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  1. I've done 65 cruises either solo or with my late husband so it’s hard to choose a favourite! I think one of my favourites would have to be a 31 day cruise on Diamond Princess from Bangkok to Whittier in Alaska. Together with good friends from the US we then rented a car to drive to Denali National Park in Alaska. A wonderful trip! Another great cruise was a circumnavigation of South America for 42 days from Florida and back to San Francisco. I enjoyed all the cruises so it's really hard to pick the best! 😊
  2. Thanks Julie! SA is open for the Gold Coast at the moment so hoping it will stay that way!
  3. We travelled a lot all over the world and I am thankful for that. As a teacher I had the long holidays and my husband was also able to take leave. Unfortunately ten years ago when he was only 63 we had to fly back from a cruise holiday in Europe accompanied by two nurses due to a surprise diagnosis in Southampton of terminal lung cancer with metastasis to the bones which had been diagnosed here as a bulging disc. We had been advised to still go on the holiday and given lots of painkillers but things got much worse so he was checked into Southampton hospital for ten days before we
  4. So sad! I enjoyed reading David’s posts! My condolences to his family and friends!
  5. Sounds great! I usually go with Avalon but might consider this! Thanks for the tip! I usually go to Europe once a year doing tours and cruises - to relax after the tours. I have had so many cruises cancelled this year and last year as a lot of us have so I am looking forward to some great trips in the future!
  6. Thank you! Not my usual cruising but I’m sure it will be fun! 😊
  7. I know the feeling! I usually like the NZ Marlborough wines but a couple of years ago I found a nice Margaret River wine called Story Bay that I liked. Then it won an award and it got sold out for a while! I'm trying to support our wine industry now so I will stick with the Story Bay and the occasional NZ wine! Thanks again for your advice re the Proud Mary. My son couldn’t get the leave as he is super busy at work but I did manage to book us all on a two day cruise for my birthday next month. I booked my flight down to Adelaide and will stay for a week with my son. I booked yeste
  8. Thanks for your reply! The 5 day ones are booked out for April but there are 2 day ones available.😊
  9. Happy New Year to all! I have a Carnival cruise booked for August out of Brisbane and another one in November on Princess from the the same port. No deposit needed for Princess as I had an FCC but paid a small deposit on the Carnival cruise. As I understand it some of the first cruises are likely to go out of Brisbane so that suits me! Just keeping my fingers crossed as I'm missing my cruises!
  10. I agree - at least 6 months! I've booked cruises out of Brisbane in August and in November. I hope to get the vaccine by then!
  11. Yes - I received the wine too! A nice gesture from Celebrity! 😊
  12. Total refunds just received for two cabins on April 8th cruise as well as 50% FCC's. Feeling happy now! Good luck to those of you who are still waiting!
  13. I received refunds for two cabins I had booked for April 8th. I received the deposits yesterday to one card and the rest to another card today. I waited patiently so I'm glad to get them now! Good luck everyone! Received 50% FCC's a couple of weeks ago.
  14. I just received the deposits for two cabins I booked for the April 8th Golden Princess cruise but not the balance which was on a different card. Hopefully I will get that soon as it should have been processed at the same time.
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