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  1. This is perhaps the quietest roll call of any cruise I've been on! The Cruise Mate app is near silent too. No idea why - I don't think it's for the lack of LGBT representation onboard. I'll be relying on you for updates on the flights at St Maarten. I'm hoping to experience Maho beach for myself after seeing it on YouTube many, many times.
  2. I know of quite a few gay guys from previous cruises who'll be onboard too. The Champagne Bar or R Bar is going to be standing room only!
  3. I've just booked too. I think there'll be many guys onboard, but think cruise critic is falling out of favour in recent years. Looking forward to getting some sun and relaxation.
  4. I used popfax.com. There are several other free to use services. I worried about privacy, but as I'd blacked out my account number I didn't think there was anything too sensitive. I took a screen grab of my broker statement and then added the info required in writing to the .jpg file before uploading it to the fax service. There was an emailed confirmation from popfax but there was no way to accept a fax in return as far as I could see.
  5. Oh that's a shame - I'm travelling on Noordam's transatlantic crossing on the 19th. I'm 37 and the guy I'm travelling with (who I met on Oasis just 4/5 weeks ago!) is 31. It seems we're in almost exactly the same situation. I share your concerns, mostly about the age of the fellow passengers and whether they may be more conservative. HAL is totally new to me too. Is there a bar which is more favoured by the guys? And will anyone still be awake on the ship after about 10pm? And where's the door to the crew mess?!
  6. I phoned today and got confirmation that the credit has been applied. The web to fax service obviously worked. I had requested an email confirmation on my fax but, so far, that hasn't arrived.
  7. Do you ever get a confirmation from the fax? It's been a while since I sailed on a CCL Corp cruise line and always used to get an email confirmation. As I've no longer a fax machine (so last century!) I used a web2fax service and am slightly nervous as to whether it actually got there.
  8. It'll be wherever Suzie Q is! I'd imagine Vintages post dinner but I'm sure someone will get it posted on the bulletin board by reception.
  9. Try this link. I don't think it can be done from the iPhone/iPad app so you may need to copy and paste. https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ccEntry.do?wuc=GBR
  10. Hello monkeyknuckles. Good nickname. hehe I don't think for a minute it'll be as quiet on board as it is on this thread. There seems to be a few of us now so there should be a nice wee crowd in the evenings if people wish to meet up. Sagrada Familia is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. I think I will probably revisit La Pedera and Casa Batilo this trip as my hotel is within walking distance. I love the Gaudi.
  11. Hello Scott, Mark and Doug. I'm sure the relaxing sea days will be very conducive to some enjoyable evenings with the friends of Dorothy. I'm looking forward to catching up with many familiar characters and meeting a few new ones too.
  12. LloydGregory: if you take the tram to the old capital would you object if I tagged along too? It sounds like something I'd like to do and it's not a part of Tenerife that I've seen yet, I think. Don't worry - you don't need to answer now. I'm sure we'll meet along with the other FODs. ;-)
  13. It's gone quiet. Is everyone cruising already? Who all here is also on the Facebook page? Can anyone tell me what the must-see sights are in NO? Is there something that has to be done or is it more about just being there and soaking up the unique atmosphere of the city?
  14. I love trams. I'll have to look into that trip. I much prefer shooting off and exploring myself. I had thought about a trip up Mount Teide again but apparently now you need to get permission for the town hall to go to the top. Time is probably too tight to do it all in a day. A trip up there provided fantastic child good memories so it would have been nice to revisit 28 years on. Cadiz old town is pretty but not very big from memory. The old town is very walkable from the port. It's windy! I love Celebrity's Millennium class and RCCL's Jewel class more than the larger ships. I love how they face outward to the sea, feel connected to it, rather than the Voyager's inward looking design. I'll spend hours happily staring at the ocean on your crossing, I'm sure. I believe in the refit they've taken away the Sea View Cafe however. That was a favourite spot for lunch for me. It'll be interesting to see what other changes the refit has brought.
  15. I have a run-of-house (gty) room at the 4 Points. I'm hoping it's a courtyard room and then I'll have the benefit of the central location but hopefully with enough quiet to be able to sleep. I'm a country boy and used to complete silence, so it may be necessary! Have you heard of the Axel in Barcelona? It always surprises me how many gay guys haven't when it's the original and one of the largest gay hotels in the world. Maybe I should say "Hetero friendly" as their tagline reads. There were some delightfully confused old American pensioners checking in alongside me the last time I was there. hehe.
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