with, and confident in, my surgeon. Baltimore may have a host of areas needing improvement, but top quality medical professionals are not lacking ! Thanks, everyone, for your continued input. EJLobster, wishing you all the best!
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