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  1. What are the dining options for lunch on embarkation day onboard Gem? I hear a lot of discussion about going to the buffet, but I was wondering what other restaurants are available besides the buffet. I attempted a search for this topic and can tell you a lot of information about other cruise lines, but found nothing for NCL>
  2. When the drink prices jumped up in January I went to a local liquor store to try and reconciliate the prices being charged. Yeah. The very high end drinks were expensive in the store. The only way I could rationalize the prices charged before the recent reduction had to be based upon the onboard demand. The drinks that suddenly jumped above the $15 limit of the UBP must have been asked for a lot.
  3. The only source of a real answer to your question would be Viking. They or no other cruise ship company would even begin to give you an answer to your question.
  4. I have a friend who works in an upscale hotel in the Boston area. When someone checks in with a service or emotional support animal they are told that the animal must be with them at all times. If the person doesn't want to adhere to that requirement they will be given a list of nearby hotels that accept animals. The first time a guest is seen without their required service or support animal, they are given the boot out the door. Well not physically kicked out, but told to leave. Doesn't happen frequently, but does happen enough.
  5. If the pools are kept at 85°F that could explain why you don't see anyone swimming laps. That's way too warm to do serious lap swimming. Most pools I've done lap swimming are kept between 70° and 75°F. At 85°F you'd be sweating very quickly. Yes, even while swimming.
  6. Yes. I saw it listed on another social media site at $35/day above the current UBP. I think it included a higher drink price limit, water, and coffee's.
  7. Another cruise line started including the DSC in the fare if the cruise was booked through the Australian site or your permanent address was in Australia about a year ago. By making the DSC part of the fare the passenger isn't able to cancel or reduce the amount.
  8. My wife and I had to cancel our last cruise four days prior to sailing due to a broken leg. Someone must have received a nice upgrade when they arrived for boarding. Fortunately for us, we did purchase travel insurance.
  9. Flaham, Thank you. Guess it must be a conservation of energy thing. It would take a lot of energy to chill thousands of room refrigerators to 40°F.
  10. Do the room refrigerators actually keep drinks cold or just cool below room temperature?
  11. Of course it was a scam between the police and the dealer. He gives them a kickback and gets his drugs returned to sell another day. He probably pointed you out to the police because you wouldn't buy from him just so you'd get hassled. Not sure why the cruise ships continue to stop at the ports that are known for these kind of shakedowns.
  12. Never mind. When I did a search of this board I didn't use the search criteria the question was previously asked and answered. While viewing older threads I found my answer. There's no tax on the drinks served by the ship in port.
  13. How many passengers does the NCL ferry carry?
  14. I've read on various threads that while the ship is still in port, the ship is required to charge local taxes on alcoholic drinks served. Has anyone experienced this while the ship was docked in Bermuda?
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