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  1. After waiting over 70 days for the refund for our cancelled March 21st cruise, I went ahead and filed a chargeback with Visa. I just got the disputed amount posted on my credit card. There is still no FCC from the option 2 that we had chosen. Anyone here who was successful in their chargeback dispute still received their FCC? I have a feeling that we won't be seeing ours.
  2. That makes sense. I thought the same, too, as it's a bonus FCC on top of what I have requested for as a refund to my credit card under Option 2. But this CS phone rep insists that I could get it back as a cheque if my dad doesn't use his FCC. Either she has no clue what she is talking about, or Princess has decided to be generous with us. I have a feeling it's the former.
  3. Our March 21st sailing was cancelled and still no credit card refund or FCC. I finally managed to get through to Princess CS today and was told that it would be another 2 weeks of waiting. I was told back in early April that it would also only be another 2 weeks until I see the refund. Anyways, I found out that the FCC gets divided among all the passengers in the cabin, and not as one lump sump to the passenger who did the booking. When I told CS that it's unlikely that my 86 year old father plans to cruise again, I was told that if his FCC is not used by the expiry date, I could r
  4. I finally pulled the trigger and bought 100 shares with the intention to leave them and not look at them. I did notice this on Carnival's shareholder benefits page regarding the OBC for shareholders: "The benefit is applicable on sailings through July 31, 2021 aboard the brands listed below. Certain restrictions apply. Applications to receive these benefits should be made at least three weeks prior to cruise departure date. This benefit is available to shareholders holding a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc. Employees, travel agents cruising at travel
  5. It`s not a problem bringing your luggage on. The Canada Line trains leaving from the YVR can accommodate luggage.
  6. I have an awesome TA! She was on the phone all day with her customers dealing with this, and she finally got back to me and helped me cancel the cruise. Just in the nick of time. We ended up with a FCC that is 75% of what the cruise cost, and the rest is going back on my credit card. Really appreciate Princess doing the right thing for their customers.
  7. My understanding from reading the T& C is that the FCC is 100% of whatever the normal cancellation fee is. So for example, under normal circumstances, if my cruise cost $1000, and today is the last day to cancel at a 75% cancellation fee, my FCC would be $750 under this new temporary policy. If I cancel 4 days before my cruise, under normal circumstances, it would be a 100% cancellation fee, so under this temporary policy, my FCC would be $1000. Did I understand that correctly? If I did, then I definitely want to cancel today as at least I will get 25% of the fare refunded back
  8. Hello, I am hoping someone can help on here. I have been trying to get ahold of my TA to cancel our March 21st cruise under the new cancellation policy. Today is the last day to cancel at a 75% cancellation penalty fee. Tomorrow, it goes to 100%. I have been on hold with Princess forever, and their voice recording says I have to go through my TA to cancel, but she has not gotten back to me. Is there a way to do it online? I am looking at my account on the Princess site, and I can't find anything. Help! It's evening here, so I am now worried that everything is out of office hours.
  9. It will be our first cruise on Seabourn. I was going back and forth between Seabourn and SilverSea. After reading through some of the threads on CC, Seabourn would probably be a better fit for us as it seems the food is better with them. Anyways, as we have never been to the Mediterranean before, I am hoping some seasoned Seabourn cruisers can help me with choosing which is the better itinerary. We usually don't do the cruise excursions and either go private, or just explore on our own. It's important that the ports are not so far and difficult to get to the main parts of town.
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