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  1. I have both a rolling camera bag then I bring a backpack that has a slot for my laptop. The camera stuff is heavy (I have a DSLR and several lenses I normally travel with) so I like having it in a rolling bag. So far it has worked well - I have only done this for flying, but would assume it would work for a cruise.
  2. I agree with others who say do both - historically speaking I am a pasta / steak loving kind of girl - yet my vote would be Murano if you only do one. I was nervous going there the 1st night but absolutely loved it!
  3. I am debating upgrading on the Summit from an Aqua class room to a Sky Suite. I have Go Best - so the upgrade cost is $670 total. My Sky Suite will be mid-ship on deck 6 - meaning a smaller balcony - but mid-ship with the bigger room and access to Luminae and retreat. My Aqua Class room is 1141 - meaning aft facing with the big balcony - the Persian garden isn't that big of a deal, but was excited to try Blu Any opinions? Thus far I have only sailed on the Equinox Concierge class in a hump balcony room.
  4. I was starting to look at dinning option on the Celebrity Reflection - I have only sailed on the Equinox, so excited to try the other specialty restaurants - which mean my priorities are the Lawn Club Grill and Qsine. (I booked Murano night #1 for $30 since it was a favorite of ours) I can make a reservation for Lawn Club - but Qsine is nowhere to be found under my cruise planner. I have tripped check deck plans and the ships info and it is still showing up and the Reflection isn't going in for renovations between now and August from what I can tell. Can you book the new "Le Petit Chef at Qsine" in advance?
  5. I ate at both twice on my last cruise - hands down Murano
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