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  1. Hello again from Viking Sea We had another announcement from the captain, after our lovely day in Reykjavík, that we were having another itinerary change. He wants to avoid the extremely severe weather around the east coast of Greenland by delaying our approach to Prince Christian Sound by 6 hours, so that we can enter the Sound more easily and make the trip less difficult for us. It is still expected to be turbulent however. This will mean that we will not get to stop in Nanortalik. He expects the next Greenland port, Qaqortoq, to be OK. The extra ports in Iceland after the first itinerary changes (avoiding Shetland and Faroes) were cold and a bit wet at times but still to be expected and they showed us some interesting places. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s sea day will be not as bad as predicted. Pills at the ready!
  2. We sailed straight away arrivals day Thursday and the CC M+M was on Saturday at 9.45am.
  3. Having had an alteration to our itinerary on Viking Sea because of hurricane Dorian our CC Meet and Mingle was on the second sea day, Saturday at 9.45am ! Not it a bad turn out considering the time but some partners had spa treatments booked and others preferred the enrichment lectures.
  4. Hi again Just arrived in Akureyri the first of two extra stops in Iceland after our early dash from Bergen missing out Shetland and Faroes because of hurricane Dorian. To answer your question about what did Viking do with late arriving passengers, I’m afraid I don’t know much. Instead of the Friday in Bergen, the changed itinerary was to sail Thursday at 11pm, but I know the ship was still docked at 11.30 when I went to sleep, and I was aware of movement at 2am so Viking Sea set off between those times. Perhaps they were waiting for some passengers or more likely luggage as when we arrived there were three sets of people filling out missing luggage forms. I’ve not heard anything more. As a matter of interest my Fitbit now thinks I’m an insomniac as the ship motion has been excessive and so it thinks I’m active when I’m really asleep!
  5. Yes the weather is heavy swell and force 8 winds now, but not, according to the captain’s announcement, as bad as it would have been had we delayed setting off from Bergen. Unfortunately I did not take the travel sickness pills soon enough and was very sick this morning, but enough of that, now taking them regularly and under control. Many of our fellow passengers have, like me, spent most of the day asleep and limited eating. Looking forward to better weather to come and some great excursions in Iceland on 15th, 16th and 17th.
  6. Glad you got to Shetland, see my post about North Atlantic Itinerary changes for our ‘In the Wake of the Vikings’ starting today. Just met a Viking Newbie who had come from Australia to trace his Shetland roots and now it’s cancelled. He’s not very happy.
  7. We have just arrived in Bergen to do ‘In the Wake of the Vikings’ and as we boarded we were told that the ship is sailing tonight directly to Iceland missing out Bergen tomorrow, Shetland and Faroe Islands. This is to avoid the bad weather predicted for the North Atlantic because of an intense low pressure system developing close to Newfoundland. They have added 2 extra stops in Iceland instead. Hope the 2 sea days will be OK. The Captain wants to get to the relatively sheltered waters near Iceland before the worst of the weather arrives.
  8. Hi All Having been on VO 4 times and yet never bothered swimming, I decided to take swimming costume this September. That got me wondering about changing facilities. I know there are changing rooms in the spa, but have not seen any at the main pool or at the infinity pool. Do people change in their stateroom and walk there in their robes or have I missed something? Thanks
  9. Not sure if the US will be the same as the UK but we phoned the London office and they put us on an unofficial waitlist for ‘In the Wake of this Vikings’. We continued to monitor the site and spotted a vacancy and within hours we had a call from Viking about this just as we were considering ringing them. It was for a V guarantee cabin ie we have a cabin but it will be allocated on board. We are going in September and look forward to finding out our cabin. It may be anywhere but we are happy with getting the cruise we wanted and the efficiency of Viking. If you want a specific cabin type this may not work for you. Cabins do become available on a regular basis if you monitor the site.
  10. It just goes to show that US and UK and probably Australia and Canada have totally different marketing. No sign of any Anniversary Sale in the UK. Perhaps it may be that Viking started in US before other countries and our turn will come? I will watch with interest.
  11. I am in the UK and had an invitation to join a forum “Talking Viking” which I have done. Not sure how it works yet, it seems to give offers and prizes for earned “community points”. I think it needs to be more explicit with the perks. Is it just in the UK (only started this week) or is it in other countries as well? Has anyone else any experience of this? Thanks
  12. Not sure how excursion bookings work. Someone suggested staggering bookings. Could Viking stagger for each ship? Or do they do that anyway? If all ships are trying to book at once on the same portal then perhaps they need to have one portal for each ship.
  13. Hello Sabresailor I have seen the occasional dance partners in the Living Room dancing to the music played by the pianist on the grand piano. I think people can request music to dance to but it is a limited space. Torshavn has a small dance floor in the evening but I don’t think it is the traditional dancing you asked about. There is also sometimes a ‘dancing under the stars’ around the central pool area, but once again not foxtrot etc.
  14. Hello again Thanks to all for the quick responses. I am happy with the restrictions, this seems fair to all, as others have said. My only worry was that it was one per cabin and that I would have to fight for access with my husband. Glad you were able to reassure me on this point. We don’t use WiFi much, just for emails and the odd bit of UK news which is limited on the TV channels on board.
  15. Hello All I’ve just spotted something about Viking restricting WiFi to one appliance. Could anyone elaborate? Is this per person or per cabin? How does it work? Thanks
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