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  1. Here she is about 11 am? I was told she was allowed to come in for fuel then back out. I was scheduled to be on it today - flying home tomorrow. San Juan is a ghost town and we were told non-essential business were closing at midnight. I tried to order a hamburger at lunch and told they were frozen and they weren’t defrosting anything else.
  2. The morning of our second sea day was pretty uneventful. Mom went to some shopping talk and checked out the shops. I went and grabbed breakfast, played trivia - poorly, grabbed lunch then went to the beyond the podium talk on rock and roll. I think had the ship tour - note - you need closed toe shoes / pants (which I had) if you plan on doing the tour. First stop was the Galley Here is I-95 it the main corridor next stop was the engine room - we did have to go through a security check
  3. There wasn’t food - my dripping on the deck and a wet foot was it - I stepped and down I went. Another guy fell shortly after me in the same spot. In the solarium they put down mats by the hot tub exit. In doing better - knee pain is more or less gone today and hip is a lot better - thank you for asking.
  4. We finished up our night with dinner in the Main Dining room - no food pics but I did get the menu. We were at a table for 8 since it was just open seating due to no leaving port until 11 pm. We got done another 9 so missed the 8:30 show - went up to Pub trivia and Karaoke started at 10 and decided to stay for that vs the the 10:30 show. Vince was a rockstar - he even had a kazoos for the musical breaks and closed out with the activities staff. I always thought I was a relatively smart person with a good knowledge of useless info - I have since learned I am awful at Celebrity Trivia. After that headed back to world class for a night cap! I love this bar!
  5. We walked over to the next church - it was closed so here is an exterior shot. Next we headed over to the university to see the city’s old exterior walls. We were amused by the pay toilets - there were different Euro amounts listed - but neither of us speak German to figure it out. There had been a few afternoon showers - but it was starting to look really ugly so we headed to the tram to get back to the train station. It poured the whole way back and we got drenched getting to the ship - they did have towels when we got in. Here is Warnemünde during a break during one of the storms. We enjoyed our day wondering out the the two towns. Next time I am in Germany I will try and make it to Berlin.
  6. We walked to the nearest tram station and took it back to Neuer Markt then walked to another church that was listed on our tourist map. It was a scenic walk with cobblestone streets. It’s a very quaint town. here is the church’s exterior and what appears to be the renovated half and the un-renovated half. There appears to be quite a bit of work going on in the church.
  7. Lunch - I was reading the port posts on cruise critic and Simone recommended this restaurant to someone else and though - what the heck - let’s go here. The waitress did hook us up with an English menu after we struggled to order beer - but we got it done! I ordered a breaded pork chop with a mushroom gravy and cheese then potatoes. Mom ordered a pasta dish. It was all really good and a ton of food - I couldn’t finish. We then walked over to look at the water before continuing our tour
  8. We got off the tram at Neuer Markt and walked around a bit. There was a big plaza with tents set up with vendors. We went in and and saw St Mary’s Church. We then walked up Kröpeliner - which is a pedestrian street with shops along it. Next up was lunch - here is the exterior of the restaurant.
  9. First up was roaming around Warnemünde - it’s a pretty easy walk into town - I picked up a map for both towns with landmarks just past the train station that I used quite a bit. First we walked out to the green lighthouse Then we walked around the beach area - it was a pretty nice beach Then we walked around town a bit before heading to Rostock. There were shops and restaurants along the street - it appears to be a beach resort area. Next up - Rostock - For 6 euro you can get an all day train / bus / tram pass for the area. I also paid $10 to activate my Verizon travel pass so I could use google / maps to get around. It took about 20 minutes on the train then we transferred to a tram to get to city center. Total trip with transfers from when we arrived at the train station to city center was about 40 minutes.
  10. Day -#3 - Warnemünde Germany I debated about what to do for this port - I am a history nerd and knew I would want a couple days in Berlin - not hours. The cost of the Berlin excursion via the ship were also pretty pricey and a long ways from port. In the end - I decided to explore Warnemünde and Rocstock. For anyone else who has done Berlin or other excursion - please post all about them! Here was sailing in... Building a cruise ship View from the ship
  11. It was nice when we’re up there so they didn’t have them on - I did see some on the ceiling.
  12. Oops - forgot the pizza picture! No Chicago style but still good. The show was Vox Fortura - they were fantastic! It was silent disco night and it looked to get a good crowd but this girl doesn’t dance and I closed my night out at world class bar.
  13. Dinner we headed to the lawn club. Murano is my favorite - but lawn club feels the most like home. I own these place mats (or something extremely similar) and the Libby mason jars with handles. Here is the menu: We did the BBQ chicken pizza and salad bar. steak with vegetable kabob and Mac and cheese. I was happy with my food. Desert I got the blueberry cobbler (was a bit bland) and mom got the carrot cake - she liked it. Overall we enjoyed lawn club and debated going back.
  14. Back to sea day #1 or Day 2. we got up and walked for about 40 minutes on the track - it was a beautiful morning. grabbed breakfast at the buffet - I haven’t taken any buffet pics - it’s a standard celebrity breakfast buffet. headed to the cruise critic meet and great - there was a big crown and Frank said it was the most active one he has ever seen. I will say this cruise does have an older demographic but so far a very active group - all the activities I have attended and seen seem to have more people then my prior Caribbean cruise. I know I went to the Faberge talk - it was Boring and I took a nap. The speaker even commented on the people dozing off. He has no visual aids and keep repeating himself. Next stop was the hot tub! I took a spill getting out - my wet food hit the pool deck and down I went. The waiter was there (I was getting out to grab my sea pass card) and almost immediately two more people who made sure I was fine and wanted to get a medic. I did bruise a hip and slightly twist a knee - but survived and was able to bounce back. About 20 minutes later another guy got out - also in his 30s and he fell down too (it made me feel a bit better). So folks - be careful!!! They need to put something down by the steps - it’s ridiculously slippery with wet feet coming off those steps. Grab lunch at Mast Grill then showered then headed to the afternoon beyond the podium (I missed the morning one). He talked about ports - honestly it was boring and got another nap. Here are a few Amsterdam facts - I do want to know - what happens to all the lost bikes??? I dod grab a drink at the Martini bar before heading to dinner!
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