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  1. My surgeon requires that his patients view an online, multi-chapter tutorial with diagrams (thankfully, no photos!) which he narrates. There wasn't a test, but you have to reply at the end of every chapter, so no saying you viewed it if you didn't. Wish I could have skipped the part about unlikely complications, but I guess it is best to be informed.
  2. Thanks for the advice from a fellow Marylander. With our final payment date coming up in just two weeks, and the trip scheduled for April 2021, I am leaning to rescheduling that trip for April of 2022. That will have our next trip in October 2021, and just over a year to hope for the pandemic to stabilize, do the surgery, and the rehab. I don't need to run or jump (was never athletic at all) , but I do look forward to walking and going up/down stairs without problem. Looking forward to cruising again too!
  3. Well, getting older beats the alternative..... My hip allows me to walk down stairs, I just have trouble going up. I guess it depends where our cabin is in relation to the muster station. 😉 I'm not too worried about the ibuprofen. I don't usually take it (just Tylenol Arthritis Strength and a topical NASID) , and the cruise in question is just 8 days + 2 in Istanbul. For that short a stretch, I would use ibuprofen if I needed it to be able to enjoy the trip.
  4. In the months/years before your surgery, did you still cruise, even if you had to limit your activities? I currently cannot do what I did six months ago, but I still argue with myself that if I used the elevator, not the stairs, and took enough ibuprofen, I could go on our cruise in April (if it goes). What made you decide it was time to get your surgery done?
  5. Don't worry about taking the discussion in a slightly different direction. Anyone who enters a thread with "Hip Replacement" in the title should know where they are headed. I have heard that hip replacement surgery is generally an easier surgery than the knee, and when I asked my surgeon that question he said that was 100% true. I don't think he said that just to make this nervous patient feel better. One of my friends had that same doctor do her knee replacement surgery maybe three years ago. They kept her in the hospital overnight. Her recovery was a bit hard, but she still says
  6. That sounds like a good plan, except first I have to teach someone else at work how to do payroll before I go. Just in case I'm not back in two weeks!
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. My fears are easing from all the information offered here. The training video the surgeon requires of patients was very factual and informative, but lacking in the emotional support I think I needed. From what I have heard, I think I would feel most comfortable scheduling the surgery 3-4 months before a cruise, which should be more than what I need. I have a personal connection of sorts to the surgeon who will be my doctor. He is well regarded, and focuses on minimally invasive hip and knee replacements. My godson worked with him for twelve years. I
  8. I have heard this from the doctor and multiple patients. I do believe it, but it doesn't make me any more excited about going through it! I will certainly talk to the doctor again about the anterior/posterior approach. I met him a month ago, and he talked about it but I didn't know how important it might be so I don't remember what he said.
  9. aungrl, Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I will follow up with an email, for a few additional questions. Joanne
  10. I know this might reach a wider audience in the Ask a Cruise Question thread, but I value the information I have learned from the Viking crowd, so here goes. Long standing arthritis in my hip which was just a minor inconvenience has suddenly become much more problematic. While I am coping as is, medical advice indicates that ultimately, hip replacement surgery will be needed. On the one hand, this time when we are unable to cruise seems like a great time to do it. On the other hand, going into a hospital right now at 67 for what is essentially elective surgery seems questionable. The surgeon i
  11. Except the Mediterranean is my cruise favorite, so I was lured here under false pretenses! 😉
  12. Viking often arranges free shuttle service in a port, and for us, that combined well with the included excursions. We often stayed after a tour for time on our own. I am not certain what excursions will look like when cruising resumes, so that time on our own may not be possible at first.
  13. It's funny. Early on in this whole scenario, I remember thinking "I'm not sure I would want to cruise if I had to wear a mask". My view has certainly changed! There are memories of cruising at its best, and there is a view of a future with or without cruising. I know which one I want. Not that I am ancient, but time is passing by, and I have much I still want to see. If it has to be from a bus window, so be it.
  14. I am having fun reading through these posts because it brings back many happy memories! Let me add a little about the shore excursions. The actual shore excursions for your particular sailing will be listed on My Viking Journey at around 100 days before your trip. Before that, there is a potential list to review shown for each cruise if you click on the "Read More" by each port on the Day by Day section. If you click on an excursion, you will find a more detailed description. Viking offers one Included excursion in each port, and it will be marked as such on the list.
  15. You have received excellent advice from all those who have posted here. My perspective is somewhat different, as we never cruised at all before taking a Viking river cruise, followed by a Viking ocean cruise ( and then several more!). We had no desire to try a tradition huge ship ocean cruise, based on what we had heard about the experience. Viking turned out to be exactly what we wished it to be. The fellow travelers we met on board were a pleasure to talk to, and several became friends of ours even now. The crew members were a high point of each cruise, more friendly and efficie
  16. We did that with a cruise scheduled for this October, but we switched it to a different itinerary for next April. The only adjustment was a slight increase in the insurance ($93) because we added a post cruise extension which made the new itinerary more expensive. We work directly with Viking also. Our final balance on this new cruise is September 30, so at that point we will have to make another decision. In some ways April feels very far away, but so far things don't show much sign of improvement. The original October cruise was booked on board a previous cruise, so one of the pe
  17. We found a great variety of food choices, and some of our best meals were in the Chef's Table. I know it is not something that appeals to every one, but the menus are available to see before you make a reservation. The Mexican one was outstanding, but not our usual tacos and fajitas that we think of as "Mexican" food. There was a specialty buffet in the Wintergarden for lunch one day that was a terrific Mexican selection of the standards. For any newcomers to Viking who are reading this, I think your description of The Restaurant as "nicely done American" is misleading. While they
  18. The Alla tour in St. Petersburg is actually the only time we have taken a private tour. We have been quite satisfied with our Viking tours on our cruises. However, we had read so many good things about Alla, and were pretty sure that it would be our only visit to this city. We wanted to see as much as possible in our three days, and Alla did a terrific job. I was a little worried about three straight days of 9 to 5 touring, but they had a nice mix of on our feet/walking time with seated/riding time. Even the three included restaurant lunches were a nice experience. If you rated you
  19. I know. Russia and the Baltic Seas in May of 2019 was our last trip, and it feels like a lifetime ago. Since then, we have had a river cruise canceled and rescheduled an ocean trip from this October for April of 2021. Even that seems questionable. Oh well, if we never get to travel again with Viking ( a truly scary thought), at least we went out on a great trip!
  20. We used Alla in May of 2019 ( thumbs up all the way). At that point in time we were required to get rubles for the gratuities, which we did before we left home. Not sure if you were before us, or after, but they do change things sometimes. When we went, we did not need to pay any deposit for the small group tour, but now I think they do require one. The Alla website is terrific, so anyone considering them for the future, check all the details.
  21. Or maybe they had bought things for climates they would be visiting that they would not need at home? And yes, I think that donating the items does fit with Viking's philosophy.
  22. The only way we will ever get to join a World Cruise is in the Virtual Explorer's Lounge, but I did just check the itinerary for the one scheduled for December 2021. That would be practically perfect for my wish list. I wouldn't even complain about the lack of drawer space!
  23. ISTANBUL’S MAJESTIC WATERWAY DURATION: 4 HOURS Sightseeing UNESCO Easy* EXPLORE THE BOSPHORUS STRAIT AND THE RÜSTEM PASHA MOSQUE See Istanbul from the waters that divide Europe and Asia, and visit a beautifully tiled, seldom-seem mosque. Join your local guide for a scenic drive along the ancient Walls of Constantinople. You will stop at the Rüstem Pasha Mosque, built in 1561. This is one of the city’s hidden tre
  24. Thinking we should just have someone use this answer for a sticky (is that the right term?) since this topic comes up so regularly. The only point that I would add is that it is difficult to know how things will look once we are able to cruise again. Will demand be up or down? Will prices be up or down? Will open ports of call be limited? Which cruise lines will survive the extensive layoff? All of these things will determine whether Viking will make adjustments to their final payment date. Personally, we have never been too frustrated by the early pay dates, as we have taken advan
  25. Just another thing to consider is that the entire cruise industry has been upended by Covid 19, and what Viking has done in the past may not be the case in the future. It may be a good while before they are selling out cruises again, so who knows if prices will be going up or down. I do believe that the loyalty of Viking cruisers will remain a factor. We have two cruises booked for next year, and will return on board as soon as reasonably possible.
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