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  1. Viking does offer six month final payment date for cruises booked on board a Viking ocean ship, and also when you already have another cruise booked. We have used both of those methods to secure a later final payment date. We paid in full well over a year in advance for our first river cruise, and also for our first ocean cruise. I think the special date is also available during a period of time when you have returned from a cruise (maybe two weeks?), but I am less sure of that, since we have not personally used that approach.
  2. This is definitely of interest to me, as our final payment on our October 2020 cruise is due April 28. I had been optimistic that we would be able to sail by then, and I still hold on to some hope, just for my own mental health. However, as each day passes and the news seems more dire, I do wonder. I have yet to call Viking to ask, as with the constantly changing nature of things, I figure it makes more sense to wait until close to the due date.
  3. You can request the refund by check/credit card at 100% and turn around and use that money to pay on your existing cruises. That is what we are doing. We don't get the additional 25%, but Viking is using that as incentive to encourage new bookings, which I certainly understand.
  4. My understanding is that future cruise vouchers are for 125% of monies paid on a canceled cruise, and can only be used for new booking. The other option was a check/credit card refund of 100% of monies paid that could then be used to pay off an existing cruise. We had to request the refund, payable within 21 business days, to use to pay the balance on our fall cruise. (Fingers crossed that we will get to sail by October!) Squawkman, I know from another thread that you always work with the same Viking agent. I gather that agent pulled some strings for you to be able to just tra
  5. My thoughts as well. One thing that provides me some cheer during these days is that maybe, hopefully, I will be on board the Viking Jupiter the end of October. I don't know if it will turn out that way, but I trust that Viking will do everything that is under their control to make that happen. It will be a very happy reunion if it takes place. Good luck to all.
  6. I suspect that many of the 2021 bookings that are filling up slots are from people who have rebooked canceled cruises. I have wondered if, at least for the near term, Viking cruisers will not be quite as willing to book cruises so far into the future. We have always booked way early to secure the most economical cabins, and normally I would be anxiously awaiting the new 2022 cruises. Right now, to be honest, I am a little tentative. I really look forward to better days ahead!
  7. I want a seat over in the corner where I can read or chat with the interesting people who bring their books along. "What are you reading?" is the perfect conversation starter. Of course, I am also fond of the area over by the faux fireplace. It's so cozy. We are scheduled to board the Jupiter on October 25. That's far enough away to hold onto some hope we will actually get to do so!
  8. We were told that our cash refund (in our case payable by check) would be within 21 business days, so I wouldn't get worried just yet.
  9. I am finding it a bit harder than usual to be an optimist right now, so a "semi-optimist" is the best I can manage. But I do imagine that my glass, even if only 1/4 full, is a big glass and a nice cabernet. To better days ahead! 🍷
  10. Just today I called Viking to request the refund on our river cruise from April 11 that was canceled. My wait on the phone for an agent was extremely brief, and the entire process took not much more than five minutes. I promptly received the email confirmation of the refund. I can't really respond to your question about the emails, but the phone experience was efficient and gracious, as usual. I would have liked to receive the 125% future cruise credit, but we have a final payment due on another Viking cruise by April 28, so I wanted to use the cash to make that payment. The upcomi
  11. Just today I called Viking to request the cash refund for our Paris to the Swiss Alps river cruise that was canceled for April 11. We took the cash rather than the higher value future cruise credit because we will use the money to pay the final balance due April 28 for one of our two booked Viking cruises. They were very efficient and gracious, and the money should be back in our hands in time for the payment that is due. Our first ever ocean cruise was the Empires of the Mediterranean on the Viking Sky when she was nearly brand new. It was a practically perfect vacation, with beau
  12. In time of extreme situations, even "real" money might not be a sure thing. Ask someone from Venezuela. I am a middle of the road kind of gal. I recognize the danger of the current situation, but try not to think of the worst case scenarios. In regards to my canceled cruise with Viking, I will be taking the cash, but only to use to pay the balance due April 28 for our late October cruise since the vouchers can only be used for a new booking. Like the stock market, we only spend money on travel that we can afford to loose. After all, though these trips are priceless to me, they ar
  13. So true. While I would wish to secure the additional 25% credit for my canceled April river cruise, I accept that my choice does not entitle me to that. Since the future cruise credits are only for new bookings, I will choose to take the cash so that I can turn around and give it back to Viking as the final payment due April 28 for our trip this fall. Hoping for all of us that by fall we will not be facing these difficulties.
  14. Oops ! Was too late to edit. Obvious typo above: "Good Job, Viking!
  15. With a now canceled river cruise next month, an ocean cruise in October, and another river cruise the following fall, I guess it is obvious that we are loyal Viking customers. I have been very impressed with their attempt to stay ahead of things related to this virus in a thoughtful and generous way. There is no way to predict the future here, but I am willing to gamble a certain portion of our travel budget on my hopes that Viking will come through this intact. Without really wanting to complain, I would greatly appreciate it if the vouchers (even just at 100% of monies paid) coul
  16. Ah, you are a better detective than I am. Oddly, it doesn't show on just the generic Viking homepage, but I guess most people are searching either for Viking Ocean or Viking River. This is such a very difficult time in so many ways. We currently have three Viking bookings, a River cruise scheduled for April 11 from Paris, an ocean cruise for late October from Athens, and one for fall of 2021. We have to decide whether to cancel the one for next month, and also whether to pay the balance due on the October cruise which is due the end of April. We are usually confident travelers, not
  17. The offer from March 2 is still listed when you are logged in to My Viking Journey under the News tab. That does seem to be the only place I can find it after a quick search.
  18. The cancellation offer from March 2 is still shown when logged in to My Viking Journey under the News tab, but that is currently the only place that I can find it in a quick search. I do not see any mention of it on the Viking homepage of the US website.
  19. Check the link below for the new, temporary policy on cancellations/rescheduling of Viking cruises. It seems that you will have 24 months to reschedule the trip if you need to cancel. That may make it easier to rebook something when your daughter will be able to join you. https://www.vikingrivercruises.com/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html This seems like a very generous offer from Viking.
  20. This is even better than what we would be getting from our Viking Cancel for Any Reason insurance, as it provides a 24 month future time frame instead of the 12 months in the insurance policy. If the credit is for 100% of what one has paid Viking, does that imply that our insurance premium will also transfer over to the new booking? I still would rather be able to take our river cruise this April, but if that becomes impossible, this will be a very satisfactory option.
  21. Cruiser999, Hopefully, we will be on the Viking Herja starting from Paris to Zurich on April 11. Fingers crossed, not just for our vacation, but for all the more important reasons too.
  22. Honestly, until now we have always selected the insurance at booking mainly because of the pre-existing conditions coverage. I never considered we would want to cancel a cruise for any reason other than medical related issues for us or a family member. However, we have Paris to the Swiss Alps booked for April 11, and I can see reasons why we may not want to go at this time. I am probably no more worried about catching the corona virus on a cruise than I am the flu or a noro virus, but if significant closures of tourist attractions along our route, or possible cancellations of flights into the
  23. We currently have three Viking cruises booked, two river and one ocean. All three have the Trip Mate Travel Protection Plan listed as a line item on our invoice. We always request it at the time of booking, as that is the only way to secure the cancel for any reason which covers the pre-existing medical conditions. I can imagine a situation where a booking agent added it without you requesting it, but if it truly wasn't listed on your invoice ( it shows up near the bottom under Additional Items) then I think you have a legitimate complaint. If that is the case, you could try contac
  24. Just a reminder, if you (or we, since we are also insured by Viking for our river cruise scheduled for April 11) cancel for something other that one of the "Specified Reasons", then your refund is in the form of a Viking Travel voucher to be redeemed within the next 12 months. That will be fine for us, but we really hope to be able to travel on our scheduled date. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.
  25. We have sailed three times with Viking in V2 cabins, and love the opportunity to take a wonderful trip for a "bargain" price. We have another booked for this fall, same V2 cabins.
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