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  1. Would definitely recommend the megaships. Epic, Breakaway, Getaway, Escape, & Bliss are all full of activities. However, the best I would say will probably be the Escape and Bliss. The Escape has a much larger ropes course and a variety of deck games (but no go-karts) while the Bliss has the go-karts (but no ropes course) and laser tag. Other than that, both ships are similar in activities.
  2. Couldn't have explained it better myself! I think the proper term for this is the metacentric height, or GM, which is the measure of distance between the center of gravity and the metacenter, or point of oscillation. Here's a pretty good video explanation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUgXf2Rj2YQ To reduce the rolling, ships usually steer head-on into the waves, but in this case, the Escape must have suddenly been hit broadside by a swell and sudden gale at the same time, which caused the roll. I wonder if @chengkp75 has any thoughts on this. What do you think, Chief? KP '75 is much more wiser than a Schuyler '14!
  3. I concur. I always enjoy Bob's Your Uncle's reviews. Very in-depth, detailed, and great footage, plus humorous at times. As mentioned by @mking8288, here is his review of the Bliss, which is much more favorable than Broke Girl's. Love his comment about Cagney's prime rib, "I'd swim back to the ship for that."
  4. I would have to agree with you on that. If you're paying for the Haven experience, I would expect the Haven restaurant would have alternating menus! If she wanted a true luxury experience, she should have tried Oceania or Regent. Perhaps their concierge are more human! As a Cantonese speaker myself, I think it's part of our culture to be foodies! Though I must admit, she was pretty picky...Broke Girl staying in the Haven!
  5. If it's your first time in Bermuda, I would highly recommend GAR Tours' Scenic Road tour. http://www.gartours.com/ They take you to all the sights on the island on a clean and A/C'ed minibus, making multiple stops for photo ops. Even stopping at Warwick Long Bay beach, which is far less crowded than neighboring Horseshoe Bay. The tour was wonderful, with a very informative tour guide. They meet you on the pier at the Dockyard, and you literally tour the island from end to end, bringing you back to the Dockyard. When you are planning your trip, they are also very responsive to emails as well. We've been to Crystal Caves, and I think it is something you should see. The pictures really don't do it justice. Yes, it is a steep admission price, but you're there for a reason...to see and experience all Bermuda has to offer!
  6. Yes, it's sometimes hard to try something different, especially if you are loyal to a particular brand reaping in the benefits of your loyalty status. Just like the airlines. With the Oasis of the Seas coming to Cape Liberty next year, it's very tempting to try her out. Always loved the design of Royal Caribbean's ships, and want to see the immensity of the Oasis class first-hand.
  7. Yes, she has 3 MaK 16M43(C) and 3 MaK 12M43(C) generator engines, German brand owned by Caterpillar. The emergency generator is also German, an MTU 16V4000. https://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/power-systems/marine-power-systems/commercial-propulsion-engines/18547468.html There's no particular "propulsion engine", as all the engines function as generators, powering electric motors for the shafts and thrusters.
  8. Being a proud resident of New Jersey, I love how they use the phrase "authentic New Jersey profane language".
  9. This is most certainly the case. Very convenient to get to when compared to other piers in the NY area https://www.nycruise.com/manhattan-terminal/directions/ However, I did notice that the Jade will be leaving out of Brooklyn on April 28th. The Star will also be in Brooklyn for 2 cruises in 2020. Perhaps the Manhattan berths were all booked those days.
  10. Yes. It was the predecessor to O'Sheehan's. Instead of Irish pub-themed fare, Blue Lagoon featured Asian fare like stir-fried rice, noodles, and wonton soup. 24-hours a day. I don't think it was a walk-up counter. They had wait staff. On the Dawn & Star, it was located in a rather awkward place, in the middle of the main thoroughfare on Deck 7 where the photo gallery is now.
  11. I was going to say Nassau, but I think Freeport just edges it out. Not much to do in the vicinity of the port area besides shopping. The town center is a car ride away and the terminal is located in an industrial area.
  12. Be sure to look up on the port side to see the clear section of the waterslide and the starboard side to see "the plank".
  13. I was only a kid then, but still remember: Latitudes sent you a magazine by mail Blue Lagoon! Behind-the-scenes tours let you on the bridge Specialty dining was not a-la-carte Searching for your photo in the photo gallery's collapsible walls without the convenience of the binder system
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