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  1. Risky saved one of our cruises! Some in our traveling party (not me or DW, we go with the flow) were having some issues with dining. We were put in Risky’s section and all was well. She’s special.
  2. We used these magnetic clips. Perfect for pulling the curtain taut!
  3. We just got off our first voyage on Journey on July 29. We really liked it. It’s a little old school but that made it all the more comfortable. The public areas are really nice.
  4. The beverage menus at the various bars, lounges, etc have the “premium” beverages in a column with a “p” and the ultimate beverages in a column with a “u.” The beverages that are available to all without having a beverage package are on the last page of the menu. The premium package, only $5 per day less than the ultimate package, offers very limited selections. It is frustrating if one’s early booking benefits include the premium package as an included benefit. In this respect, Azamara finds itself in a strange place between the luxury all-inclusive lines and the mainstream “you can have a lime in your water for an extra dollar” lines. At Azamara’s price point, which is now closer to a luxury line, it seems petty and unproductive to have a “premium” package that is so limited compared to the “ultimate.” It is hard to understand why Azamara would want to leave those who have the premium package as part of their booking benefits with a feeling of disappointment or a need to make another “should I or shouldn’t I” decision.
  5. Grandma, so glad you’re doing a “live from Journey”. Our first Azamara cruise begins when you get to Edinburgh but I feel like we’re already on board!
  6. I always bring binoculars to watch a golf tournament. Had I not been reading this thread I would have been out of luck for the Open Championship.
  7. Adventurer cruise date 17 July 2019, 12 nights, originally OV Minimum bid $200, actual bid $250 pp about 90 days before cruise, then increased a week later to $275. Both bids “weak.” upgrade confirmed 30 days before cruise to VERANDA 2
  8. Is there actually a “turn down?” I submitted an upgrade request, increased it slightly but have had no notification from Azamara. My cruise info still shows our original room. I guess silence means no, but it’s my understanding this could come through any time before the cruise.
  9. On our upcoming cruise we booked an Oceanview, as the Veranda was a lot more expensive when we booked. Azamara recently slashed the Veranda prices to a point over $1000 less than what we paid for the Oceanview. We had put in an upgrade bid that I guess is unsuccessful now that the Verandas are sold out. I understand supply and demand but still feeling a little scorched.
  10. We’re not able to get to the ship super early. Although the thought of immediately getting in line to book a dining package (before we even get a chance to explore the ship) is not very appealing, I’m planning on it. If reservations are all full by the time they get to me, is there any ability to just walk up to the maitre d without a reservation and get seated? In the alternative, can we purchase the 3 meals for $70 plan without firm reserved dates?
  11. Cool Fool

    Drinks query

    Because I signed up for our British Isles cruise very early, I got a bonus that included the Premium beverage package. That sounded good! Then I discovered that there are no single malt Scotches included. That sounded bad! OK, I said, I’ll just upgrade to the ultimate package. That sounded good! Then I learned on this board that such an upgrade doesn’t exist. That sounds (and is) bad! Yep, going to Scotland and no single malts included. As a former Regent cruiser, I think things like this are going to drive me crazy. A vacation this expensive shouldn’t involve decisions other than “what do I want.” Yes, it’s trivial and yes I can afford to buy a drink, but at these prices Azamara should consider just going all inclusive.
  12. This is what happened to us on the Mariner 1 1/2 years ago; so sad to see that nothing has changed. I sense the problem with Setti Mari is systemic, either short staffing or not enough tables (they close 1/2 of La Veranda at night). The battle to try to get seated is exhausting and inconsistent with a luxury experience.
  13. The Choice Air pin helped me a lot, even though the info is old. I would probably not have even known about Choice Air if the pin was not there. It at least got me to initiate a search and eventually led to a booking.
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