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  1. This is going to be the most anticipated "live from...", and should win an award! A tip o' the cap to all contributors and a TIA!
  2. At the top of the app's home page, my app is telling me: "Arrival Status Proceed to Blue Lane QR code Have your Medallion and passport visible upon arrival" Then under "Ocean Ready Profile" I have 4 green check marks and "arrival status Green Lane." So what is it, blue or green?
  3. You note that you have a "green lane". I have an 11:30 - 11:45 boarding time for the "blue lane". I am Ruby level, no priority, yet. I'm guessing that the "green lane" is the priority lane?
  4. Muffin- Try this. Deselect all cruise lines except Princess. It will show the current position of PCL's ships. Hope this helps. https://www.cruisemapper.com/
  5. Sent mine @ 9:30 this morning and it was posted by 11:15. Less than 2 hrs, I'll call that a win!
  6. You found my DMIL! Thanks Capt. Tony!
  7. Self disembarkation is what you want. You take all of your belongings with you when you leave. Do not put your bags out the night before for collection by the crew. Be ready to walk off without any help with your bags and call a ride-share or a taxi outside the terminal. It is a very short ride to the airport. You may be delayed by customs but should make your flight easily.
  8. As a non-smoker, this is much ado about nothing. The smoking areas are outside and subject to the constant ocean breezes, both naturally occurring and the breeze generated by a moving ship @ 20kts. Maybe it is just the sight of someone smoking that make people go apoplectic.
  9. " RMS Queen Mary which did a transatlantic voyage with 15,740 passengers on board, that is popular." 15,740 passengers on the Q.M. wasn't because it was "popular", it was because it was a WWII troop transport ship, The Grey Ghost.
  10. I cancelled my July 10th Alaska cruise at final payment date. Received my refund in about 1 week. Remarkably quick.
  11. The answer is option "B". All beverage gratuities are included in the package, unlike some other cruise lines.
  12. Lifeboat/tender locations can be found on deck 7, Promenade. Some cabins on Emerald deck overlook the tops of the boats, others have a view down to the promenade deck. It should be easy to tell which cabins may be more obstructed by the boats than others.
  13. There is no assigned seating in C.C. and about 20 2-top tables. Most C.C. patrons eat as a couple but tables can be put together for a small group but those groups are rare. No many groups book C.C. minis or suites.
  14. Free laundry, mini bar set up and priority tender boarding.
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