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  1. This information might be a little late, but I recommend calling the Pacific Inn. I stayed there before a 15 day cruise to Hawaii in the fall of 2017, and their shuttle took my group to our Carnival cruise ship and back (and they let our vehicle stay parked there for the full cruise) It looks like they still have a shuttle. It might not go to San Pedro, and just to the Carnival ships at Long Beach, but it doesn't hurt to call and ask them. And it was a nice little boutique hotel like they advertise.
  2. VERY happy to read this since this is only our 2nd Holland America cruise. We have been cruising Carnival a lot lately & soda in bottles or water in bottles isn't allowed to be brought onboard. So we've suffered with cans of soda & ordered their bottled water package. We took our first HAL cruise a few months ago, and in doing my research I thought I read that bottled soda was allowed, but the cruise was in the Med & the only soda available to buy before the cruise was in cans. So, again, it was VERY NICE to read this! 😁
  3. I LOVED the Grand Dutch Café on deck 3. There was a charge (fairly reasonable amount) for drinks, like specialty coffees and teas, but the sandwiches and pastries (which were free) were to die for. On two days I was able to get shrimp salad sandwiches, which I haven't seen on any ship for years. Their hours were great, too. We'd often get back on ship after a tour, just a little too late for the buffet and the MDR, but the Grand Dutch Café was open. And the cute young men (Dutch?) who worked there were very friendly and helpful. I also loved the buffet. Usually I like to eat at the MDR because I like getting served. But the buffet had great choices, was broken up into different sections so there was never a huge line, and staff served the items so there wasn't any of that "ick" factor in wondering if the person in front of you had clean hands, etc. So we only ate in the MDR once, which made my DH happy because he loves buffets.
  4. I was hoping there was something I was missing. I couldn't believe that when I went to ask my question (in Create New Topic) there was a tab for a poll, but nothing in the Roll Call thread. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I'd like to set up a "Meet & Greet" on our Holland America cruise. However, the 1st step CC recommends is polling the members of my Roll Call. How do I do this? When I post something, I only see where I can type something, but nothing like a "poll". Thank you.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your input and the pictures. I now know what we're doing in Santorini.
  7. Thanks so much to both of you. This is EXACTLY what I needed to see. Love all 4 pictures! Kris
  8. I went back to postings clear in July 2018 and didn't see this question: In travel brochures, pictures of Santorini, etc. they seem to always show the white washed homes with the beautiful blue roofs clinging to the cliffs. Can these be viewed from the cruise ship in the harbor? Or can they be viewed from the tram in Fira? Or does a person have to go to Oia to see them? Thanks.
  9. LOVE your reviews!! You take great pictures and do great narratives!
  10. Thank you both. It felt like Drazil65 was personally attacking me because I wanted to vent. Both your answers made me feel a lot better. Sheesh. Sometimes we all just need to vent....or whine (and YES, I'd like cheese with my whine). 😉
  11. Very good. Very clever writing. Made me laugh. Thanks.
  12. We cruised on the Vista a year ago (January), so some things may have changed, but this is what I remember (good & bad). Good: I personally liked the multiplex with the IMAX screen movies on one side and "rides" on the other side. They were only about $5 each. I liked Guy's Pig & Anchor BBQ Smokehouse & the Red Frog Pub and Brewery both on deck 5. I liked the fake palm trees in the Lido Marketplace (buffet) Bad: I did not like the "Seafood Shack" on the Lido deck. I was excited for fish & chips--even with a charge, but they were nasty. I did not like the location of our cabin (6279..balcony, starboard side, by the multiplex). When I booked I was happy to see that there were only cabins above me, and only the "Fun Shops" below (no noise). I thought I would have to deal with noise from the multiplex (and was prepared for it), but heard nothing from them. HOWEVER, the Atrium (decks 4/5) magnified noise. It wasn't too bad on most nights, because they had a couple of violinists. BUT 2 nights had a DJ who played music with a STRONG BEAT....think BAM, BAM, BAM …. as loud as possible..... late into the night (early morning) It was so loud that I could hear it (and feel it) in my cabin down the hall up on deck 6. I got up, got dressed to investigate where in the h-ll it was coming from and there it was. Augh! Also often when I went to use my balcony, I got a strong, nauseating smell of smoke so it was useless. They have a "bump out" on deck 5 on the starboard side that is one of the places smokers could go to. I also did not like how many people were on the cruise. With about 4k, it seemed really crowded (especially around the pools) and like there were lines everywhere. Being that you are in a Havana Cabana, you shouldn't have the issues I did (different location & you have a nice pool, with a couple of hot tubs, that a limited amount of people will be using during the day). So I think you will really enjoy your cruise.
  13. This is EXTREMELY disappointing for me. One of the things I've loved about cruising is the room service, especially now that they don't allow smoking on balconies so we're booking more balconies. We'd come back from shore, my DH would head up to the buffet (yuck...I hate buffets), while I would order a BLT and a couple of juices from room service and relax on our balcony. (AHHHHH). Remember the mother on "A Christmas Story" where her son said she hadn't eaten a hot meal in 10 years? Well, that's a little extreme, but being a wife and mother and essentially being the one doing stuff for everyone, cruising is the one place where I can REALLY relax because of hot tubs, not having to clean/make beds ….. and …. ROOM SERVICE!!!! Oh, well. I might still use room service even though a charge for it will sorely rankle my thrifty soul. But if I'm paying for it, tips will be smaller. I just thought of a plus to their new, stupid, misguided policy. Why book and pay for a balcony if I'm having to bring food down from the buffet or pay extra to enjoy it on the balcony. Maybe I'll just go back to getting an outside (window) cabin …. or even an INSIDE cabin. How do you like THAT, Carnival??!!! (I know. They don't care. I was just venting.)
  14. Back from our cruise. We loved the Barcelo Occidental Grand so much that my DH wants to investigate staying there. When I did my research for Aruba day passes, I saw one for $130 pp for the RIU (through "resort for a day" and the one for the Barcelo for $84.99 pp (said was a discount from regular $99 price) through ShoreExcursioneer.. I also checked out the website for "Caribbean Day Pass" but thought the website looked a little sketchy. Well, if I had read through the review my dear friend Jamman54 posted about our Feb 2017 cruise on the Pride closer to this (11/2018) cruise date, I would have noticed that they booked through Caribbean day pass dot com & would have gotten a better rate for my group. Oh, well. Here is the link to his review (it talks about Aruba & the resort, etc starting on post #556 (pg 14/15): His wife Patti takes awesome pictures. The resort was just like they show in the pictures. There were only 2 negatives for me: 1) the taxis aren't allowed to take more than 5 people at a time & we had a group of 6. 2) It appears a lot of the palapas on the beach are reserved for certain people staying at the resort & the large palapa Jeff shows in his review didn't have enough chairs available for 6 when we got there. So if your ship arrives early, get off the ship and get over there quick. If your ship arrives a little later, be aware you might not get a lot of shade. There was shade from a building when we got there but it only stayed around a couple of hours. Positives: 1) The beach & sea were fantastic! 2) The people working there were very helpful. 3) They have 2 very clean restrooms with easy accessibility from the beach or the pool. 3) The pool itself was wonderful! 4) While I can get a little "off put" by buffets, their breakfast buffet & their lunch buffet were both amazing! The choices were great, hot foods stayed hot, cold foods stayed cold & they kept things covered that needed to be covered. Hope this is helpful.
  15. We're going on our cruise in 2 weeks. Aruba is one of the stops. We've currently reserved a day pass for the Barcelo Occidental Grand. I'll post how it was when we get back (about a month from now). Since your cruise isn't until January, you'll still have plenty of time to book it or something else. Kris
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