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  1. Thank you our preferred time is about 8.00 so that is perfect. We would never turn up at the very last minute we would always consider staff who l think would all agree work very hard and long hours.
  2. Another question, in the main dinning room 6.30 - 9.00 can you go any time between those times or does the restaurant want people finished by 9.00
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the daily program for the Spirit of Discovery, we are trying to get a little more information about the daily things to do before we make our decision on bookong. Many thanks
  4. I looked at the Port of Tyne schedule and it said she will be there until September. Went to have a look yesterday, wish more companies sailed from North Shields.
  5. Hi, the cruise was booked for the 3 May directly with Cunard. The cruise was cancelled on 30th March by them and as we already had other cruises booked we asked for a refund. This is the 3rd time we have tried to visit the fiords and what with one thing and another haven’t made it. Maybe 4th time lucky.
  6. Thank you Cunard, money back in our account at 55 days, so within the promised 60 days.
  7. My husband is severely visually impaired, so I have to seat him then do all the runs for both of us, so a tray does hep me. It’s only lunch time as we prefer a lighter lunch.
  8. Does anyone have a link (if there is one ) to view new deck plans after dry dock. I would like to know if Cellar Masters will still be there, it’s husbands favourite place. Many thanks.
  9. Oops not on this ship we are on Arcadia. Wishing everyone a happy new year anyway.
  10. We are on same cruise, just getting organised now, wish I could learn to pack light. Even for 5 days we have lots of luggage, depending on what the weather might do. Really looking forward to it.
  11. Yes, we got the email this morning about the change. Brilliant to be in the centre of Amsterdam now.
  12. Well I suppose we will have to wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed ( if you enjoy markets ) ❤️❤️
  13. I am on Arcadia for New Year, and one of the trips on 2nd January, talks about the Christmas market, do any of you knowledgeable people know if this is still around on the 2nd? Just worried that a lot of things many still be closed on this date.
  14. I love dressing up, makes a lovely change from walking the dog clothes and gardening. I would be very upset if someone thought it appropriate to laugh at my husband and myself for wearing formal clothes, which is our choice. There are so many cruise lines which have various degrees of dress codes so please leave codes alone for those of us who try to choose lines that still have formal nights. Each to there own, and I would never I hope be disrespectful to those who’s choices are not mine.
  15. We are on the Arcadia new year cruise, I love dressing up so will do dressy/long each evening. I think you do whatever makes it special for you. Enjoy.
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