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  1. Wow - What a great reviewer you are Time2Cruise1! Made us feel like we were right there on the cruise. Loved the You Tube Videos too. Thanks so much.
  2. We all can tolerate kids - when they are well behaved, can't we? I've never met a person who "likes" to hear a child having a tantrum, being rude, or obnoxious. Also, I've never met a person who enjoyed being around an adult who exhibits these traits, or can't handle their drinking properly. I would agree with the posters who claim that it is the parents, not the children who have to accept the responsibility for the actions of their children. To the OP, you do seem concerned, and it appears that you are a good parent. But somehow, it seems you became offended when responders were absolutely truthful in answering your question. Let's face it - the comparisons with drunks, college kids out of control, etc., will always pop up in this type of post. Natural - isn't it. Unless you are one of the drunks, college kids, etc. Different responses - different attitude. There is no way that everyone will agree to like cruising with kids, or the above named fun seekers. Most seasoned cruisers know exactly how to handle this situation. This is why a lot of folks prefer to cruise during the school year - always careful to avoid school breaks. It is a little more difficult to avoid the other "Offenders" if that is how one sees a given behavior. For me, I'd just be happy to be cruising - I'll take my chances any day. Just the same as being in a crowded restaurant, or at the mall. Win some, lose some - but always enjoyable. Walk the opposite direction if necessary to avoid that which offends!
  3. And, I bet this thread is really making them mad! How dare anyone try to tell them that they should relax, chill-out, sit back and enjoy something that is obviously so terrible! We all, unfortunately have a few in our midst who fit the description perfectly. Be it a cruise, a road trip, a flight, whatever, the first thing out of their mouths is the negative. So, we don't ask: "How was your trip." This ticks them off too. :D:D
  4. What a joy to read! It is always nice to see the positive rather than the negative, but some folks truly "love" the negative - It is what makes their juices flow. Thanks for wonderful comments to ponder.
  5. All of this talk of the Spirit is wonderful. Each of you enjoy this great ship to the fullest - There are so many little hide-away spots where you can enjoy a special moment star gazing. The desserts were especially tasty on our cruise - unique, and tasty! I lost the addy Hikini - so it is up to you. Thanks.
  6. I will second that! What a glorious cruise that was. Windows is so lovely, with just the right touch for a great "welcome aboard". (Hi Hikini - Long time no see - Another cruise in your future, I see - Yeah!)
  7. We would love to cruise on her again, to Alaska, but that is not to be, I fear. Absolutely a unique smaller ship.
  8. Aren't we all guilty from time to time of hearing something, and believing it, before "checking out the facts"? Then, we innocently start a rumor by repeating the information. A little common sense, courtesy, patience, and an ability to let a few things slide by would serve us all well. This is an open forum, with all of the same problems seen on any open forum - no more, no less. When things get so "sweet" that nothing is to be addressed, that is too boring for some to deal with. A little spice here and there helps sometimes. Just a chuckle over a misspelled word is worth reading these forums. If one doesn't like what is being talked about - they can leave - It really is that simple, isn't it? Most of the more heated threads on this site are fueled by those who know better, and should be able to smile, then seek other threads to participate in and contribute with their knowledge and helpful hints. JMHO.
  9. So, this makes us happy cruisers, as we don't use a single one of the above mentioned extras while cruising! Once our decision is made, we rarely look at the pricing again - be it cruising, buying a car, or whatever. We do our shopping prior to making a decision to spend. Once the money has been allocated for a particular expenditure, it is gone. If we are fortunate enough to receive a bonus in the way of an OBC, or a credit if prices change, that would be nice. But, if not, that is OK too. :)
  10. Any size cruise ship is "Huge" on a first cruise, but I do understand your concern.:):) It should be quite an experience - First Cruise, Maiden Voyage - Sounds marvelous! Have a wonderful cruise!
  11. Sounds like your Anniversary Package is there, according to your last paragraph. When we booked through an online Agency, we too were shown as part of a "group". It didn't make a bit of difference in anything which we did from booking through the entire cruise, etc., except we did get a better price than was originally quoted - along with a welcome aboard bubbly. Worked fine for us. You should be able to get a reasonable explanation from your online booking agency. I would suggest a personal telephone call rather than e-mail. Good Luck.
  12. I found this review very refreshing. I do understand your sense of humor - how nice. This is one review regarding the POA which seems honest and fair - pointing out some good and some not so good. How nice that you enjoyed your cruise, even with bumps. Makes me want to consider Hawaii after all - on the POA! Aren't we all "Published" after appearing here over the years?;)
  13. Just curious - Which cruise is this that you are speaking of? I may be interested - sounds like a very good deal.:)
  14. I pointed out the squiggly line in a previous post - It does appear that it "could be" a curtain of sorts. It could also be a structural component. I would agree with most that it is a questionable open plan. Not everyone feels all that comfortable stepping from the shower into a room when naked - regardless of the relationship with whomever could be observing. Yes, Modesty does exist even in the best of relationships - or perhaps the relationship is great because of a bit of modesty - who knows??
  15. It looks as though there is a expandable partition in the layout to me - between the sink and the shower. It is the orange-ish color. Enlarge it completely and zoom in on this section to see if it appears so. Whatever, I bet it is delightful. Such imagination is at least fun.
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