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  1. Getting on Encore tomorrow unless in less than 16 hours.... YES THIS IS HAPPENING!!! All 100% vaccinated .... On the first Alaskan cruise I am more than confident things will go great. Here we are!! NCL knocking it out of the park as usual. Remember friends... ^^ No risk it no biscuit.^^
  2. Agree exceptions, "may be made" in the future. NCL isn't quoted as saying, "will be made". "Limited exceptions may be made pursuant to valid medical or religious exemptions".
  3. Really? Breakaway Plus needs to get it together. But we were on Bliss Mexico Riv and think Howl at the Moon was going....... maybe things have changed.
  4. We are on the first USA NCL sailing August 7 Inside Passage Alaska out of Seattle and it's a GO. My question is any word if Howl at the Moon one of our favorite attractions will be playing in the nightclub?
  5. We feel NCL is "thinking outside the box" and is showing so by demonstrating leadership. Safety is more of a priority than share prices.
  6. I disagree. If anything NCL is leading even more than ever cruise industry by excelling in the highest possible manner of safe cruising in requiring 100% crew and passengers to be fully vaccinated. I feel this policy is second to none. Because of that reason our future cruise business is with NCL and we are looking forward our August 7 Alaskan cruise on the all new Encore in 15 days.
  7. I'm ready for the infamous August 7 first Alaskan cruise with only 50-60% occupancy. With the occupancy this low there is really no particular need for show reservations. Very confident this cruise, "IS A GO"!!
  8. Yes I received upgrade offer 2 weeks ago for the Aug 7th. My offer is in for the Haven Category HE.
  9. We are very ready for the 100% vaccinated Alaskan 7 Encore cruise. If NCL opened that up to the Non-Vaxxers we would cancel immediately.
  10. No way. With 100% vaccinated cruises being offered by Celebrity, NCL, Princess etc., why would you want to go on a vaccine compromised RCCL Cruise?
  11. Also add to the list. * Significant itinerary upgrade that now includes an extra port (Skagway 13 hrs) and the Icy Strait. Got to LUV IT !
  12. Alaska August 7 cruise continues to get better. * Switch from Bliss to the new Encore * No Kids * 60% Capacity * No Canada Got to LUV IT !
  13. Priority Access. 👇 Probably a good example of being "nickled and dimed". Will pass being Platium.
  14. My vote is the August 7th on the brand new Encore. Peer pressure for sure :)
  15. Agree the case will be dismissed. Alaska is a GO!!
  16. Was able today to make all dinner reservations at good times and now notice all excursions are also available, which they were not on Bliss. For us this ship change has been streamline moving over with the same room/floor as before with no increased pricing. Couldn't be happier to be sailing on the new Encore.
  17. Wow it's official. Very excited to sail on the new Encore August 7. Happy there is no overly loud H2O. And especially looking forward for sure dining in the New Onda specialty restaurant.
  18. Wow great intel work and a pleasant surprise!! Never been on Encore and now triple excited for our August 7 Alaska cruise.
  19. "So make sure your ”peeps” (as the young ones say) go and get those shots, because the daily US per capita vaccination rates are dismal right now (back down to February levels) despite being awash in this white gold". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark your right on the money with that statement and being an American I personally quite embarrassed with our nations attitude towards vaccination. What I do like is NCL requiring no exceptions 100% crew and passenger vaccination and just last week booked 3 NCL cruises, including the now eye opening and somewhat risky August 7 Bliss Alaska. "No Risk it, No Biscuit"
  20. I believe Icy Straight Point is on the original/older day 5 itinerary.
  21. What no Skagway? This port has been added on the August 7 Bliss revised Itinerary.
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