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  1. Read in today's paper that Qantas airlines CEO Alan Joyce said once the vaccines are widely available, they'll be requiring travelers to show proof of immunization. Wonder if this will spread to other airlines and cruise lines?
  2. So how does that end up working? Most of the Alaskan cruises either start or end in Vancouver?
  3. If COVID-19 is still of concern I don't think Canada will be open to cruise ships. If Canada doesn't open Alaskan cruises will not happen.
  4. Don, The excursion I booked through RCL for next year was one I was about to book through the vendor. Checked the time of the RCL excursion and it was exactly the same time, same description and pictures as the vendors. RCL's excursion was $20 cheaper than purchasing from the actual company running the excursion. I've taken a bunch of excursions booked directly through the vendor and had RCL passengers who booked through the ship on the same excursion who paid a higher price. This time it's just the opposite.
  5. The million dollar question of the day. LOL I have noticed excursions from RCL for next year are less expensive than what the same excursions were previous years directly from the vendor. So that may be RCL's way of getting excursions booked through them.
  6. Next summers Alaskan cruises are still selling interior and ocean view cabins. So I'm not sure RCL is having a 50% capacity by not selling those rooms. We'll just need to wait and see what they do when cruising restarts.
  7. We were in our late 50's when we saw it 18 years ago. The ones enjoying it the most were elementary age school children and people the age we are now. You sit and are entertained. It appears the lumberjacks are really competing against each other doing the sawing or chopping logs, climbing up poles, and the balance thing on logs in lumber in the water. I remember seeing competition like this on TV in the 50's. A young child was brought up to the lumberjacks and they chopped a custom fit chair out of a short log for her to take home. Not sure how the chair made it home if there was a fli
  8. The cruise industry would probably do like the airlines - ban those passengers until the need to wear masks is no longer required.
  9. Emotional support animals are no longer allowed onboard RCL ships. Here's the reference: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-emotional-support-animals-allowed-on-a-royal-caribbean-cruise
  10. This is why MSC is requiring all passengers leaving the ship in ports be taking a ship sponsored excursion. The excursions are setup to minimize exposure to the local population. There's another thread here that talks about a couple who left the ship on a ship sponsored excursion in Naples, IT, but got left the excursion while in port to explore on their own. When they returned to the ship they were not allowed to board the ship. MSC is cruising in the European area and only allowing EU citizens cruise as another way of controlling exposure to COVID-19. COVID-19 testing is don
  11. If I'd had a cruise cancelled I would be right there in line with you wanting a refund instead of a FCC.
  12. So RCL reports it's last quarterly earnings/losses and loses $7.80 per share and the stock goes up 10%. Wonder if it's all the cruisers loyal to Royal spending money on the stock or professional investors buying up shares?
  13. Guess some people never learned when you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Hope I didn't just violate that lesson.
  14. Say an article about Royal changing the parent company's name. https://www.*****.com/2020/07/10/royal-caribbeans-parent-company-has-changed-its-name#:~:text=It seems that Royal Caribbean International's parent company,have been updated to reflect the new name.
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