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  1. Oops not on this ship we are on Arcadia. Wishing everyone a happy new year anyway.
  2. We are on same cruise, just getting organised now, wish I could learn to pack light. Even for 5 days we have lots of luggage, depending on what the weather might do. Really looking forward to it.
  3. Yes, we got the email this morning about the change. Brilliant to be in the centre of Amsterdam now.
  4. Well I suppose we will have to wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed ( if you enjoy markets ) ❤️❤️
  5. I am on Arcadia for New Year, and one of the trips on 2nd January, talks about the Christmas market, do any of you knowledgeable people know if this is still around on the 2nd? Just worried that a lot of things many still be closed on this date.
  6. I love dressing up, makes a lovely change from walking the dog clothes and gardening. I would be very upset if someone thought it appropriate to laugh at my husband and myself for wearing formal clothes, which is our choice. There are so many cruise lines which have various degrees of dress codes so please leave codes alone for those of us who try to choose lines that still have formal nights. Each to there own, and I would never I hope be disrespectful to those who’s choices are not mine.
  7. We are on the Arcadia new year cruise, I love dressing up so will do dressy/long each evening. I think you do whatever makes it special for you. Enjoy.
  8. Why can’t they use earphones as they do on airplanes to watch a movie? They have them for the silent disco to the technology must be available.
  9. Fishgirl01


    Thank you we have gone with this cabin. Being a bit darker swung it for us as my husband has eye problems and a shady cabin makes life easier for him.
  10. Fishgirl01


    We are thinking of booking cabin 6146 or 6152 on Queen Victoria has anyone had experience of these curved balconies compared to the normal straight balconies. Many thanks.
  11. Lower set dining times, I understand it’s just a guide as they can change numbers sometimes.
  12. Does anyone know the number of the table in the main dining room as you go in on the Right hand side next to the window. It’s a table for two and on the Eclipse it’s table 102. Not sure if they are numbered the same. Many thanks.
  13. Seems to depend where the cruise is going, we did two celebrity Cruises last year, the Baltic from Southampton and there were l would guess 25-30% dinner suits, including hubby, then a Med cruise from Barcelona I spotted 2 dinner suits one was hubby, so do what feels right for you and enjoy.
  14. Hi just wondered if anyone knows who is in charge of Cellar Masters at the moment, we sail 29 October and it’s our favourite place. We have met some excellent staff in there a very nice lady called Jazzner!! Was in charge last time we were on. Many thanks, I’m sure whoever is in charge will be perfect.
  15. We did a Baltic cruise earlier this year and about 1/3 of the men wore tux’s or dress kilts looked lovely.
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