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  1. The 20% Mr Mike was illustrating was the added gratuity.
  2. On a cruise ship you've already paid for the meal. Specialty dining cost is above what you've already paid. So it makes Flemings look inexpensive.
  3. When consumer item prices are increased by this large of a percentage its usually due to some uncontrollable factors. This could be deep freezes in Florida destroying a significant percentage of the orange crops, excessive rains preventing the timely planting of crops, diseases causing large populations of chickens to be slaughtered, etc. But these specialty restaurant prices are being raised just because NCL wants to raise profits. They'll say the demand is high for these restaurants and that's the reason. Why is the demand high? Because NCL is "giving away (haha) specialty dining packages, thus driving up the demand for "free" stuff. Those that don't get the perk now have to pay the increased price. Those that do will now have to pay an increased gratuity, depending upon the date of receiving the perk. Remember, not every new profit raising concept is accepted by the customers. Didn't NCL just start selling dinners in the Haven restaurant to the steerage class customers. The uproar by the paying Haven cruisers was so quick and loud, NCL stopped selling the dinners to non-Haven customers.
  4. Don, Did you attempt to lean around the balcony divider and ask them to turn down the music and then file a compliant to guest services regarding the loud playing of music if they ignored you?
  5. Thank you. That was my concern.
  6. I've not sailed on Bliss, but have sailed on other ships where they were used. One problem had by those using them was there were people who appeared to purposely talk over others every time they tried to use them. There was, what appeared to be, a couple kids who would attempt to imitate someone in a group and give out misinformation, sending people on wild goose chases. A second issue was a couple families used the walkie talkies to keep in touch with their children. Due to anyone else with a walkie talkie being able to intercept the communications, the families quickly became concerned with the safety of their children. That never became an issue, but did stop them from using them after two days. Need to also check the legality of using them in other countries.
  7. Are they paper straws? If so, do they last for the duration of the drink?
  8. Are NCL and a Celebrity ever in Bermuda at the same time? Corporate must have something worked out.
  9. The cost of running the ferry to St. George is built into the cost of the cruise, as are any of the "free" perks offered. Totally justified. Otherwise they'd be out of business if they gave away all the extras.
  10. One time I had a full bottle of sports drink going through TSA at the airport I'd forgotten to leave in the car. As I approached the screening area, after going through the "Disney" lines, I took out the drink, took a couple big swallows and at the end, before I put the cap back on, very visibly put a big backflush of fluid back into the bottle before it went into the barrel. Also took a bite out of 10 apples in a bag when driving into California from Arizona many years ago upon finding out at the border I couldn't bring them into CA.
  11. That's because the pool's that have what most consider the traditional heavy "pool" or heavy chlorine smell is due to improper sanitation by those using the pool. Not showering prior to using the pool, urinating in the pool, etc. are the causes of this smell. Here's a link to a discussion on this "pool" smell. So it's a good thing you don't smell this in the Haven pool. https://chlorine.americanchemistry.com/Science-Center/Chlorine-Compound-of-the-Month-Library/Chloramines-Understanding-Pool-Smell/
  12. What are the dining options for lunch on embarkation day onboard Gem? I hear a lot of discussion about going to the buffet, but I was wondering what other restaurants are available besides the buffet. I attempted a search for this topic and can tell you a lot of information about other cruise lines, but found nothing for NCL>
  13. When the drink prices jumped up in January I went to a local liquor store to try and reconciliate the prices being charged. Yeah. The very high end drinks were expensive in the store. The only way I could rationalize the prices charged before the recent reduction had to be based upon the onboard demand. The drinks that suddenly jumped above the $15 limit of the UBP must have been asked for a lot.
  14. The only source of a real answer to your question would be Viking. They or no other cruise ship company would even begin to give you an answer to your question.
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