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  1. I thought mask requirements were to be wearing the mask in public areas unless you were actively eating/drinking. Which was defined as taking a sip of your drink or actually putting food in your mouth. Kind of hard to smoke through a mask. Maybe a mask with a small hole for the cigarette to fit through and left in for the duration of that smoke. LOL
  2. I didn't see any mention of any exemptions to the vaccine requirement, medical or otherwise. Did I miss something? But then the sailings are still months away and we see changes weekly, if not almost daily.
  3. They'll still be trying to "lawyer" their way onto the ship as it sails out of the harbor. Wonder how this will affect future sailings out of Florida?
  4. But on the other hand, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are examples of how lockdowns and masks do work.
  5. Penny, Where did you locate the post-tour land excursions? This is one part lacking in RCL's tours. Thanks, Tim
  6. We were supposed to have this room this June for a cruise tour, but now bumped to 2022. I noticed you mentioned in an earlier posting that you received the same points during the land portion of your trip as you did onboard the ship. Were the rooms you stayed in during the land portion up graded rooms or the same as everyone else? Thanks, Tim
  7. Only the Jewel of the Seas has rooms on Deck 11, as Saab4444 mentioned.
  8. I just looked and the 18 day Ultimate Alaska & Canada Combination - Southbound sailings for June 2022 and get the same issue. This happened to me when I was looking to book a different Alaskan cruisetour for June 2022. It cleared up a day or two later.
  9. While in the process of doing a Lift and Shift from my scheduled June 21 cruise our TA got on the phone with the RCL rep. The RCL rep told our TA that it would cost us $100 per person to do the change. I mentioned to the TA that many times when a private person calls the RCL rep and get an answer that seems to be different than advertised by RCL they call back again and talk to a different rep and get a knowledgeable one. The TA did that and came back with the no extra cost to conduct the L&S. Sometimes it's worth educating your TA on what we read on these forums. If you need to educat
  10. That kind of security should have been reported immediately. Seeing how this is a GS topic, I'd have first contacted the Concierge. If necessary, I would have taken it all the way up the chain of command until I was satisfied the issue was taken care of, or until I talked to that Captain.
  11. Opps. Didn't see the date of the original posting.
  12. Quantum not an option 2021. It's staying in Asia this year.
  13. Read in today's paper that Qantas airlines CEO Alan Joyce said once the vaccines are widely available, they'll be requiring travelers to show proof of immunization. Wonder if this will spread to other airlines and cruise lines?
  14. So how does that end up working? Most of the Alaskan cruises either start or end in Vancouver?
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