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  1. Get to my cabin Unpack a bit Stand out on my balcony Take in the beautiful splendor Thank God I am able to cruise once again 🙏🏾
  2. September 2019: Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda. (long sigh)
  3. I will proudly offer my left arm for the booster just as I did for the #1/#2 jabs. 💪🏾
  4. I am booked for an RCCL cruise in May 2022. I look forward to it, but a bit in reserve as things could not be ready by then or change. 🤞
  5. I have wanted since forever to do a Liberty sailing from Galveston. If you would, please advise which months are best for travel to/from that port. I read information that fog can be an issue during certain times of the year. I am targeting 2022 months of April, May, September - but honestly, I would go ANY month! I am super-excited about the itinerary (Falmouth, Grand Cayman and Cozumel). Thanks!
  6. Travel. Period. Planes, trains, automobiles and ships - they all take me away!
  7. My family and I Zoomed Thanksgiving this year. We all had our meals in front of us, blessed our tables and ate. Then we played virtual games. It was different, but it was fun! We are willing to sacrifice one holiday season for many more healthy ones.
  8. Does Harmony have studio cabins with a balcony? I enjoyed that configuration on Anthem. Thanks!
  9. Giving false hope to those who really believe cruising will resume any time soon.
  10. I have to admit: I bounced, smiled and cried during the Happy video. I love the song anyway, but it felt so good to see people dancing, smiling, moving and grooving WITHOUT A MASK AND GLOVES. These past four months have been so grim and has taken its toll on the world. Even though this is an old video, it really lifted my spirits - thank you for posting it, OP. People just want to be happy again. People want to cruise again. One day . . . . one day.
  11. Nothing wrong with wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' and plannin' and dreamin' . . . But cruising in 2020 will not happen. At least it shouldn't.
  12. I am not a fan of buffets of any kind, land or sea. Some folks out there aren't as sanitary as others. And all it takes is one person . . .
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