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  1. We just got a refund each of 208 bucks no idea what for as it doesn’t line up with anything we have paid previously ( eg. Prepaid tips or taxes etc) mer already have our pre paid dining and shorex back .. i have nothing in my booking for that weird amount? just want back the ten grand we are waiting on ....it better not be only 416 dollars ( our 10000 is for 2 people ,14 day cruise, in a Haven spa suite)
  2. 2 lots of emails one to tell you it’s been cancelled the second to tell how much fcc they have put into your account( one for each passenger) With information as to the date you can apply for a refund if you choose that scenario refund takes 90 days if you the money No way if of that
  3. Oh I know that !! Everything cancelled but the cruise Thats why I am angry that they are only taking it to the 14th ....
  4. I find it all totally exasperating 😷 Having had to cancel everything else or had it cancelled for me( airline) and our country has basically forbidden air travel till end of June. Ncl owes me 10 grand which I want back in cold hard cash back to my credit card ... they took it by a click on the screen they can do the same in return hsving to beg for it back is just bad business fcc is no good to me now with all of the shut downs. In business and subsequent living off our savings they just keep pushing it a few days. And then a few more. Grrrrrr Just can
  5. Sorry Meant to say 15th. thats our actual cruise date and Ncl has 35 days on my page. 31 days in May. So the 15th to me is pretty well mid May maybe you have had too many pints
  6. Awesome idea haolenate !! so much easier to keep everything in one place than trying to find posts here as vinotinto suggested ( I make spreadsheets for a cruise for the same reason. Keep it All in one place you just need to keep adding the link for the same reason to stop the need to trying to find it) our cruise is May 15 so I also agree with vinotinto that it should be cancelled cruises on the sheet we have cancelled everything ...but the cruise ...as we’re waiting in hope that Ncl cancelled it before the need for us to do fcc
  7. you can't get much better offer than this..Ncl are leading the others now its just making the decision ...... go or not?
  8. Just watching the news and the NZ police commissioners talk and this 27 out of the 31 survivors have more than 30% body burns with most having inhalation burns The NZ hospital they are in said they have done more burns treatment in one day than they normally do in a year
  9. I was there 2 weeks ago We had booked it as basic tourists. not on a cruise but they decided to cancel the boat that takes us because the seas were too rough. and they were.. THERE WERE NO ACTIVITY ALERT warnings about the volcano at all and that was in official the White Island Tourist information Office.
  10. as of 3 mins ago * Five confirmed dead, eight missing, 31 in hospital after White Island volcano erupts twice • There were 47 people in total on the island, 38 of them were from the cruise ship Ovation of the Seas • Thirty-four injured people and five bodies were taken off the island by heroic rescuers in the face of extreme danger, says PM • Police say there are no further signs of life on the island, following flyovers late on Monday • Many of the victims are tourists from Australia, the UK, China, Malaysia and the US
  11. It used to be so easy to find the members list to look up old friends to see where they are cruising. cant find anything now
  12. amen to that! 14 times to the States for us from Oz and no way we want to go back! in April it took us 3 hrs to get from the plane to having our passports stamped.. this was in San Fran.coming from Australia and then again in JFK coming from Amsterdam and the time included the machine that scans your passport but why bother using that machine ?? it doesnt speed up any of the process.... if you still have to “ see the guy behind the glass “ at the end of the snake queue
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