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  1. I agree 100% with this. DH and I talk about those croissants and compare them to other cruise lines' version, and Princess wins every time. Yum!
  2. Hi - DH and I will be in Belize City with Princess in Nov'20. There is a 2-tank ship excursion offered, but it costs significantly more than going directly with Sea Sports Belize. Has anyone done the excursion? I'm wondering if perhaps the dive boat picks up cruise passengers at the ship rather than at the pier? If I could avoid the tender process that might have an impact on my choice. I'm also not sure what dive operator Princess uses in Belize, but I see Sea Sports is fairly well rated, and they claim to be only a 10 min. walk from the tender pier. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, -A.
  3. Hi there - I just got off the Rhapsody just over a week ago, and had my Dyson Air Wrap with me. It went in my bag which I dropped off with the porters, and showed up in my cabin later that afternoon. I was a bit worried my bag might end up in the naughty room, but there was no problem! I have the US version so I just plugged it right in. By the way, I LOVE it! Hope this helps.
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