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  1. Free laundry, mini bar set up and priority tender boarding.
  2. Tax and tip are included regardless of port.
  3. Email customer relations? I don't ave their contact info.
  4. As my ol' Granpappy would say, "Ya done good!".
  5. I stayed in F-307 on the Grand. You get all of the suite amenities at the price of a mini-suite, or pretty close. Mine was cheaper than a Club Class mini. As for the suite itself, it was location, location, location. You are a 2 minute walk to your dining room, you are around the corner from guest services, the casino, 1 flight of stairs to the Int. Cafe, 1 deck below Crown Grill and about 1 minute to the theater, No problem with noise from the Promenade deck above.As far as I'm concerned, a w/s is what we seek when on a Grand Class ship. I'd like to try the new window suites although their lo
  6. Vaccine news. Moderna touts their vaccine as 95% effective. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/moderna-vaccine-suggests-covid-19-may-be-easily-vaccinatable-175052285.html
  7. I was outside on my D222 balcony and had a drink dumped on me from somewhere above while on the CB. That's my major turn-off regarding mini-suites.
  8. Select your cabin from the deck plan. Next screen shows details on that cabin with a break down including all passengers in the cabin and the port taxes. You can also choose your dining . After you get the info you want, close the page. No personal info given. I don't have a PVP assigned to me that I know of.
  9. Doing a mock booking gives the price before giving any info. I just did one for a SF r/t. No personal info asked.
  10. You want "Luggage Valet" Princess Luggage Valet delivers your bags from your home to your stateroom, and then back home again. The service is offered in partnership with Luggage Forward® in order to make your travel experience easier. No more hauling baggage through the airport, no more long check-in lines or waiting for your luggage to arrive at baggage claim, and no more risk of being held up in lengthy bag inspections at Customs. With Princess Luggage Valet you can enjoy the ultimate in ease and convenience when you travel. Make it a carefree escape with the new Princess Luggage Valet
  11. "The only cabins left open are on Fiesta deck and was wondering if being in such close proximity to the Casino is a problem noise wise." Window suites on the Grand are exclusive to Fiesta Deck. We were in F307. You can barely hear the machines in the WS passageway, nothing as far as casino noise in the cabin. The cigar lounge is not in play as far as smoke, it is on the other side of the ship. Breakfast in Crown Grill one deck above. CC dining is a 3 minute walk away. Daily laundry, minibar and an escort while boarding. With 2 large picture windows, we didn't miss the balcony.
  12. Future CRUISE Credit. Cruise fare only, no port taxes, fees or add-ons such as e-z air or insurance.
  13. On my cruise on the Emerald Princess, the Premium Balcony next door to my BF cabin is $240 more expensive. Same size cabin, same 50-50 covered balcony, just nearly $500 cheaper.
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