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  1. The etiquette - whether on Seabourn, Crystal, college, the White House, Buckingham Palace -- is the same. You snooze, you lose. In other words, if someone is late, you put their stuff in a basket. Now, I agree with others, I'd wait a few minutes. But I've done it both ways. I've put other people's stuff in a basket if they are late (I wait 5+ minutes). And I've had my stuff put in a basket. I've never been offended by someone doing that. After all, we're sharing these machines. If you're the kind of person who does not like other people to touch your stuff, either don't be late, or use
  2. Enjoying your report. And you're very fine people to have adopted this dog!
  3. I get what you're saying about excursions. But I guess I'd take a second look and see if anything is interesting. That's the fastest way to use OBC. Otherwise you're kinda forcing things. On the other hand, on our last Seabourn cruise a few months ago, they had Blanton's bourbon for $40 a pour. Which by the way isn't that outrageous a price. I'd probably go for that. And yeah, I'd hit the gift shoppe for Seabourn swag.
  4. I'm more a bourbon drinker. But for gin, I'm all in to Gordon's because of James Bond. 😁
  5. I really like gin/vodka drinks, so I like their Vesper. I also like their bourbon drinks. This is a great thread. We're booked for a cruise next year, so I'm looking forward to trying the other ideas here.
  6. I didn't have steak the one time I've been in TK - - I had the chicken, just because it's gotten such diverse reviews. I thought the chicken was delicious. We are booked for a 2 week cruise next year, and I hope we can go to TK at least twice, and I'll definitely get the steak. As for the restaurant, I did get steak on our last cruise (which was our 1st cruise and only cruise -- so far -- on Seabourn), and I had no complaints. I think you'll be happy at either venue.
  7. SLSD - We have been on many Crystal cruises, and I can't remember even once that it felt crowded. And the same was true of the Seabourn cruise we were just on. So I guess I'd say the size of the ships fit the number of passengers on both. I forgot to mention something, and it might be relevant to the ship sizes. For a couple day/nights, the sea was very rough, and we really felt the waves on the Odyssey. I can't remember feeling that on the Crystal ships. So I wonder if the smaller ships are more prone to that. I'd be interested in hearing from others on this. Som
  8. Final Thoughts and Comparing Seabourn and Crystal So at the end of the day, we left the ship about 4 1/2 days early, and didn't get to see Golfo, Calvi, Marseille and Monte Carlo. We accomplished one of our main goals, to see if we could add Seabourn as a go to cruise line. The answer is absolutely YES. The 2 cruise lines (Crystal and Seabourn) are definitely peers, and I think whether a person prefers one over the other is just personal preference. Here are our personal comparisons of Seabourn to Crystal: Overall ship amenities:
  9. Syracuse This was our last day on the cruise. We had to depart before sail away (by 5pm), so we decided to just stay on the ship and enjoy the amenities. We decided to go to the Colonnade and try ordering from the menu again. I ordered the lamp chops and poached eggs, and my wife ordered the eggs benedict. This time, the service was fast and the food was excellent. We did bring our own sodas from our cabin to breakfast, so we didn't have to wait for them. Since our stewardess was great at filling our refrig with Cok
  10. Day At Sea - Dinner at Earth & Ocean I've mixed things up. Before Valetta, we had a sea day. That evening, we had dinner at Earth & Ocean, which is outside on the pool deck. Beforehand, we had drinks at the Observation Bar. This became our go to bar for pre-dinner drinks. It was always crowded with a lot of energy. One time we went to the Club, the bar by the casino, but it was dead. So then we went to the Observation bar. I acquired a taste for Seabourn's Vesper. But I switched from a lemon twist to olives. The olive
  11. Day 9 - Valetta (day 5 of cruise) - Walking Tour of Valetta and Mdina Our TA comped us an 8 hour walking tour of Valetta and Mdina. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable. Here are a few highlights of the tour. In St. John's Co-Cathedral, we saw this incredible painting by Caravaggio. We walked up the baloncy (45 steps) and got this great view: And we took a selfie: Later in the Museum of Archaeology, we got to see the Sleeping Lady (from 3000 BC!): In the
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